• Staples shares jump on report of potential buyout at more than $10 a share
Sycamore owns several retailers, including Talbots, Dollar Express, Coldwater Creek, Hot Topic and Nine West.

• Dennis Gartman: ‘There's a real problem’ in oil market, bounce won’t last
Oil's recent rally is a "dead cat's bounce," noted commodities trader Dennis Gartman told CNBC on Wednesday.

• Cybersecurity stocks rally as ransomware attack targets thousands of computers
Cybersecurity stocks rose on Wednesday following a large-scale ransomware attack.

• US retail mall vacancies edge up in second quarter
The U.S. retail mall vacancy rate rose to 10 percent in the second quarter.

• 3 phrases that'll calm down an angry boss after you make a big mistake
If you spend enough time working, you'll likely make a mistake (or two) that you'll need to bounce back from.

• Meal delivery start-up Munchery earns money on every order in every city, says CEO
Munchery CEO James Teriker says Munchery is "contribution margin profitable" on every order.

• Scientists are trying to use satellites to forecast volcanic eruptions
If the work progresses, scientists will be able to forecast eruptions just as meteorologists forecast weather.

• Analyst calls Square the 'Tesla' of payments; predicts nearly 20% rally
Square shares a lot of qualities with Elon Musk's auto company...

• The rich get a $250,000 tax cut under the GOP's health-reform bill
The Senate health-care bill would give the wealthy the biggest tax break in over a decade, according to an analysis.

• 5 inspiring stories of people paying off student loans while winning at life
Don't let your debt get in the way of your dreams.

• This common vacation mistake could be costing you an extra $689
These unnecessary expenses will seriously cut down on your vacation budget, Travel+Leisure reports.

• China could drive the agenda when Trump meets with South Korean President Moon
China will be a major major factor in conversations between Trump and South Korea's Moon...

• Trump wants America to be 'energy dominant.' Here's what that means
The Trump White House is casting "energy dominance" as a break with the Obama era.

• New York family will pay you $90,000 a year or more to be their Mary Poppins
Rent in a luxury high-rise included!

• BMW reportedly plans to introduce an all-electric 3-Series sedan later this year
BMW plans to introduce an electric version of its popular 3-Series line of sedans at a German auto show in September, according to German news outlet Handelsblatt Global.

• Trump predicts a 'big surprise' on health care as Senate GOP pushes to win votes
A day after the Senate GOP delayed voting on its health-care plan, Trump said that gathering support is "never easy."

• Op-Ed: Why Democrats are moving past Obamacare and embracing universal health care
Here's one idea for universal coverage that doesn't require sudden massive tax increases, says Dylan Matthews.

• Rough series of polls show Americans broadly disapprove of GOP health-care plan
The Senate's Obamacare replacement bill is faring no better with the public than the plan that passed the House.

• Mark Zuckerberg's top 5 personality traits, according to an IBM supercomputer
These could be the traits that have helped make the Facebook CEO so successful.

• Morgan Stanley sees GM rallying to $50 in bull case scenario
Morgan Stanley raised General Motors price target in light of its Opel sale and potential for technological progress.

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