Yahoo (International News)

· Tim Allen, conservatives in Hollywood, and Nazi Germany
· Can you tally up world progress?
· After ISIS: For Iraqis, reconciliation in Mosul will be challenging, and vital
· ‘Dare to be tender’: One year after attack, Belgian king urges kindness
· What we know about Trump team Russia links – and why that matters
· Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort received millions to promote Putin
· In unanimous decision, Supreme Court raises bar for special education
· Calif. class action suit alleges 'unfair competition' with Ivanka Trump brand
· Data didn't change tech's frat-boy culture. Will storytelling?
· Supreme Court tightens restrictions on presidential appointments
· What is known so far about terrorist attack outside London's Parliament
· Germany set to deport native-born potential terrorists
· US infant mortality rate declines, but disparities remain
· Gorsuch hearings: Should agencies – or courts – decide the law?
· What is Facebook's responsibility when people broadcast crimes?
· North Korea missile launch toward S. Korea failed. How often does that happen?
· How Washington evaluates software vulnerabilities
· Passcode signs off
· Why the airline 'electronics ban' may not be discrimination
· It's not just Norway – some developing countries are seeing gains in happiness index, too
· With health-care vote, Republicans seek to prove they can get things done
· Biden returns: What's next in the Obamacare fight?
· Martin McGuinness: How being honest about his IRA ties let him become a peacemaker
· Long a way station for refugees, immigrants, Mexico now playing host
· When ex-offenders deserve forgiveness on their records

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