• Project Veritas Investigation: CNN’s Van Jones Appears to Call Russia Controversy a ‘Big Nothing Burger’
• FAKE NEWS, FAKE FOLLOWERS: TwitterAudit Reports CNN Has 17 Million Fake Twitter Followers
• Caddell on CNN Fake News Scandal: Networks Believe It’s ‘Their Right to Tell You Who You Must Vote For’
• Poll: Majority Prefer ObamaCare to Struggling Senate GOP Bill
• Caddell: Senate Healthcare Bill ‘Dead as a Doornail’
• 5 Deadly Illegal Alien Criminal Gangs Thriving in U.S.A.
• McCaskill Admits Donation to Foundation Connected to Russian Ambassador
• Frank Gaffney: ‘Team JIHAD’ Ebook Chronicles Hard Left Alliance with Radical Islam
• Michelle Rodriguez Threatens to Quit ‘Fast & Furious’ If Next Film Doesn’t ‘Show Some Love to the Women’
• Multiple Arrests in Los Angeles after Leftists Threaten Trump Supporter Who Pulls Gun
• Report: ‘Me-Again’ Kelly’s Disastrous Ratings Taking Matt Lauer Off Hot Seat
• Joy Behar Feels ‘Sorry’ for Melania Trump: She Had to Sleep with Donald ‘At Least Once’
• Dem Rep Moulton: People Think Democrats Are ‘Really Out of Touch With Most of America’
• San Francisco Gay Pride, Like Los Angeles, Is About ‘Resistance’
• Study: Traditional Views on Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Pornography in Britain Rapidly Diminishing
• African Migrants Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Swedish Women and Girls as Young as Eleven
• New AI Technology Learns How to Read Minds
• Report: Google Generates as Much Ad Revenue as Entire Global Print Advertising Market
• Exclusive — Pornstar Jenna Jameson Bashes Playboy for Defending Very Fake News CNN: ‘Have a Seat, Playboy’
• Hannity: CNN ‘Unraveling Before Your Eyes’ — ‘They’ve Jumped the Shark’
• Buzzfeed: CNN Has a Sad After Fake News Scandal
• 60 Percent of Americans Support Trump’s Immigrant Welfare Ban
• Trump EPA to Dump ‘WOTUS’; Frees 247 Million Acres of Farmland
• After Sarah Palin Sues, Donald Trump Rips New York Times as a ‘Fake News Joke’
• Michael Moore Donates $10,000 to Shakespeare in the Park
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