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· 'Many Dead' as Avalanche Buries Hotel After Italy Quakes
Rescuers battled atrocious weather conditions to reach the Hotel Rigopiano on the Gran Sasso mountain after earlier quakes triggered and avalanche.
· 30 Dead as Blazing High-Rise Collapses in Tehran: Report
Earlier, a fire ripped through Tehran's iconic Plasco building. The tower is attached to a multistory shopping mall.
· A Botched Airstrike Shows Boko Haram Is Far From Defeated
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari offered his condolences to the families, labeling the bloodbath a "regrettable operational mistake."
· Footage Captures Moment Tehran High-Rise Collapses
Iranian TV filming the fire records the 17-story building crumbling to rubble in seconds.
· Rescuers Battle Heavy Snow to Reach Hotel Buried by Avalanche
A rescue team fought its way through snow and fallen trees to the small hotel in central Italy which had been struck by an avalanche.
· This Could Be the First New War Trump Faces as President
Rachel Maddow reports on the many director-level positions Donald Trump has yet to fill on the National Security Council with one day left of Obama as president.
· After Pledge, Assange Lawyers Say Manning Mercy Fell Short
WikiLeaks said last week that the WikiLeaks founder would agree to be extradited to the U.S. if Manning was granted clemency.
· 'A Vision of Hell, in the Heart of Europe'
Migrants in Europe are struggling to survive harsh winter conditions. Correspondent Alex Thomson, from NBC News' partner ITN, has visited a camp
· For Third Year in a Row, Earth Sets Heat Record
Last year was the hottest year ever recorded, marking the third year in a row that average global temperatures hit record-setting levels, NASA and NOAA said Wednesday.
· Al Gore: '2016 Was Hottest Year in Recorded History'
Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Gore referred to "book of revelation" scenes on TV news, while the head of Greenpeace said President-e
· 'Edward Snowden Acted in the Interests of Americans': Lawyer
While announcing an extension to Edward Snowden's Russian residence permit, his lawyer said he hopes the new U.S. administration will re-examine
· The Battle Against ISIS Is Being Waged Block by Block
Photographer Dimitar Dilkoff documented Iraqi special forces pushing deeper into ISIS-held districts in eastern Mosul.
· Earthquakes Shake Italy, Send Rome Commuters Scrambling
A series of three strong earthquakes hit central Italy on Wednesday. The strongest had a magnitude of 5.7.
· Biden Lambastes Putin's Meddling in Foreign Politics
In a major speech to the World Economic Forum, the vice president warned of Russian interference in the democratic process.
· Wax Trump Moves Into Oval Office at Madame Tussauds
The inauguration is still a few days away, but this "Donald Trump" has already moved into the Oval Office. Madame Tussauds in London, famous for
· Assange Has Vowed to Go to U.S. — but Rape Case Still Looms
Julian Assange said he'd "agree to U.S. extradition" if Obama granted clemency to Chelsea Manning but there was no word on facing rape investigators.
· Edward Snowden Can Remain in Russia, Apply for Passport
Snowden's status in Russia was clarified by the Russian government a day after President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning.
· 30-Mile Antarctic Crack Forces Scientists to Flee
Glaciologists have been "unable to predict" whether the crack will cause a part of the ice shelf to break away and form a giant iceberg.
· Prostitutes, Hotel Cameras Are Familiar Putin Tools
Rachel Maddow tells viewers about a past example of prostitutes and hidden hotel cameras being used in a case of political hardball in Russia.
· Fly Down the Giant Antarctic Crack That's Forced Scientists to Leave
The British Antarctic Survey is temporarily abandoning its Halley VI station after a huge crack appeared 10 miles away.
· These Bridges Are Key to Liberating ISIS Stronghold
Supported by the United States, the Iraqi-led coalition has recaptured at least 70 percent of eastern Mosul during a months-long battle.
· This Tiny Moth Was Just Named After Donald Trump
A miniscule moth with a wingspan of just 0.4 inches is the first species to be named for the soon-to-be president of the United States, Donald Trump.
· Gambia Leader, Pressured to Go, Declares Emergency
President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to step down after the longtime leader lost elections last month.
· Nigerian Air Force Bombs Refugee Camp, Killing Dozens
A fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists mistakenly bombed a camp for displaced civilians in Rann, Nigeria.
· 9 Things Trump Has Said That Might Make Putin Smile
A selection of quotes from the president-elect.

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