Barnabas Aid

· Analysis: Are Iranian revolutionary guards monitoring Christians in the West?
· Newsdesk - 20 July 2017
· 93% of UK Christians feel they are marginalised; 70% of young Christians have experienced prejudice because of their faith
· UK Foreign Office agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South should “reinterpret” the Bible
· Newsdesk - 13 July 2017
· Analysis: Mosul “liberated” but what happens next?
· Analysis: Egypt becomes the new frontline in religious cleansing of Christians
· Church of England General Synod says praying to help gay people should be banned
· Christian street preachers acquitted: CPS must now answer questions over attempt to censor public Bible reading
· UK House of Lords report says UK foreign policy should help Christians in the Middle East
· Newsdesk - 6 July 2017
· 2017 - The bloodiest Ramadan in recent history
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