Channel News Asia (CNA)

· 'Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano channelling molten rock through fits and starts'
· 'Syrian state media says dozens of Israeli rockets fired into Syria'
· 'Europeans work to save Iran deal, and business, after Trump pulls out'
· 'Companies detail payments to Trump lawyer; Daniels' attorney says there's more'
· 'Trump to greet Americans released by North Korea'
· 'Pop star Chris Brown named in sex assault lawsuit'
· 'CIA nominee Haspel vows spy agency will not reinstate torture'
· 'Kim says Trump summit 'historic' chance to build 'good future': KCNA'
· 'Commentary: An ultimatum on trade, a decisive moment for the world's two greatest powers'
· 'Commentary: Why a five-hour work day is a double-edged sword'
· 'Nations vow to save Iran nuclear deal after US pullout'
· 'Risk of explosive eruptions for Hawaii's Kilauea volcano: USGS'
· 'France's Macron to get Charlemagne Prize for "European vision"'
· 'Madrid blocks second Puigdemont comeback bid in Catalonia'
· 'Questions swirl around Trump lawyer after payments revealed'
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