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• WATCH: Shocking Footage Of Shark Attacking Fisherman's Drone In Australia
An Australian lobster fisherman apparently encountered something more aggressive than a crustacean. A drone he had been flying crashed into the ocean, only to be met by sharks in the water. The sharks confronted the drone and the attack captured on video.

• How Much Money Does The Queen Make? Elizabeth II To Receive $97M To Restore Buckingham Palace
Queen Elizabeth II was set to get a little more in her paycheck this year— $43 million more, to be exact. The queen received $54.6 million in tax-free income last year, but this year, she’ll be getting around $97 million. The money is what’s known as a “sovereign grant,” a type of expense account designed to cover travel, security, staff, upkeep and other costs.

• Uranus Opens And Closes Every Day To Let Out Planet’s Solar Wind, Study Finds
Scientists utilized data obtained more than 30 years ago in order to find out more about the way Uranus’ magnetic field works. Using information from the Voyager 2 spacecraft flyby in 1986, scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology revealed Monday that the planet’s magnetosphere flips on and off like a light switch— every single day.

• Who Is The Oldest Person In The World? 131-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Birthday
A Chinese woman, who claimed she is the oldest person in the world, celebrated her 131st birthday Sunday. She was surrounded by her 56 descendants, according to China News Service.  Alimiha Seiti, confirmed as China’s oldest person, was allegedly born on June 25, 1886, during the last few years of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Reports confirmed she lives in Shule County, in the Kashgar region of Xinjiang province.

• Smallest Puppy Picture: Yorkshire Terrier Tim Weighed 2.5 Ounces At Birth
A tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Tim took home the title of Britain’s smallest puppy when he was born at just 2.5 ounces. The now-seven week old puppy was roughly the size of a tin can, but getting stronger every day.

• Biggest Shark Ever, Other Marine Animals Went Extinct In Newly Discovered Event
The most massive shark ever to exist on Earth may have been just one animal out of the full third of the world’s largest ocean creatures that died off 2 million or 3 million years ago in an extinction event.

• ‘Serial Killer Whales’ Suspected After 4th Massive Shark Found Without Liver, Testes
Killer whales may have slaughtered at least four sharks in South Africa over the last couple of months, cutting out their livers as if they had the training of a surgeon. The Great White sharks have washed up after the killer whales feasted on their organs.

• HMS Queen Elizabeth, UK’s Largest Warship, Runs On Windows XP, Vulnerable To Hacking
It was recently revealed that HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship, which left Rosyth Dockyard, Scotland, heading to the North Sea for its first ever sea trials, ran on the outdated operating system, Microsoft Windows XP.

• Who is Liu Xiaobo? Chinese Nobel Laureate Gets Prison Parole For Cancer Treatment
Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo was released from prison on medical parole after being diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer, the Chinese government confirmed in a statement released late Monday. Sixty-one-year-old Xiaobo was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer in May, and was hospitalized soon after. Read: Democracy Is Nothing To Fear, Taiwan Tells China On Tiananmen Anniversary

• Czech Republic’s Temelin Nuclear Power Station Apologizes For Holding Bikini Contest To Hire Interns
A nuclear power station in the Czech Republic issued an apology after receiving flak for holding a bikini contest to hire interns, according to reports Monday. Social media users blamed the power station of giving importance to looks over qualification and knowledge while hiring interns.

• North Korea Can Produce Hydrogen Bomb But Is Not Likely To, Stanford Professor Says
North Korea is advancing the development of hydrogen bomb and is capable of producing tritium, an important component in making hydrogen bombs, a U.S. nuclear scientist said Tuesday. The reclusive country has threatened the U.S. with hydrogen bomb and claimed last May that it successfully tested the atomic weapon.

• Except Russia, The World Thinks Worse Of US Under President Trump, Survey Finds
The image of the U.S. has taken a beating in countries across the world after President Donald Trump took office in January, according to a survey by the PEW Research Center Monday. Among the 37 countries surveyed, a median of meager 22 percent trusted Trump to take the right decision related to international issues. Meanwhile, 64 percent expressed confidence in former President Barack Obama’s presidency on the same parameters.

• Photos Of Strippers At South African Prison Cause Outrage On Social Media, Guards Suspended
South African prison officials suspended 13 guards Monday and issued an apology after pictures of inmates being entertained by women dressed in black body suits and knee-high boots while the guards looked went viral and sparked an outrage. The incident took place in one of Johannesburg’s most notorious prisons, which the inmates refer to as “Sun City.”

• Can Michel Temer Be Impeached? Brazilian President Charged With Taking Multi-Million Dollar Bribes
Brazilian President Michel Temer was charged of taking multimillion-dollar bribes by top federal prosecutor, Monday. The 64-page-long indictment looks to impeach the incumbent president if he does not resign first. The formal accusation has been brought on by Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, who began investigation into Temer’s financial dealings in May 2016. Janot has alleged that between March and April of 2017, the Brazilian president took a bribe of around $150,000 from Joesly Batista, former chairman of meat-packing giant JBS.

• Can The Great Barrier Reef Be Revived As Bleaching, Climate Change, Oil Spills Remain A Concern?
A new Deloitte Access Economics report has calculated the social, economic and iconic "asset value" of Australia’s the Great Barrier Reef and believes it’s worth more than 12 Sydney Opera houses put together and estimated the value at $42 billion ($56 billion in Australian currency).

• Asteroid Hitting Earth: Do We Have To Worry About Space Rocks Crashing Our Planet?
The asteroid Apophis seems like a friendly rock speeding through the space near Earth for now, but later on in its relationship with our planet, it might strike down to the surface with devastating results.

• Early Animal Hieroglyphics Show How Egyptian Language Evolved
Newly discovered hieroglyphics that are more than 5,000 years old relay a message about the universe to archaeologists as well as tell them about how the ancient Egyptian writing system evolved.

• Salvador Dali’s Body Will Be Exhumed In Paternity Suit, Judge Rules
The body of Spanish painter Salvador Dali was set to be exhumed to obtain samples for a paternity suit, a judge ordered Monday. Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, a 58-year-old Spanish woman, alleged that her mother had an affair with Dali and that the famous surrealist was her father. Dali, who died in 1989, didn’t leave enough biological remains or personal objects behind to prove paternity, the judge said. Thus, the exhumation would be necessary.

• Will North Korea Attack Japan? Government Tells Citizens How To Survive Nuclear Missile
In the event of a nuclear attack by North Korea, Japan is warning its citizens of how, exactly, they should protect themselves. In a 30-second television broadcast issued by the government, civilians were advised to take shelter in buildings, hide behind objects, protect their heads and lie face down on the floor should North Korea launch a missile their way.

• Meteorite As Old As Earth Can Tell Us How Solar System Formed
A meteorite the size of a fist that came crashing onto a roof in the Netherlands earlier this year is as old as the Earth itself, Dutch scientists are saying. This means the meteorite could tell us a lot about how our planet and our solar system formed.

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