Brisbane Times

· 'Clive Evatt: King of the Plaintiffs’ Defamation Bar'
· 'Qantas to help provide $3m as part of drought package'
· 'TAFE teachers' claim cuts force them to bring toilet paper to work'
· 'Editorial cartoon'
· 'Target and superquiz, Friday, August 10'
· 'Grammar and punctuation at centre of NAPLAN controversy'
· 'We can change human DNA. We're just not sure which bits'
· 'Outrageous grant to reef foundation threatens vital public research'
· 'City2Surf: The race that brings the family and the city together'
· 'Internet and phones down at Thredbo after Telstra cable damaged'
· 'Turnbull must pursue treaty with Indigenous Australians'
· 'John Anderson: 'The Messiah of water recycling in Australia''
· 'Latest controversy may cost NAPLAN its final few supporters'
· ''This woman is so old': Insults hurled at academics spur survey rethink'
· 'The huge food company with the worst health rating'
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