Israel 365

· 'International criticism of Ben Gvir ignores concerns of average Israelis, his spokesperson says'
· 'At Texas Gathering, Christian Students Confront Antisemitism on US Campuses'
· 'Does Netanyahu’s alliance with Ben Gvir threaten Israel’s connection with Christian Zionists?'
· 'Two wounded in terrorist attack near Temple Mount; assailant shot'
· 'Israel Elections 2022: Netanyahu’s bloc on course for decisive victory with over 70% of votes counted'
· 'How did the religious parties do in the Israeli elections?'
· 'Israel Elections 2022: Live analysis'
· 'Pro-Israel Bolsonaro loses Brazil’s presidential race by less than 1%'
· 'REPORT: Biden administration probed over giving $500 million to PA to establish a stronger presence in Jerusalem'
· 'Victim of Palestinian terrorism laid to rest'
· 'Jewish father killed in terrorist attack in Kiryat Arba'
· 'Abbas deputy admits PA security personnel work with terrorists'
· 'Report: Kanye West wanted to name album after Hitler'
· 'Religious Zionist Party releases comprehensive platform on Aliyah and relations with the Diaspora'
· 'Tel Aviv University Students Rally in Support of Lion’s Den Terrorists'
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