Barnabas Aid

• UK: C of E says UK churches inadequately protected from terrorism
• USA: Christian soccer player withdraws from US national team after being told to wear gay pride shirt
• CANADA: Ontario parliament passes law allowing state to remove children who identify as LGBTQI from parents who oppose such ideology
• USA: Bernie Sanders ignores US Constitution and seeks to exclude candidate from public office because he is an evangelical Christian
• Newsdesk - 15 June 2017
• Christianophobia awards: BuzzFeed, Daily Mirror, Independent and Spectator “out” Christian candidates as unfit to hold office – because they are Christians
• London and Melbourne terror attacks: Persecution and terrorism cannot be separated
• Newsdesk - 8 June 2017
• Prevent discrimination against Christians standing for public office
• Protection for those who choose to leave Islam
• Analysis: Al Shabaab video urges attacks on Kenyan Christians
• Egypt attack: Islamic State’s religious cleansing of Christians has now spread to Egypt
• Islamic State - linked jihadists target Christians in the Philippines
• Newsdesk - 1 June 2017
• An annual foreign Office report to parliament on the causes of religious persecution
• Editorial: Are persecuted Christians ‘the elephant in the room’ in the UK election?
• UK general election 2017: What the political party manifestos say about persecution and discrimination against Christians UPDATED
• Protecting people not beliefs - stopping the spread of Islamic blasphemy laws
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