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· Russia Compiles 'Psychological Portrait of Trump.' Here's What It Says.
The attempt to get inside the U.S. president's mind is aimed at helping Vladimir Putin plan for their first meeting. Among the dossier's preliminary conclusions is that Trump is a risk-taker who can be naïve, a senior Kremlin adviser told NBC News.
· Inside State-Run Chinese Paper That's Warned Trump to Back Off Unless He Wants War
The Global Times has played a role in galvanizing what observers say is a wave of nationalistic public opinion triggered by President Donald Trump.
· Kids Flee War Through Canvas and Paintbrushes
While sunshine and mountains fill many of Mahmoud Ismail's paintings, sometimes bombs and warplanes crowd the canvases.
· Donald Trump Now Has His Own Political Party — in Italy
"Trump may be the president of the United States, but he speaks for the disillusioned right-wing electorate across the world," Gianni Musetti said.
· Pence Seeks to Calm Jittery European Leaders Jolted By Trump
The disquiet felt among EU leaders during the first weeks of the Trump administration was clearly on display at the event in Brussels.
· Trans Ecuadorians Vote for 1st Time According to Affirmed Gender
Ecuadorean transgender people voted for the first time according to their affirmed gender, in what activists say is a sign of progress in the socially conservative nation.
· Russia Denies It Backed Bid to Assassinate Pro-Western PM
Officials in Montenegro say they have evidence "Russian state bodies" were involved in a failed attempt to overthrow the pro-Western government.
· Kim Jong Nam Murder: Video Shows Airport Attack
Video released Monday appears to show the moment that Kim Jong Un's half brother, Kim Jong Nam was attacked and killed in a Malaysian airport.
· Jolie: Populism Is 'An Old Trick and We Should Know Better'
"Now more than ever, we really have to rise up and find our rational center, our who-we-are and what-do-we-stand-for," she said.
· Trump Explains Sweden Terror Comment That Baffled a Nation
President Donald Trump seemed to suggest a terror attack occurred in Sweden at a campaign-like rally on Saturday, bewildering Swedes.
· Mattis Distances U.S. From Trump's Comments on Seizing Iraqi Oil
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis key goal during the visit is to speak about the military operations with political leaders and commanders on the ground.
· U.S. Aircraft Carrier Begins 'Routine' South China Sea Patrol
The carrier strike group includes Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer and aircraft from Carrier Air Wing.
· 4 North Koreans Wanted in Death of Kim Jong Un's Brother
Kim Jong Nam died on Monday after being assaulted at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where he was catching a flight to Macau.
· Cop Killed, 30 Hurt in Blast Near Colombia Bullfighting Ring
The blast comes amid ongoing — and sometimes violent — protests over bullfighting in Bogotá.
· Anti-Islam Dutch Politician Calls Immigrants 'Scum'
Muslim organizations in the Netherlands have criticized disparaging comments about Moroccans made by anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders.
· Bono Greets VP Pence at Surprise Meeting in Germany
Vice President Mike Pence concluded a day of meetings in Munich with the U2 frontman and humanitarian. Bono thanked Pence for his past support of the
· Iran's Foreign Minister: We Don't Respond to Threats
Iran's foreign minister, in words that seemed aimed directly at the new American president, said Sunday that his country would not be bullied.
· Iraq Launches Offensive to Re-Take Western Mosul From ISIS: PM
The prime minister announced the new military push Sunday morning, months after troops entered the ISIS-held city.
· Stoltenberg: America has much to gain from 'NATO partnership'
Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg spoke of the importance of NATO's relationship with the United States as they face a more unpredictable world.
· Russia, Ukraine Agree to Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine
European powers are backing a new ceasefire agreement announced Saturday for embattled eastern Ukraine.
· Scientists Claim They've Found a Massive Lost Continent
Zealandia is believed to have broken away from Australia about 80 million years ago and sunk beneath the sea as part of a former super-continent.
· Pence Tells Europe: US Backs NATO, Will Put ISIS on 'Ash-Heap'
President Trump with consign the terrorist group ISIS "to the ash-heap of history," Vice President Mike Trump said Saturday at a security conference.
· North Korea Wants to Block New Autopsy on Leader's Half-Brother
North Korea objects to autopsies on the body of the half-brother of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un, saying he died of a heart attack.
· The Mysterious Case of Nigeria's Missing President
Muhammadu Buhari has been the subject of swirling rumors, conspiracy theories and downright fabrications since he flew to London last month.
· Robert Mugabe's Wife Says he Could Run in Election 'as a Corpse'
Grace Mugabe accused some ruling ZANU-PF party officials of plotting to take over from her husband and said that even if he dies, supporters should put his name on the ballot to show their love for him.

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