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• A Tale of Two Terror Attacks and The New York Times
Two terror bombings 16 years apart give an opportunity to highlight mainstream media bias

• Britain's Battle for Truth
How much has Britain's betrayal of Israel played a role in the nation's current troubles?

• Israel Blocks UN Delegation From Entering Hebron
Israel refuses to let the Palestinians play politics with culture, especially based on lies

• REPORTS: Trump Furious With Palestinians, May Pull Out of Peace Process
Meeting between Abbas and Trump envoy Kushner was reportedly very tense, sides no longer trust each other

• Israel's Illegal Immigrant Time Bomb
Southern Tel Aviv has been overrun, and some warn that African birthrates will soon alter the Jewish state

• UN Excuses Wife-Beating as Natural Reaction to 'Israeli Occupation'
With no evidence, UN blames Israel for plight of women, ignoring Muslim clerics' calls for beatings

• Arab Paramedic Fought to Save the Life of Fatally Wounded Soldier
This is the heart-rending account of an Arab paramedic who fought to save Hadas Malka, killed in last week's terror stabbing

• Judea and Samaria: Who's Allowed to Build?
Israelis are growing frustrated after local media shows Netanyahu has again frozen settlement construction

• God Will Not Be Mocked!
UK government's snap election blunder forces it into alliance with unabashedly pro-Israel Christian party

• Donald Trump Jr. Slams BBC For Misreporting Jerusalem Terror Stabbing
BBC later removes headline following online uproar sparked by Trump Jr. defending Israel

• Messianic Presence at Hebrew Book Week Angers Ultra-Orthodox
Anti-missionaries go so far as to file police complaint against Messianic publisher with booth at local book fair

• The Temple Mount is Important to Christians, Too
Israel Today visits with the Temple Mount Sifting Project to find out what role Christians have played

• Israeli Nationalists Thank Muslim Leader For His Friendship
Leading Turkish Muslim intellectual says Holy Land belongs to Jews, who need to pray for Messiah's coming

• Where Jews Dare Not Pray
An Israel Today correspondent visits the Temple Mount with a group of religious Jews to report on freedom of religion there

• When the Arabs Shuttered Al Jazeera, but Israel Couldn't
It's a bizarre reality that Israel can't easily shutter hostile Arab propaganda that Arab states so easily block

• 'United Jerusalem More Important Than Shaky Peace'
Education Minister draws boos after insisting sanctity of Jerusalem more important than 'peace' with Arabs

• Israel Prepares for Major Earthquake
Prime Minister Netanyahu kicks off major nationwide drill to prepare for inevitable earthquake

• Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade Draws Massive Crowd
Tel Aviv's liberal mayor continues to put his city at odds with Israel's status as the 'Holy Land'

• COMMENTARY: The Darkness Closes In
Britain's surprising election results were a shock for Conservatives, but might boost ties with Israel

• Christian Oil Company Begins Drilling in Northern Israel
Drilling has officially begun at Zion Oil's new well in northern Israel; will they strike black gold?

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