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· 20 Killed Daily in Philippines' Blood-Soaked Drug Crackdown
Almost 2,300 people have been killed in a drug war since President Rodrigo Duterte took power in the Philippines on June 30.
· Here's Where American Boots Are Treading on Iraqi Soil
American troops are working with their Kurdish and Iraqi Army counterparts to coordinate the massive military operation to oust ISIS from Mosul.
· This Castle Will House Migrants From French 'Jungle'
A 16th-Century former castle is one of 450 sites across France being used to resettle 6,500 refugees evicted from the sprawling "Jungle" camp.
· Four Killed on Rapids Ride at Australian Theme Park
A "malfunction" ejected two victims from their raft and caused two others to become "trapped" on the Thunder River Rapids at Dreamworld in Australia.
· Nuclear Leak Not Reported for Day: Norway Officials
Staff were evacuated from the facility and returned wearing protective gear on Monday.
· Trump Is 'Vindictive and Rather Sad' Says Virgin's Branson
Billionaire and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson loves the idea of having an entrepreneur in the White House - as long as it's not Donald Trump.
· Venezuela Opposition in Dispute Over Dialogue With Government
The opposition Democratic Unity coalition's major parties mostly said they would not be engaging in the talks.
· Dozens Killed at Police Training Center in Pakistan
Officials say an al Qaeda-affiliated militant group is responsible for the attack.
· Philippine President to U.S.: We Aren't Your 'Dog With a Leash'
It is unclear where Rodrigo Duterte's latest diatribe leaves U.S.-Philippines ties after he suggested a 'separation' last week between both nations.
· Pope Pushes Venezuela Talks in Surprise Bid to End Crisis
Venezuela's president was returning home with a rare piece of good news — plans for Vatican mediated talks aimed to diffuse a paralyzing political standoff.
· Anxious Migrants Rush 'Jungle' Camp Processing Center
There were tense scenes as migrants from the makeshift 'Jungle' camp scrambled to join the process for resettlement to locations across Fran
· Christian Town Liberated as U.S. Airpower Pummels ISIS
Iraq's elite counterterrorism troops are at the tip of the spear in the fight to retake Mosul from ISIS.
· Four Killed on Theme Park Ride
Two men and two women died in an accident on a river rapids theme park ride in Queensland, Australia.
· Children Driven From Their Homes by Battle Against ISIS
Families are fleeing Mosul and surrounding areas as the Iraqi army battles to retake the city from ISIS.
· 48 Killed in Attack on Police Trainees in Pakistan: Officials
Gunmen stormed a police training center Monday in Pakistan's restive Baluchistan province and detonated explosive vests, killing at least 48 trainees.
· Pentagon Demanding Soldiers Return Reenlistment Bonuses
Feds say $15,000 plus reenlistment bonuses paid to California National Guard soldiers were improper, and they want the money back.
· Plane Explodes Into Fireball After Crashing at Airport
The twin-propeller Fairchild Metroliner crashed during takeoff on the Mediterranean archipelago.
· Migrants on the Move as France Clears 'The Jungle'
France began clearing the sprawling migrant camp where thousands had gathered in hopes of reaching Britain.
· U.S. Airstrikes Slamming ISIS Near Mosul: Official
The coalition dropped 1,776 bombs, artillery rounds and rockets on ISIS targets in the area around Mosul from Oct. 17 to Oct. 23.
· Surfboard Helps Shark Bite Victim Cheat Death
An Australian surfer is lucky to be alive after a shark took a bite out of him and his surfboard.
· Thousands of Migrants Are Forced to Leave 'The Jungle'
Their nightly cat-and-mouse game with border police became a symbol of the inability of European governments to get to grips with the migrant crisis.
· China's Leader Set to 'Crack the Whip,' Flex His Muscles
Having punished more than a million Communist Party members for corruption, Chinese President Xi Jinping will use a key meeting that started Monday to drive home the message that his signature anti-graft campaign is far from over and that his authority remains undiminished. At next year's gathering, Xi is expected to place trusted lieutenants into the...
· Dozens of Towns, Villages Liberated From ISIS Rule
Iraqi forces backed by the U.S. are now one week into a massive operation to reclaim Mosul from ISIS.
· Migrants Forced From 'Jungle' Camp Before Its Destruction
The first of 6,000 migrants to be evicted from the squalid camp near line up to be dispersed around France.
· Here's Why U.S. Ally Turkey Is Bombing Anti-ISIS Fighters
President Tayyip Erdogan is reasserting Turkey's historic territorial claims while also trying to crush Kurdish separatists.

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