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· Trump Called Brussels a 'Hellhole.' Now He's Visiting It and the Welcome Hasn't Been Warm.
"Brussels is a complex city and European society is different from American society and he doesn't seem to get it," one resident told NBC News.
· Beer Flows, Strangers Embrace as Game Unites Grieving Manchester
The relative triviality of sports — and a triumph on the field — provided emotional release for this city in mourning.
· Trump Slams NATO Allies: 23 of 28 Nations 'Still Not Paying' Fair Share
During a ceremony at NATO headquarters in Brussels, President Trump faults NATO allies for not making full contributions to the alliance for common defense measures, especially against terrorism.
· Trump Orders Justice Dept. Review of Manchester Bombing Leaks
His statement comes after U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said she would tell Trump that security intelligence must remain secure.
· Queen Speaks With Bomb Victims as Manchester Holds Minute of Silence
As Queen Elizabeth II visited the injured, crowds in Manchester sang an Oasis song after a minute's silence to honor bomb victims.
· Tens of Thousands Gather to Hear Obama Speak in Berlin
The former president was taking part in celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
· Germans Build a 4-Mile Underground Pipeline — for Beer
Germany is constructing an underground beer pipeline. Over 4 miles long, it will transport beer to a metal music festival taking place in August. "I would buy property near that pipeline," Carson Daly says.
· New Video Surfaces of Concert Suicide Bombing Suspect
New video of Salman Adebi, the suspected Manchester suicide bomber, shows him near the arena days before the attack. But even as police step up the search for accomplices, a rift over intelligence leaks is developing between British and U.S. officials. NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports for TODAY from Manchester.
· Army Battles to Oust ISIS-Linked Fighters Besieging Philippines City
Civilians flee as security forces trade fire with Islamist militants occupying parts of Marawi in the southern Philippines.
· A Mourning Manchester Remembers Suicide Bombing Victims
Parents lost children and children lost parents in Monday's suicide bombing at Manchester Arena. The various communities affected are trying to cope with the loss of lives.
· Manchester Bomber Was Part of a Network, Brother Arrested
The suicide bomber who killed 22 people after an Ariana Grande concert was part of a network that included his brother.
· Chilling Manchester Photos Suggest Carefully Made Bomb
A senior U.S. law enforcement official told NBC News that the photos were provided to U.S. officials by British authorities.
· Gene Study Shows Zika's Stealthy Spread
The Zika virus was spreading in Brazil for as long as a year before anyone noticed, and for weeks and months in places such as Miami, studies show.
· Young Inventor Offers Fix for Oceans' Plastic Problem — But Will It Work?
The oceans are awash with garbage, but one ambitious plan will attempt to clean up plastic trash in the North Pacific starting in 2018.
· Veil or No Veil? Why Melania Trump Wore a Mantilla at the Vatican
Melania Trump wore a veil while meeting the pope but didn't in Saudi Arabia. The reason behind the shift has to do with tradition and preference.
· 'Not Welcome Here': Trump Greeted by Protests in Belgium
"Stay out of our hole," read one banner, a reference to an interview Trump gave last year in which he described the Belgian capital as a "hellhole."
· 'Simply a Beautiful Little Girl': School Principal Pays Tribute to Saffie Roussos
Chris Upton said staff and students know they owe it to the youngest victim of the Manchester bombing "to hold on to the love amongst us."
· 'Simply a Beautiful Little Girl': School Principal Pays Tribute to Saffie Roussos
Chris Upton said staff and students know they owe it to the youngest victim of the Manchester bombing "to hold on to the love amongst us."
· Slick New ISIS Video Shows New Drones, Suicide Tanks
U.S. officials are increasingly concerned that ISIS may use drones in terrorist attacks.
· Ariana Grande Suspends Tour After Manchester Bombing
Pop singer Ariana Grande has suspended her upcoming tour dates after a deadly suicide bombing killed 22 at her concert in Manchester, England. She cancelled performances in London that were scheduled for this week, as well as all shows through June 5. The rest of the tour is being suspended "until we can further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost," her management team said.
· Trump Further Addresses Manchester Terror Attack: 'We Will Win this Fight'
During a meeting with the Belgian Prime Minister, President Trump addresses the Manchester terror attack, saying, "What took place is horrible… unthinkable, but we will win 100 percent."
· U.K. Police Investigating Terrorist Network, Not Lone Wolf
Manchester's chief constable said there have been four arrests so far in the investigation into Salman Abedi's connections.
· Tributes Pour in for Those Killed in Manchester Blast
Ariana Grande's fans are predominantly teens and young girls, and many had gone to the venue for a night of fun that turned into a scene of carnage.
· ISIS-Aligned Militants Occupy Parts of City, Take Catholics Hostage
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte placed 22 million people under military rule as ISIS-linked militants battled troops in a southern city.
· Manchester Bomber Known to U.S. Authorities Before Attack
What is not known, say senior U.S. officials, is whether or not Salman Abedi had any training or specific ties to foreign terrorist groups.

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