Barnabas Aid

· 'Imprisoned pastors in Myanmar released on condition they stop praying in church'
· 'Sunday School teacher dies saving children from Indonesian earthquake'
· 'Pakistan Supreme Court delays verdict on Aasia Bibi’s final appeal against “blasphemy” death sentence'
· 'Barnabas calls for withdrawal of Scotland’s “hate crime” posters that promote anti-Christian prejudice'
· 'Chinese church raided and looted by 1,000 police and government agents'
· 'Syria school closures persecution escalates as Christian teacher survives attack'
· 'Muslim mob assault and evict only Christian family in Pakistan village'
· 'Indonesian tsunami mudslide buries church killing 34 Christian students'
· 'Islamist militants attack DRC town forcing families to flee'
· 'Nigerian judge backs down from declaring Fulani attacks on Christian communities as terrorism'
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