Israel 365

· 'Levites sing at Temple Mount [WATCH]'
· 'Chief Rabbi: “A person who eats non-kosher, his brain gets stupid”'
· 'Bridgebuilder Spotlight: Donna Jollay'
· '‘We the People’ begin to speak'
· 'Terrorists wound Israeli at Joseph’s Tomb'
· 'Historic first: Israeli minister reads Torah and waves Lulav in Saudi Arabia'
· 'Three Palestinians arrested for harassing Jews atop Temple Mount'
· 'MKs petition Netanyahu to improve treatment of Jews at Temple Mount'
· 'Netanyahu convenes top security chiefs amid elevated threats'
· 'Canada’s Ukrainian Nazi embarrassment was no accident'
· 'Why I Am Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles'
· 'Was Morocco hit by prophetic “earthquake lights”?'
· 'Thousands receive Priestly Blessing at Western Wall'
· 'US: Tehran can make a nuclear bomb in less than two weeks'
· 'Jewish Man arrested for attempting to bring sacrifice to Temple'
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