CBC News (Canada)

· 'David Sidoo steps down as CEO of Vancouver companies in light of college cheating scandal'
· 'Expect flight disruptions to last — Air Canada says its 737 Max jets will be grounded 3 weeks at least'
· 'The Pollcast: Two provinces, two elections'
· 'Corrupt, jailed Hamilton cop still made over $104K last year, lands on Sunshine List'
· 'Arctic now locked into devastating temperature rise, UN report says'
· 'More than half of Canadians may have trouble adopting new food guide, survey suggests'
· 'Liberal MP who led committee shutdown denies coverup, says it's time for 'shift' in SNC-Lavalin debate'
· 'Midweek podcast: Tina Fontaine's legacy and Indigenous child welfare'
· 'Netflix says Lac-Mégantic footage will be removed from Bird Box movie'
· 'Council rejection of Weyburn disability home spurs outrage, waitlist concerns'
· 'What you need to know about the Indian Day School settlement'
· 'Man arrested after attack leaves Moncton nurse with head trauma, broken nose'
· 'Raymond Cormier denies killing Tina Fontaine, admits to giving her drugs'
· 'Another costly federal IT glitch gets resolved — 10 years later'
· 'Singh's Quebec strategy has the NDP fishing in a small pool'
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