Voice of the Martyrs

· VOMRadio: Padina On Ministry Inside Iran
Padina was ready to kill herself on live TV to earn Allah's favor and prove the God of the Christians was powerless. Instead, she met Jesus Christ and saw Him heal her mother from sickness. She became passionate to introduce...
· "I See Nothing!"
“I see nothing” is the classic line of Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes, the 1960s television series about prisoners of war. The line is funny and unforgettable. So what does it mean? It means to ‘turn a blind eye.’ If...
· Interview with Gabriel Leyva's Father
The son of a Cuban pastor was detained recently, while he was completing his mandatory military service. Gabriel Leyva was accused of anti-government activities. VOM spoke with his father.
· Remembering "Coach" Burton Swartz
If you’ve ever come to volunteer at VOM, it’s possible that you stayed in one of the Burton Swartz guesthouse apartments. But you may not know who Burton Swartz is. Ten years ago today, Burton went to heaven. He was...
· How Should We Respond to Radical Islam?
The face of radical Islamic terror is easy to find: simply turn on the news. But how should Christians respond? Should we pretend the challenge doesn't exist? Should we quake in fear? This week on VOMRadio, Cole Richards, the leader...
· Adopt a Front-Line Worker
Preaching in Taliban territory. Passing out Bibles under ISIS’ nose. Sharing Jesus one on one in Saudi Arabia. You and I can’t go there, but they can. Throughout nations hostile to the gospel, God has raised up men and women...
· Lent: 40 Days of Prayer for our Persecuted Family
Today marks the beginning of Lent, celebrated by many Christian traditions around the world. The Lent celebration is a reference to the 40 days Jesus spent fasting and facing temptations by Satan in the wilderness. Traditionally, it is a time which Christians devote to prayer in order to draw closer to God in the days leading up to Easter.
· Nigeria: Shot and Left for Dead by Boko Haram
The late night knock at the door awoke Habila Adamu and his wife and son. When he opened the door, he found Boko Haram gunmen. Here's his story:
· VOMRadio: Niger missionary survives Al Qaeda attack
On last week's episode of VOMRadio, Brent and Shelley Teague shared about their mission work for the past 22 years in West Africa, including Brent's story of being miraculously rescued after Al Qaeda-linked terrorists shot him twice and left him...
· Richard Wurmbrand on What To Do When You Are “Mixed-Up, Messed-Up, Tied-Up”
Pastor Richard Wurmbrand—the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs—had a way with words. In several countries around the world, I’ve met people who, usually with a gleam in their eye, have shared their experience of meeting Richard or Sabina....

Voice of the Martyrs - Canada

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