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· Tears for the 'Clown Of Aleppo,' Killed by Airstrike
'He lived to make children laugh and happy in the darkest most dangerous place.'
· Returning ISIS Fighters May Unleash Europe Attacks: Cops
Car bombs, extortion and kidnappings are likely to be favored by groups of fighters or lone wolf attackers who have pledged allegiance to ISIS.
· Trump Departs from U.S.-China Policy, Speaks with Taiwan's President
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has spoken with several controversial world figures in China's direct sphere of influence.
· Secretary of State Highlights Climate Change and Future of World
Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the earth warming at an alarming rate, but believes that "the road ahead for the world will not be filled with turmoil and strife."
· Russian Central Bank Loses $31 Million in Cyber Attack
Hackers stole more than 2 billion rubles from accounts at the Russian central bank, the bank said on Friday.
· End of the Line: Death of the Chrysler 200 Signals Massive Changes
Chrysler's assembly line ground to a halt Friday, marking the end of the Chrysler 200 sedan — and the start of a long layoff for 1,700 employees.
· Sleigh It Ain't So: Domino's Abandons Delivery by Reindeer
Domino's Japan has stopped its reindeer training program for pizza delivery, saying it's too difficult to control the unwieldy beasts.
· Far-Right Austrian Party Set to Get Second Chance
Norbert Hofer is running for president of Austria and could become the first directly elected far-right head of state in Europe since the end of WWII.
· John Kerry Visits Pope Francis Before Rome Security Summit
The U.S. Secretary of State is in Italy for the Mediterranean Dialogues conference and a meeting with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.
· Martin Shkreli Price-Hike Drug Reproduced by Schoolkids
The life-saving drug Daraprim, sold in the U.S. for $750-a-pill, is "actually very easy to make and very cheap," said Australian high school
· Heavy Fighting as Syrian Troops Push Into Aleppo
Syrian military video purports to show pro-government troops battling rebels and forcing their way into Sheikh Saeed, southeastern Aleppo.
· Players Who Missed Doomed Flight Cope With Grief, Relief
The Brazilian soccer club has been torn apart by a tragic plane crash which killed most of its team, the remaining players are taking it a day at a time.
· 'We Give Up on Life': Family Tweets More Despair From Aleppo
A family trapped inside Eastern Aleppo — who have gained grim fame by tweeting their desperate situation — posted another chilling appeal for help on Thursday.
· Dems Want Info on Russian Role in Election Declassified
Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new request by Democratic senators to President Barack Obama.
· These Medics Are Saving Civilians Under Attack by ISIS
Derek Coleman, of San Diego, and Pete Reed, of New Jersey, operate in one of the most important clinics in all of Iraq.
· U.N. Apologizes for Haiti Cholera Spread, Not for Causing It
Researchers say cholera was introduced to Haiti by Nepalese troops who were part of a U.N. peacekeeping mission.
· 'Sadness' Behind Anti-Castro Celebrations
Florida had been preparing for the passing of Fidel Castro for years - but when he finally died on Friday, some said it felt "anti-climactic."
· Outgoing UN Head Pledges to Continue Working for AIDS-Free World
Ban Ki-moon marked his last World AIDS Day as Secretary-General of the UN by pledging to continue working to achieve an AIDS-free world.
· Buzz Aldrin Medically Evacuated From South Pole
Aldrin, 86, was visiting Antarctica when "his condition deteriorated," a private tourism group said. He is said to be in stable condition.
· Prince Harry and Rihanna Take HIV Test Together
Prince Harry and singer Rihanna took an HIV test together while in Barbados to raise awareness about the illness on World Aids Day
· French President Won't Run for 2nd Term
Francois Hollande announced he will not be running for a second term in the coming elections in April-May 2017.
· Murder, Cults & Viagra: World Leader on the Brink
President Park Geun-hye faces allegations that have plunged South Korea into an unprecedented crisis and exposed a series of bizarre revelations.
· Unpopular French President Won't Seek Re-election
It is the first time in decades that an incumbent French president has not sought re-election. Hollande is the most unpopular president on record.
· Thailand's Crown Prince Proclaimed King Rama X
Thailand has a new king, with the country's crown prince formally taking the throne to succeed his much-revered late father who reigned for 70 years.
· How Putin Helped Saudi Arabia and Iran Strike That OPEC Deal
Putin played a crucial role in helping OPEC rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia set aside differences to forge the first deal with Russia in 15 years.

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