Yahoo (International News)

· On final trip, Carter looks to reassure Asia allies
· Russia not serious in talks with Syrian rebels: opposition official
· Trump speaks to Taiwan's leader in move that could anger China
· Europe must brace for new, varied IS attacks: security chief
· Women bombers emerge from Islamic State redoubt to attack Libyan forces
· China expresses concern as Yemen's Houthis form government
· AFA hired firm to fly Argentine team without knowing plane
· Top Asian News 1:59 a.m. GMT
· Buzz Aldrin gets visit from NASA after polar evacuation
· Trump is 'well aware' of what U.S. policy has been on Taiwan: spokeswoman
· Trump says Taiwan president 'called me' to offer congratulations
· Taiwan presidential office says Trump, Tsai exchanged views on Taiwan-U.S. relations
· Taiwan says contact with Trump agreed ahead of time-presidential office
· White House: no change to 'one China' policy after Trump call with Taiwan
· U.S. chamber in China says new administration needs to get up to speed quickly
· S. Koreans to march for 6th weekend calling for Park ouster
· Malaysia defends rally against 'ethnic cleansing' in Myanmar
· Yellowstone plans to thin bison herd by 900 animals
· Gambia's shock presidential victor hails new era
· Venezuela policemen sentenced for killing protester in 2014
· 21 Chinese miners trapped for 4 days confirmed dead
· Mourinho demands United improvement
· 'Unprecedented' numbers face severe hunger in South Sudan: U.N.
· Vathje wins skeleton World Cup opener
· Gambia's president concedes defeat after election loss

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