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May 29

Today, USA Today produced an unbelievable article dealing with the TRUE financial status of our United States. According to this article, our government recorded a loss last year of $1.3 trillion dollars! – Source. WOW. Do you realize how much that is? That is thirteen, with eleven zero’s after it! $1,300,000,000,000! Phew!

Economists have been warning that a collapse of the US economy would undoubtedly lead to the collapse of economies throughout the world. Many have even mentioned the need for a new global economy. Hmmmm. Haven’t I read something like that in Revelation?

Our world is on the horizon of total financial collapse and I’m excited. Excited?! You say? Yes! I believe this is a significant sign to us that prophecy is well under way and great things are soon coming!

When Jesus came two thousand years ago, the Bible tells us that He came in the “fullness of time”. (Galatians 4:4). That means that the earth and all that was within it needed to be prepared. One of the ways the Lord prepared the world for the coming of his Son was through the establishment of a global economy under the rule of the Roman Empire. This opened the door for the Gospel to be effectively spread through the means of a common language and common currency.

In our age, we see similar signs with the coming of the anti-Christ and Christ’s near return. It should not surprise us that satan would try to establish another global economy. Yet is apparent that that is precisely what is taking place.

Most Christians are taught that the anti-Christ will set up the world’s economic system – and yes, this may very well be true. Although, I personally believe that the world’s economic system may already be in place before he comes to power (but don’t take my word for it — this is simply an opinion. God knows I’ve been wrong before).

Here’s the bottom line. When I read stories like this one, about the coming financial doom of the economy, it does not distress me and neither should it you! As we see these things coming to pass, our eyes should be opened and we should lift our heads high, for we know our redemption draws near!

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9 Responses to “The coming economic collapse…”

  1. Pat Mora Says:

    I believe Jesus is coming very soon. The New Testament teaches that the coming of Jesus will be like the days of Noah,with buying and selling and building and marrying. Except for marriage, the rest takes place in a booming economy. All around my area building of businesses and houses is taking place. The collapse may come before we go, but it has to recover to fulfill the prophecy, I think.

  2. michael Says:

    I agree fully, thousands will lose their superannuation funds, this is starting to happen allready,& economic disruption will cripple the money systems of the world, It is soon about to explode in the middle east & then go global, Yeshua Jesus is coming soon for the bride, Praise the Lord.

  3. michael Says:

    Jesus is coming soon, Yes

  4. Greg Crocker Says:

    Isn’t it just like America today, so many are watching movies and entertaining ourselves while the mideast is preparing to infiltrate and wipe Israel and the US off the map.

  5. greg Says:

    The USA economy will no doubt collaspe soon.In the midst spiritual revival will come with persecution then the people of God will cry out to save them.God answers by using Russia to bring nuclear destruction upon the nation killing 1/3 of the current number living now within protecting the ones saved(Some ungodly also survive the bombings.

  6. greg Says:

    the USA economy will surely fall soon.In the midst of calamities the people of God will cry out for deliverance from persecution too.God will answer by send Russia to unlease nuclear destruction down upon the un godly(this makes me happy).

  7. Gladson Stephen Says:

    The Bible says “…..when the evil people rule, everyone groans”(Proverbs 29:2). I strongly believe, the people will rejoice again with a change in the administration at Washington DC.


  8. Kobus Says:

    Anybody thinking that the Mideast is our greatest problem is making the biggest mistake of his live. I am a Christian and I know today that Israel was and is the worlds biggest threat!!! It is biblically prophesied that the jews are the synagogue of Satan and the biggest threat to Christianity today. Remember that the Jews have always been the masters of our money and world economy, like the Rothschild’s etc. This economic collapse is a 100 years old and it has been planned and now executed by these Zionist Jews. I do believe that Jesus will come soon and it makes me very happy!!!! Many Christians have fallen for this trick that we have to defend Israel against the Mideast. But don’t be a sucker. God has warned us that we should keep our eyes open at all times…. Also do some research on Zionism???? God Bless

  9. catherine Says:

    I have read something here that really bothers me…that someone would rejoice over ungodly people dying. I wonder what Jesus thinks of that train of thought, seeing that he died to save “ALL.” I realize that not everyone will believe, but it saddens me.
    Respectfully submitted.

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