Israel Today

• Israel Remembers
Tonight begins a week of remembrance and commemoration in Israel that will see both grief and joy

• Can Israel Really Rely on Trump?
Israel Today speaks to top Christian political thinkers about Trump's support for the Jewish state

• 'Netanyahu Broke My Heart'
Israel is in heated debate over the fate of two soldiers who went missing in the 2014 Gaza War

• WATCH: Openly Gay Israeli MK Destroys Whiney Liberal American Jew
Amir Ohana is the first openly gay lawmaker from Likud. But he's even more known for his tough conservative stance

• Christian Tourist Arrested After Attacking Israeli Guard
Says he was sent by Jesus, but did his divine instructions include attacking Israelis?

• The Exodus - Not What You Thought
Palestinian revisionism of the Bible is reaching new, ridiculous lows as it looks to replace the Jews

• COMMENTARY: Should the Church Be Called “Spiritual Israel”?
We need to clean out that corruptive piece of Greek leaven and see the spiritual and physical are not mutually exclusive

• British Woman Killed, 2 Others Wounded in Jerusalem Terrorist Stabbing
Horrifying Passover stabbing attack happened during busy Friday afternoon in downtown Jerusalem

• Rabbi Aviner and the 'Christian Scam'
Prominent Israeli rabbi sadly rejects all Christian support as a scam. But are his suspicions wholly unfounded?

• COMMENTARY: Easter Message for London
Terror attack sadness points to resurrection gladness

• Palestinians Exploiting Children to Fight Israel
Trump may want to consider pressuring the Palestinians to correct educational policies that are antithetical to peace.

• Passover Slaughter - Welsh Christians Honor Blood of the Martyrs
Welsh Christians mark massacre of ancient Christians who refused to stop celebrating biblical feasts

• Palestinians Abroad Vs. the Palestinian Authority
A growing number of Palestinians see the Palestinian Authority as the main obstacle to a better life, if not peace

• Syrian Civilians Flee to Israel For Safety, Treatment
Victims of Syria's ongoing bloody civil war continue to seek refuge and treatment in Israel

• Has Hell Frozen Over? Top UN Official Calls Jerusalem the Ancient Capital of Israel
It is a very odd sensation for Israelis to hear a top UN official defending the Jewish connection to Jerusalem

• Constantine and Trump: Is History Repeating Itself?
Trump's apparently back-peddling on promises regarding Israel has many Jews and Christians concerned

• Netanyahu: Israel's New Secret Weapon Presents 'Existential Threat' to Our Enemies
Israel completes comprehensive missile shield, putting any enemies foolish enough to attack her at grave risk

• Israeli Hospitals Treat Thousands of Arabs. Where's the Media Coverage?
Israel's antagonists say she's a nation of "child-killers," but anyone visiting an Israeli hospital can see otherwise

• Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Israelis Want Right-Wing Gov't
While there's much talk of yet again going to early elections, polls suggest Netanyahu would again walk away victorious

• Report: Syria Threatens to Fire SCUD Missiles at Israel
Assad regime says that if Israel strikes on Syrian soil again, SCUD missiles will rain down on the Jewish state

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