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· Christians in India Outraged by Modi Playing Dumb to Issue of Persecution
ICC Note: As India continues its national elections, it is becoming more and more clear that Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP party will be taking over the majority of India's next government. Many Christians fear Modi and BJP due to their track record of not protecting religious minorities. When questioned by church leaders [...]
· Alliance of Buddhist Extremists in South Asia Causes Renewed Fear in Sri Lanka
ICC Note: Christians in Sri Lanka were given reason to renew their fear of Buddhist radicals. Meetings between two Buddhist radical groups has shown links between the operations of these groups both in Sri Lanka and Burma/Myanmar. Both groups are seeking to persecute religious minorities. In Sri Lanka the Buddhist radical group BBS is estimated [...]
· Nigerian Church Condemns Easter Week Abuja Bus Bombing
ICC Note: The morning of April 14th a series of bombs exploded at a busy bus terminal in Abuja, violently setting 16 luxury- and 14 mini-buses ablaze, killing 71 and wounding more than 130. Though secular news outlets and human rights organizations are unclear as to Boko Haram’s reason for the bombing, Christian rights groups [...]
· Muslim Cleric in Pakistan Claims “We Cannot Release Blasphemers”
ICC Note: Christians in Pakistan received startling news when they read a statement made by a Muslim cleric once thought to be liberal. The cleric said that Pakistan should not release blasphemers in reference to allowed Christian accused of blasphemy being allowed to pay bail prior to being convicted in court. Many Christians in Pakistan [...]
· Fourth Catholic Clergyman Abducted by Armed Men in April
ICC Note: The second abduction of Catholic clergy this month provides further support for what ICC alleges to be a growing trend of abductions in the region specifically targeting Christians. Following the kidnapping of three members of the Catholic Clergy from a small parish in Tchéré, Cameroon and the mass-kidnapping of 243 girls from a [...]
· Burma Army Launches Assault, Ethnic Christians Under Fire
ICC Note: The Kachin ethnic group of Northern Burma has been engaged in a battle for independence from the military dictatorship of Myanmar for several decades. Although the conflict between the two sides is driven by political and economic factors, a tragic byproduct has been over religious discrimination against the Kachin, who are primarily Christian. [...]
· Jesuit Priest Saw Christ Crucified Again in Syria
ICC Note: The death of Jesuit Priest Frans van der Lugt has highlighted the incredible work that many Christians are doing in attempting to provide aid and care to those hurting and suffering in Syria. The conflict that has claimed more than 150,000 lives has also displaced nearly a full 1/3 of the country, nearly [...]
· Ready to Join the International Community? Iran Should Stop Persecuting Religious Minorities
ICC Note: While negotiations between Iran and countries of the West have been at a highpoint in the past year, largely revolving around Iran’s nuclear program. One of the fundamental ways that Iran can demonstrate that they truly desire to have trustworthy negotiations and want to join the broader international community is by demonstrating a [...]
· Christian Family Murdered On A Dark Central African Night
ICC Note: Three Christians, a father, mother, and 14-year-old daughter were murdered in the privacy of their own home last night. The attack, allegedly perpetrated by radical Muslims, led neighbors and friends to carry the bodies to a local government office in demand of a return in security to the region. Bangui, the nation's capital [...]

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