· 'Dave Rubin Suspended by Twitter for Defending Jordan Peterson’s Free Speech: ‘Absurd and Idiotic’'
· 'Exclusive — David Bossie: 25 State Legislatures Passed Laws Banning 'Private Money Influencing Elections''
· 'Report: Republicans Plot 'Vengeance' on January 6th Committee'
· 'Lori Lightfoot Worried About 'Toxicity in Our Public Discourse' Despite Previously Yelling 'F**k Clarence Thomas''
· 'Senate Democrats Pushing $500 Billion Climate, Obamacare Package'
· 'Report: Democrat Raphael Warnock Caught Using Campaign Funds to Fight Personal Lawsuit'
· 'Two Foreign Nationals Arrested for July 4th Mass Shooting Plot in Virginia'
· 'Macy Gray Sends Message to Trans Mob 'Threatening' Her: 'F**k Off''
· 'Five Gang Members, Sex Offenders Arrested at Border over July 4 Weekend'
· 'Rep. Mayra Flores Rips New York Times for Article Labeling Her 'Far Right Latina''
· 'Trusted Longtime Aide Kate Bedingfield Bailing on Joe Biden'
· 'GOP Candidate Releases 'Make Rifles Great Again' Ad Showing Black Americans Using Guns to Fend Off Ku Klux Klan'
· 'Sheriff's Office: Florida Man Accused of Raping Woman at Disney World Resort'
· 'Harvard Economist Warns of Potential for 'Pretty Big' Recession -- No 'Soft Landing''
· 'Al Sharpton Urges White House to Help Him Arrange Clergy Visit with WNBA Star Brittney Griner'
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