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• Donald Trump Jr Agrees With CNN's Van Jones In Latest Conservative Viral Video By James O'Keefe
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Wednesday that there was a "first time for everything" when he said he agreed with CNN commentator and political activist Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones who said out of context that the Russia story was a big "nothing burger." I'm with Van on this one... there's always a first time for everything.

• Beauty Queen Dies After Ex-Boyfriend Set Her On Fire
An Ohio woman who was set on fire after an argument with her ex-boyfriend in 2015 died Tuesday, according to her family. Judy Malinowski, a mother of two and former Miss New Albany, reportedly underwent more than 50 surgeries since the event and inspired new sentencing legislation for victims of extreme physical violence. She was 33-years-old at the time of her death.

• Did Congress Listen To Handmaids? Senate Postpones Health Care Vote
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday that he would delay the vote on the Republican Senate health care bill until after the July 4th recess, and protestors dressed like the women from the book and television show, "Handmaid's Tale,” might have helped. A group of activists with Planned Parenthood’s “People’s Filibuster” dressed in red cloaks and white bonnets and protested around the U.S. Capitol Tuesday.

• Is Snapchat’s Snap Map Dangerous? Police Issue Warnings About Safety Of Young Children
Snapchat’s latest update has parents and police concerned about the safety of young children. The location-following “Snap Map” uses GPS technology to show the exact whereabouts of Snapchat users, a feature that raises privacy and security issues. Police across the nation have begun warning parents about the potential pitfalls of their children using the Snap Map.

• Who Is Randy Bryce? Meet Democrat Aiming To Take Down Paul Ryan In 2018
Wisconsin Democrat Randy Bryce began his first campaign ad going right for the jugular: he attacked the incumbent Wisconsin congressman, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and portrayed himself as the Anti-Ryan candidate. "Let’s trade places," Bryce addressed Ryan at the end of the ad, which was uploaded to YouTube June 18. "You can come work the iron, and I’ll go to D.C."

• Parents Of Teen Whose Murderer Took A ‘Selfie’ With Victim Break Silence
The parents of a Pennsylvania teen who had his murder captured in a "selfie" spoke out for the first time since their son’s death Wednesday. Ryan Mangan, 16, was shot and killed by another teen in 2015, who then took a smiling self-portrait with Mangan as he was dying. Maxwell Morton, also 16 at the time, took the photo in front of Mangan and then left him to bleed to death as he fled the scene. Morton never called for help, according to reports.

• Twitter Reacts To Destruction Of Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument
A monument of the Ten Commandments was destroyed early Wednesday morning in Little Rock, Arkansas, when a vehicle ran into it less than 24 hours after it was erected in front of the state capitol. The controversial monument's destruction spurred a debate on Twitter about the separation between religion and government.

• When Will Yellowstone's Supervolcano Erupt? Park Has 878 Earthquakes In 2 Weeks
Yellowstone National Park sits perched atop one of the United States' two super volcanoes — a volcano covering more than 240 cubic miles. The volcano beneath Yellowstone is active, with evidence appearing each time its famous Old Faithful geyser bubbles up. And over the past month, the park has had 878 earthquake events in what’s known as an “earthquake swarm.” So what does that mean for the future of the country’s largest volcano? Fortunately, such swarms are common and don’t mean the volcano is about to erupt anytime soon. 

• James Dolan Net Worth After Knicks Billionaire Fires Phil Jackson
Controversial sports team owner James Dolan severed a five-year contract Wednesday morning between the New York Knicks and it's now-former President Phil Jackson. Dolan, who owns the NBA's Knicks and the WNBA's New York Liberty, has an estimated wealth of $1.5 billion, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has often been considered the "worst" NBA owner in the league. 

• Whats Next For Michael McCarthy? 'Baby Doe' Bella Bond Murderer To Be Sentenced
Michael McCarthy was set to be sentenced Wednesday following his conviction in the death of 2-year-old Bella Bond, better known as “Baby Doe.” McCarthy, who was dating Bella’s mother at the time, was convicted of second-degree murder after five days and 23 hours of jury deliberations in Massachusetts court.

• Donald Trump's Fake Time Magazine Cover: 5 Ways To Tell March 2009 Issue Was Not Real
According to a Washington Post report, published Wednesday, fake Time magazine covers have been put on display in several golf clubs owned by President Donald Trump. The magazine covers in question feature Trump on the cover of an issue that was never published by Time, the Washington Post reported.

• Time Magazine Asks Trump Org. To Remove Fake Magazine Covers, Twitter Comes Up With Innovative Cover Pages
Time magazine has asked the Trump Organization to remove framed magazine covers featuring President Donald Trump from its golf clubs after they were found to be fake.  The move comes after it was reported that at least four of Trump's clubs were found to have displayed framed copies of a Time magazine dated March 1, 2009 and featuring him as its cover star, CNBC reported. 

• California's Right To End Life Invoked BY 111 Terminally Ill Patients In 6 Months, Report Says
A total of 111 people took their lives in the six months since the End of Life Option Act was introduced in California, according to a report by California Department of Public Health.

• Sarah Huckabee Sanders Preferred Over Sean Spicer By Reporters
6/28, 8:50 a.m.: This story has been corrected to accurately reflect comments by the New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. After a report stating the resignation of three CNN reporters Monday following a disputed story involving possible collusion between Russians and an ally of President Donald Trump, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders strongly criticized journalists for promoting fake news during the White House press briefing, Tuesday.

• Police Officer Pins Down Black Teen, Threatens To Kill Him, For Trespassing On His Lawn
A video of an off-duty white police officer in Lansing, Illinois pinning down a black teen on his lawn and threatening to kill him has gone viral. The cell phone video of the incident, which took place Saturday, shows the officer holding the 15-year-old’s neck, pinning him down with his knees and yelling at him. While the teen has been identified as Jordan Brunson, the identity of the officer has not been released yet. The video, which was posted on Facebook, was filmed by another 15-year-old boy.

• Twitter Slams Trump After Caitriona Perry, Irish Journalist, Posts Video Of President Complementing Her Smile
An Irish Journalist, Caitriona Perry, posted a video on her Twitter account Tuesday in which President Donald Trump can be seen complimenting her smile while talking to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar over phone. As Perry described it as ‘bizarre moment’, Twitterati slammed Trump for his behavior. While talking over the phone, Trump called Perry to his desk, asked her name and said: “She has a nice smile on her face." The 71-year-old president further added, "So I bet she treats you well."

• The 7 Best Yoga Poses For Your Health
Yoga is a spiritual discipline, practiced in order to achieve a union of the mind, body and soul. Not to mention following it up with deep relaxation has been proven to buffer stress and stress-related diseases — heart disease, obesity, depression and anxiety, to name a few. While the practice itself can help bring about good health, specific yoga poses may target, and ultimately improve, certain health concerns. To get a better idea of how this works, here’s a list of the health benefits associated with the seven best yoga poses.

• Mother Tweets Son’s Medical Bills, Post Goes Viral Amid Growing Healthcare Debate
Amid the raging debate on the Senate healthcare bill, a mother’s tweets showing pictures of her son’s hospital bills have gone viral, adding fuel to the rising voices against Trumpcare.

• United Airlines Apologizes To Colorado Mother Whose Infant Son Overheated Aboard Delayed Flight
United Airlines apologized Tuesday following reports about a Colorado woman who said she was not allowed to leave a delayed flight by the airlines after her infant son overheated due to rise in the cabin temperatures. The alleged incident happened on Texas-bound plane from Denver International Airport on June 22. The infant’s mother Emily France told the Denver Post on June 23 her baby had to be hospitalized due to overheating in the flight, which was delayed by half hour amid a heatwave in the city.

• Cosmetics Have Side Effects, Personal Care Products Remain Underregulated In US, Study Says
While most of us buy cosmetics assuming they will benefit our skin or hair in some way, a new study has revealed that the number of reports about the adverse reactions to cosmetic products more than doubled last year when compared to 2015,   with hair care products being the biggest offender.  

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