Israel 365

· 'Former Al Jazeera chief accuses Israel of killing Palestinian Jesus'
· 'High-ranking member of Islamic Jihad threatens more hostilities against Israel'
· 'Party of Mahmoud Abbas praises Jerusalem terrorist attack'
· 'Israel365 setting out to help Bat-El and Nadav (and baby Dvash) protect the land'
· 'IDF destroys terror tunnel from Gaza'
· 'Double miracle in Jerusalem: Brothers shot by terrorist, escape with minor injuries'
· 'NYT said to cut Gaza stringer loose for urging the murder of Israelis'
· 'Senior UN official loses post after praising cease fire'
· 'Salman Rushdie stabbed on stage during lecture in New York State'
· 'Palestinian Terrorist shooting attack in Jerusalem: 7 wounded, 2 seriously; Palestinians celebrate'
· 'Israel365 provides shelter to kibbutz in southern Israel'
· 'Is UNRWA USA using the death of an Islamic Jihad terrorist to raise funds?'
· '‘Pro-Palestinian’ mob in NYC calls to wage intifada against Jews around the world'
· 'The Top 5 Israeli Innovations helping women’s health and menopause'
· 'Terror designated NGO urging voters to back Democrats’ anti-Israel resolution in Congress'
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