Channel News Asia (CNA)

· 'Swedish PM summons army, police chiefs as gang violence rocks nation'
· 'Swiss court acquits Belarusian in first enforced disappearance case'
· 'US, China talks gather momentum, paving way for Xi-Biden Summit: WSJ'
· 'Republican US House to hold first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing'
· 'Grief, anger at Iraq mass for victims of wedding fire'
· 'Vietnam jails environmental activist for 3 years for tax fraud'
· 'China launches first cross-sea bullet train line near Taiwan Strait'
· 'Trump's business empire threatened by judge's ruling'
· 'US Republican hopefuls slam front-runner Trump for debate no-show'
· 'US backs Pacific undersea internet cable amid China competition'
· 'Nobel Prizes to illuminate bleak year for world peace'
· 'Washington says goodbye to pandas amid bitter US-China backdrop'
· 'COVID-19 can disrupt your sleep even after you've recovered – here’s how to deal with it'
· 'Commentary: Amazon makes a shrewd move in the AI arms race'
· 'Canada PM offers 'unreserved' apology for invite to ex-Nazi'
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