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· China: Thousands of Christians Form New Blockade As Authorities Return to ‘Reconstruct’ Church
Local Officials Renege on Earlier Agreement Allowing Sanjiang Church to Keep Cross  04/21/2014 China (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that thousands of Christians in Wenzhou, China, have formed a new blockade to prevent government officials from starting demolition of the $4.8 million Sanjiang Christian Church. The news comes just two [...]
· Academics Express “Dread” Over Idea of Modi Taking Power in India
ICC Note: With India's national elections in full swing, exit polls indicate that the Hindu nationalist party BJP and their front man Modi are likely to form the center of India's next national government. Many inside and outside of India have expressed concern over Modi's human rights record, especially when it comes to religious minorities. [...]
· Indonesia: New Mayor Promises to End Standoff Over Church
ICC Note: The GKI Yasmin Church of Bogor, Indonesia was forced closed more than three years ago after radical Muslims led an aggressive campaign to force the church out of it's home. The local government caved to the pressure and sealed off the church building. Despite two rulings by the Supreme Court of Indonesia that [...]
· Bomb Threat Dampens Easter Celebrations in Indonesia
ICC Note: A possible bomb was discovered early on Easter Sunday at a church on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Thankfully, the suspicious package was discovered by security before Easter celebrations began. At the turn of the century, widespread attacks over the course of several years on Christian homes and churches took place on [...]
· Two Pastors Stand Trial for Practicing Christian Faith in Bhutan
ICC Note: In the remote country of Bhutan, two Christian pastors are being tried in court for practicing their Christian faith. On March 5th, the two pastors were arrested by police and have been held in prison on unspecified charges. The official complaint against them is for holding Christian meetings without official permission. The constitution of [...]
· Police in Pakistan Arrest Alleged Killer of Christian Who Refused to Convert to Islam
ICC Note: Police in Pakistan have arrested the Muslim man accused of killing his Christian co-worker after the Christian refused to convert to Islam last Wednesday. According to reports, the Christian had been working as a cleaner at a bank in Lahore. One of the security guards at the bank mocked the Christian's faith and [...]
· Somali Lawmaker Assassinated for Allowing the ‘Christian West’ into Somalia
ICC Note: Al-Shabaab, an Islamic extremist group that has vowed to make Somalia ‘purely Islamic,’ targeted a second lawmaker yesterday for allowing Christians and Christianity into the East African nation. Sentencing the man to extrajudicial death for his interaction with the 'Christian West,' Al-Shabaab continues to operate outside of the law, imposing its radically harsh [...]
· Homeless and Estranged, the Plight of Iraqi Christians in Baghdad
ICC Note: Iraqi Christians forced to flee their homes for fear of being abused, kidnapped, or killed are now losing their homes to Islamic gangs. Seizing properties left vacant by Christians hoping to one day return home, Iraqi gangs have made pacts with local tribes and tribal leaders to ensure their "right" to illegally snatched [...]
· “Every Friday is a Day of Death” for Christians in Cairo
ICC Note: The situation in Egypt continues to deteriorate for the nation's Christians. As systematic kidnappings of Christians plagues the Minia region to its south, reports confirm the brutal murder of a Christian woman by Muslim Brotherhood radicals in Cairo. Viciously stabbed to death, Mary Sameh George was murdered for hanging a cross from her [...]
· “Adopt-a-Nation” Prayer Project
Thank you to one of International Christian Concern’s volunteer Sarah Smith from New York who presented her "Adopt-A-Nation Prayer Project" for the 80th time to a church congregation in India. Sarah designed the "Adopt-A-Nation Prayer Project" as a method of presenting the message to students in schools and youth groups, and to adult believers in mission conferences, [...]

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