Israel Today

• VIDEO: Happy Jerusalem Day!
Want to know what Jerusalem Day is all about? 50 years after the city's reunification, this year's celebration will be big!

• OPINION: Not All Israelis Were Happy to See Trump
Some Israelis were disappointed with Trump's visit; others demanded he leave the moment he arrived

• Trump Did Not Once Mention a Palestinian State
Despite some minor points of disappointment, Israelis generally thrilled with Trump's first visit

• The Selfie Heard Round the World
Obnoxious Israeli MK gives Trump something he may remember even more than the Western Wall

• Trump Lands in Israel and Makes History
Trump is the first US president to include Israel in his first trip to foreign allies

• Trump and the Old American Policy Toward Jerusalem
Trump may be a true friend of Israel, but can he and will he change anti-Israel policies in place since 1949?

• Saudis Rejoice Over 'Death' of Obama's Policies
Trump's first regional stop in Saudi Arabia showed how much Obama was disliked in the Middle East

• Israeli President: Christians Are Our brothers
Rivlin calls mistreatment of Christians across Middle East a 'stain on humanity', reaffirms refuge in Israel

• VIDEO: What's it like to be the mother of an IDF soldier?
For Mother's Day, young Israeli soldiers told what it's like for their own mothers back at home

• France's new president will NOT recognize 'Palestine'
Despite his liberal credentials, Macron prefers good relations with Israel to recognizing a Palestinian state

• How Do We Know God Truly Loves Israel?
If there were any lingering doubts about God's commitment to Israel, the Six Day War put them to rest

• International Bigotry Over Jerusalem
American officials tell Israelis that the City of Jerusalem does not belong to them

• Follow the Six Day War on Twitter
Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is "live streaming" the Six Day War on Twitter

• Feelings are More Important Than Facts
No where is "fake news" and "alternative facts" more employed than in reporting on Israel and the Mideast conflict.

• Women in the Bible
Israel Today takes an inside look at a stunning artistic demonstration recreating scenes with women in the Bible

• Palestinians Use Deception for Greater Acceptance
Palestinian leader can lie all they want to Trump, but their actions speak louder than words

• Reports now say Trump won't move US embassy to Jerusalem
Americans say Netanyahu holding up the move, while Israel expresses disappointment over Trump policy

• Influential Israelis speak about Jesus
Over the last 50 years, Israeli attitudes toward Jesus have shifted dramatically

• Trump deletes Abbas tweet after Palestinian leader lies to him
Trump initially tweeted that it was an "honor" to meet with Abbas, but soon deleted the post

• Israel's Messianic Community Mourns, Remembers a Pioneering Pastor
David Davis, long-time pastor of Carmel Assembly, had left behind a promising acting career to minister to Israel

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