· 'Clyburn: People 'in Love with' Biden's Agenda 'When They Look at Their Bank Accounts' But That Doesn't Show up in Polls'
· 'Coast Guard Finds Passenger Alive After He Went Overboard on Carnival Cruise Ship'
· 'WATCH: Hundreds of 'Black Israelites' Chant 'We are the Real Jews' During Pro-Kyrie Irving March in NYC'
· 'Exclusive: House Judiciary GOP to Demand Testimony from Ex-FBI Official Accused of Misconduct'
· 'Balenciaga Sues Producers of 'BDSM Teddy Bear' Ad Campaign for $25M'
· 'FCC Bans U.S. Sales, Imports of Huawei and ZTE Equipment Due to 'Unacceptable Risk to National Security''
· 'Dem Rep. Garamendi: ‘The President Is Absolutely Correct, No Assault Weapons’'
· 'Blue State Blues: The Empty Chair at the Holidays'
· 'Waltz: We Need Ban on Chinese-Made Drones Across all Government like DOD Already Did'
· 'GOP Rep. Gimenez on Chinese-Made Drones over D.C.: Drones Will Become More of a Threat, Need Electronic, Kinetic Means to Stop Them'
· 'World's Largest iPhone Factory: Foxconn Offers Workers $1400 to Stop Rioting and Leave'
· 'One Shot on Black Friday Inside North Carolina Walmart'
· 'Syrian Kurds Suspend Anti-ISIS Operations to Brace for Turkish Invasion'
· 'Crypto Winter: 50%+ of Bitcoin Addresses Now in the Red'
· 'IRS Forces Gig Workers to Report over $600 Threshold of Venmo, PayPal Payments '
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