· 'President Trump Praises Tiger Woods, Wishes All Golfers Good Luck Before Final Round'
· 'Bernie Sanders Defends Being Millionaire: 'I Didn't Know It Was a Crime to Write a Good Book''
· 'Rashida Tlaib: Democrats Put Muslims in Photos When They Want to Show Party Is 'Diverse''
· 'Ilhan Omar: No One Can 'Threaten' My 'Unwavering Love' for America'
· 'Bernie: Trump’s Promise to Help American Workers Was ‘Monstrous Lie’'
· 'Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Officer Ron Singh Pleads Not Guilty'
· 'Shaheen: Defending Obamacare 'Only the Start' - GOP Should Work With Dems on Health Care'
· 'Booker: Barr's Spying Comments 'Delegitimized His Voice' - 'He's Suspect''
· 'Pinkerton: Ilhan Omar Is a Game-Changer for Democrats—and Not in a Good Way'
· 'Parker: The Numbers Prove This Economy Is Not Letting Up'
· 'Actor Geoffrey Thorne Attacks Candace Owens: 'They will Never Think of You As Anything But an Obedient Ni**er''
· 'Booker: People 'Can't Afford a Politics of Division That Sacrifices Progress for Purity''
· '‘Glass’ Blu-Ray Review: M. Night Shyamalan Delivers Another Ponderous Disappointment'
· 'Pope Francis Warns Students of Addictions to Cell Phone Use'
· 'Alyssa Milano to Share 'Personal Abortion' Stories on Her Podcast'
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