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• Astronomers Study Ripples In The Cosmic Web Using A Pair Of Distant Quasars
The space between galaxies is a cold and dark place filled only with a filamentous haze of hydrogen atoms left over from the Big Bang. These filaments, spanning across millions of light-years — much larger than the largest galaxies — constitute the cosmic web, and account for most of the ordinary matter (as opposed to dark matter) in the universe.

• Trump Statement On North Korea: President Hints At 'Major' Conflict With Kim Jong Un's Regime
As tensions between the United States and North Korea escalate over the latter’s missile tests and nuclear capabilities, President Donald Trump said that even though he wanted to handle the situation with diplomacy, a major conflict could not be ruled out. “There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,” Trump told Reuters in an interview published Thursday. “We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it's very difficult.”

• Alien Life On TRAPPIST-1: Planets Close Enough For Travel
The Earth-sized planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system are so close together that it would be easy for alien life to hitch a ride on some space debris, transfer between them and spread, astronomers say.

• Sun Eruptions Are All The Same: Solar Energy Erupts Through A Magnetic Field
The sun erupts in many different ways, but scientists have discovered all those eruptions follow a similar pattern involving magnetic fields and bursts of energy.

• Space Junk Could Cause Catastrophic Satellite Collisions, Making Space Travel Impossible
Space has become a literal dumping ground for the aerospace industry and it’s begun to pose a hazard to astronauts and missions. The exponential increase in space junk in recent years has made a collision of catastrophic proportions increasingly likely.

• Milky Way's 'Ageless' Silicon Suggests Galaxy Is Efficient At Mixing Things Up
The universe as we see it today is populated with the end results of a series of violent cataclysms — the birth and death of innumerable stars. Each explosion seeded the cosmos with elements, which, in turn, became the raw materials for the next generation of stars. When these stars exploded into supernovae, they spread much heavier elements through space, and so on and so forth until heavy elements like oxygen, carbon and silicon were created.

• 5 Times When Kate Middleton Moved Away From Royal Traditions: Duchess Of Cambridge Does Not Ride Horses
Kate Middleton, 35, has picked up elegance and poise, which a royal princess possess, with sheer ease after marrying Prince William in 2011, but the one thing that she has not picked up is horse riding. While the activity is a huge passion among the members of the royal family, the Queen herself goes horse riding at several occasions. The Queen's granddaughter, Zara Tindall is also an Olympic medal-winning equestrian, according to reports.

• Astronomers Discover Earth’s Cold Twin Orbiting A Faint Star 13,000 Light-Years Away
Astronomers using the Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting a star at the same distance our planet orbits the sun. The discovery, announced Wednesday, was made using a technique called gravitational microlensing, wherein the gravity of a foreground star is used to detect objects orbiting a background star. This “iceball” planet, which goes by the clunky name of OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb, is the lowest-mass planet ever detected using microlensing.

• Arbor Day 2017: 10 Fun Activities To Celebrate The Day For Planting Trees
Expressing gratitude toward the environment or trees shouldn't need a specific day. However, if there exists such a day, we must embrace it. April 28, Arbor day is observed annually to celebrate the role of trees in our lives. This day promotes tree planting and care. 

• Update: Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance Investigated By Police 10 Years Later
Almost 10 years after 3-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared during a family vacation in Portugal, police announced they were still hard at work investigation the abduction. British investigators said Tuesday four detectives continued to look into critical leads in the case.

• Humans Can Harm Or Help The Environment — Even After They Die
Burying people in cemeteries is just another way humans are messing with the environment. Agence France-Presse reported bodies buried whole or cremated “leach iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium and phosphorus into the ground that may later be used as farms, forests or parks.” Putting them all in one place deprives soils in other areas of certain nutrients while giving them all to the flora at burial sites.

• Discovery Of Sea Creature That Lived 507 Million Years Ago Sheds Light On Mandibulate Evolution
Mandibulates are all organisms from the very large and hyperdiverse group that include, among others, ants, flies, centipedes, crabs and insects. It refers to creatures that have mandibles — a specialized pair of appendages used for grabbing and cutting/crushing food. And a new discovery is shedding light on how organisms in the group — the most abundant and diverse on Earth — evolved.

• Human Evolution From Fish: DNA Memory Can Teach Us A Lot - If We Don't Eat It
The fish some humans are frying up and eating are actually related to us and can help us understand how our DNA evolved. A type of fish called an elephant shark that is popularly used in New Zealand for fish and chips is “a very distant relative of humans,” the University of Otago said in a statement, and “has a remarkably similar DNA memory system to our own.” The key is a process called methylation, which controls how our genes express themselves.

• Do Unicorns Exist In Real Life? Ram With Single Horn Discovered In Iceland
Forget the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. It turns out actual unicorns might exist. A ram in Iceland, who goes by the name of Einhyrningur – Icelandic for “unicorn” – was recently re-discovered after he was forgotten, along with his mother, in the mountains last fall. The sheep herd it gathered with was typically taken into the mountains during the spring and rounded up to relocate months later, Iceland Monitor reported Monday.

• Will There Be A Nuclear War With North Korea? U.S. Installs Missile Defense System In South Korea
The U.S. military began installing a missile defense system in South Korea Wednesday, designed to intercept missiles launched by North Korea. The installation of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system was met with protests from South Koreans and condemnation from China. The system, known as THAAD, was conceived last year under the administration of former President Barack Obama. When used, THAAD would destroy short and medium-range missiles launched by North Korea before they reached their target, but is not expected to be ready for deployment until the end of 2017.

• United Airlines Rabbit Dies On Flight After Celebrity Bought World's Largest Bunny
What could have been the biggest rabbit in the world died on a United Airlines flight. Simon, a 4-foot 4-inch rabbit, died in the cargo section of a United Airlines flight bound from the U.K. to the U.S., the Telegraph reported Wednesday. The day the bunny died was not immediately known. 

• China Military News: Latest Aircraft Carrier Built Domestically, Anti-Aircraft Missiles Bought From Russia
China launched its second aircraft carrier Wednesday, as the unnamed ship was moved “from dry dock into the water” at the country’s north east port of Dalian. The aircraft carrier is the first domestically built vessel of its kind for China.

• Germs Aboard The Space Station: NASA’s ‘Genes In Space-3’ Program Will Identify Unknown Microbes In Space
If you found a microbe and wanted to identify it, you would need more than just a regular encyclopedia and a magnifying glass. But when you are in an orbit about 385 kilometers above Earth, getting hold of specialized instruments may be somewhat difficult.

• Will Facebook Live Shut Down? Man Kills Baby In Facebook Video In Thailand
Just a week after an American man Steve Stephens murdered a 74-year-old man in Cleveland on Facebook Live, another man of Thai origin, named Wuttisan Wongtalay, killed his 11-month-old daughter in a live video on Facebook. Soon after killing the infant, he committed suicide, police said Tuesday. Viewers could access the horrific video on Wongtalay's Facebook page for about 24 hours before it was removed from the website, reports said.

• Cold Spot In Universe’s Cosmic Microwave Background May Have “Exotic Origin”
A few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang, when the universe underwent recombination — the name to describe the event when the first electrons and protons came together to form hydrogen — one of the effects was the production of the cosmic microwave background, a faint omnipresent radiation left over from the time that we can observe and measure even today. As the universe expanded, the CMB began cooling from its initial temperature of about 3,000 Kelvin (almost 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit) to its present-day coolness of 2.73 Kelvin (-454.75 degrees Fahrenheit).

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