Channel News Asia (CNA)

· 'Fighting intensifies for Ukraine's last bastion in eastern Luhansk province'
· 'Brazil's Lula says he will not tolerate threats against institutions'
· 'Commentary: Biometrics enhance security and convenience but can have malign uses'
· 'Commentary: Setting Netflix's Stranger Things in a 1980s mental health hospital has its dark side'
· 'Palestinians to hand bullet that killed journalist to US for examination'
· 'Uzbekistan scraps plans to curb Karakalpak autonomy after protest'
· 'Lukashenko says Belarus intercepted attempted missile strikes by Ukraine'
· 'Blasts rock Ukraine southern city as Russia grinds out gains in the east'
· 'Striking Paris airport workers to stage new walkout'
· 'At least five killed in magnitude 6.1 quake on Iran Gulf coast'
· 'Astronaut study reveals effects of space travel on human bones'
· 'Ukraine leader accuses Russia of 'terror' in missile strike that killed 21'
· 'China to loosen entry restrictions on US citizens, transit via third country now permitted'
· 'Australians rally against US overturning of key abortion ruling'
· 'Hamburg senator warns of hot water rationing if gas shortage becomes acute'
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