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· Everything You Need to Know Regarding Boko Haram’s Heinous Schoolgirl Abduction
Case Summary On the night of April 14th, more than 100 armed Boko Haram militants masquerading as members of the Nigerian Army abducted 276 students from the Government Girls Secondary School after setting several buildings ablaze and shooting their way past the compound’s security staff. The abduction lasted approximately six hours as the kidnappers hand-selected [...]
· Militants In Syria Free Kidnapped Franciscan Priest
ICC Note: A Syrian priest and twenty other Christians were kidnapped earlier this month in northern Syria by militants of the Al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front. This latest incident highlights the continuing threat that Christians face living in areas controlled by Islamic extremist groups across Syria. 10/20/2014 Syria (World) - A Syrian priest has been released [...]
· China’s Zhejiang Government Continues to Tear Down Church Crosses in Dark
For Immediate Release 10/22/2014 China (International Christian Concern)- At 3:30 a.m., October 17, 2014, three hundred people in uniforms blocked all the entrances of the Kaiyang village, climbed over the church wall, broke into the church building, and forcibly removed the church cross of Kaiyang Church, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City. Local believers reported that there [...]
· 90% of Orthodox Christians In Iraq Displaced
ICC Note: The impact of violence on the Christian community in Iraq has been massive. Over the past decade over a million Christians have left the country because of the direct persecution and the growth of religious extremism. Now ISIS has driven more than 100,000 Christians again from their homes. More than 90% are displaced [...]
· Christian in Tanzania Murdered by Machete
Tanzanian teacher murdered in church, pastor and wife on Zanzibar attacked by extremists ICC Note: Violence against Christians is on the rise in Tanzania. The most recent incident involved the murder of a Christian man, by machete. 10/21/2014 Tanzania (WWM)-Unknown attackers killed a Christian man by machete and injured another in Bukoba in northwest Tanzania [...]
· US: Ordained Ministers Face Jail Time for Refusing to Perform Same-Sex Wedding
ICC Note: Two ordained ministers in Idaho, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, are facing potential fines and jail time if they refuse to perform a same-sex wedding in the wedding chapel they have owned and operated for more than two decades. For the past several years pressure across the United States has been increasing on Christian [...]
· Christian Girl Forcefully Converted to Islam and Married to Muslim
ICC Note: The issue of forced conversion and forced marriage in Pakistan is second only to the issue of blasphemy for Pakistan's vulnerable Christian community. Hundreds of Christian girls each year are forced to convert to Islam every year and are forced to marry Muslim men. In many cases, these girls are taken against their [...]
· Christians Express Support for a Nigerian Truce with Boko Haram
ICC Note: The Christian Association of Nigeria has expressed its support of a cessation of hostilities between radical Islamic insurgency, Boko Haram, and the Nigerian federal government announced Friday by Chief of the Defense Staff, Alex Badeh. Reportedly breached by both militants and the Nigerian military in a number of skirmishes Saturday and Sunday, experts and everyday Nigerians alike [...]
· Karnataka Government Rejects Report on Series of Church Attacks
ICC Note: The Karnataka State government in India rejected a report that outlined a series of church attacks that took place in Mangalore. The government rejected the report at politically motivated and an attempt to extort Hindu nationalist groups. Back in 2008, a series of attacks on churches and Christian communities did take place in [...]
· American Released From North Korea
ICC Note: Jeffrey Fowle, one of three US citizens detained in North Korea, has been released on Tuesday and on his way back home. Mr. Fowle was arrested in May for leaving a copy of a bilingual English-Korean Bible with his contact information in a restaurant’s bathroom during his traveling in North Korea. The US [...]

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