Channel News Asia (CNA)

· 'China willing to work with North Korea for world peace, Xi Jinping tells Kim Jong Un: KCNA'
· 'UN wildlife conference ends with protection for 500 species'
· 'Freezing Ukraine gradually restores power after Russian strikes on grid'
· 'Black Friday crowds thin despite deals'
· 'Commentary: For the sake of its democracy, the US should welcome Donald Trump back to Twitter'
· 'Macron to raise US subsidies in talks with Biden next week'
· 'US bans Huawei, ZTE equipment sales citing national security risk'
· 'Russia denies slowing inspections for Ukraine grain ships'
· 'Ukraine needs to be 'far-sighted' to secure peace, pope says'
· 'Black Friday faces green backlash in Belgium'
· 'Macron denies being main target of campaign financing probe'
· 'Czech pubs tap tech in bid to save energy costs on beer'
· ''Vladimir, answer us': Russian soldier mothers challenge Putin'
· 'Australia boosts migration quota, yet foreigners not returning fast enough to fill workforce gaps'
· 'NATO vows to aid Ukraine 'for as long as it takes''
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