• In pictures: French farmers use fire to try to save their vineyards
Vineyards fight frost with fire as a spring cold snap threatens some of France's most famous wine regions.

• No government shutdown for now: Trump signs short-term funding bill
It gives negotiators a week to resolve differences over a $1 trillion bill financing federal agencies through Sept. 30.

• North Korea ballistic missile test fails, NBC News confirms
A South Korean military official confirmed to NBC that the test occurred around 5:30 a.m. local time.

• Trump believes US can hit 4 percent GDP growth 'over the next few years'
President Donald Trump made the comment to Fox News on Friday.

• This chart reveals economists may be overestimating the 'Trump bump'
Economists' forecasts have been too bullish — a signal to some that Trump's postelection economic bump could be over.

• Canada shouldn't be able to 'change the rules on us,' US Dairy Export Council president says
Trade negotiations with Mexico and Canada shouldn't "backtrack" on the important achievements of NAFTA, Vilsack says.

• Trump's latest trade tactic: Blame Canada
President Trump moved to slap tariffs on Canadian lumber, stoking a trade dispute with America's northern neighbor.

• Cramer Remix: The truth about Apple ahead of its earnings report
Jim Cramer shared his take on the world’s most valuable company ahead of its big quarter.

• Earnings could provide the fuel for stock gains but jobs, economic data need to perk up
Apple and other major corporate earnings could boost stocks, but it's the jobs report hat may matter most.

• Why investors are paying a premium for Cloudera over its top rival
Investors give Cloudera a much higher multiple than they give Hortonworks as the Hadoop wars heat up.

• Cramer explains what Amazon and Alphabet want you to see in their earnings reports
Jim Cramer taps into the tech giants' earnings call rhetoric to find what they wanted investors to hear.

• Here's how the Trump rally stacks up after 100 days
Here's how the Trump rally stacks up after 100 days

• Lockheed wins $1.38 billion F-35 jet contract: Pentagon
The advance acquisition contract covers long-lead time materials, parts, components and work for low-rate initial production of the fighter jets.

• Google CEO Sundar Pichai doubled his pay last year to $200 million
Google CEO Sundar Pichai nearly doubled his total compensation last year to just under $200 million

• Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft ended the day $27.4 billion richer
By the end of the day on Friday, the trio were just $27.4 billion richer.

• Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey purchases more stock, but investors aren't buying in
The CEO bought more than 574,000 shares, bringing his total Twitter stock purchase to 1 million to date during 2017.

• Likelihood tax reform gets passed this year 'very, very high,' Rep. Cole says
Things need to be done to spark growth and "I'm certainly prepared to run some risk to get that done," Tom Cole said.

• Scientists think Facebook and Elon Musk are way too optimistic about mind-reading tech
Neuroscientists are skeptical of the timeframes Facebook and Neuralink have laid out for mind-reading tech

• Cloudera shares close more than 20% higher on Day 1
The company priced its IPO at $15 a share, above the expected range of $12 to $14 a share.

• NSA to stop collecting some internet communications
The move is being applauded by privacy advocates.

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