Barnabas Aid

· 'Extremist with iron rod attacks church workers in Cairo, Egypt'
· 'Indonesian citizens use Islamic “heresy” app to report “misguided” religious beliefs'
· 'Chin State still not “safe” for Christians despite UN claims'
· 'UK Home office finally admits reason for underrepresentation of Christian refugees'
· 'Dramatic flare-up in militant violence shocks Mozambique'
· 'Four Christians detained in Nepal on charges of “forced conversion”'
· 'Hundreds more Iraqi Christian-owned homes stolen in areas liberated from Islamic State'
· 'Pakistani PM Imran Khan says “Jesus has no mention in human history”'
· 'China’s dystopian present: could “social scoring” surveillance increase pressure on Christians?'
· 'Dramatic rise in Hindu extremist attacks on Indian Christians in Uttar Pradesh'
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