Israel Today

• This is NOT Land Theft
The media has grossly misreported Israel's 'Regulation Law' as a land grab, when in fact it helps the Palestinians

• Is There Hope for the Holy Land? Christian Surfers Weigh In
What hope is there for peace in the Holy Land when the region is drowning in violence and bloodshed?

• Hero of Anti-Israel Propaganda Film Says He Doesn't Hate IDF Soldiers
Liberals disappointed after anti-Israel propaganda opportunity goes bust when young Palestinian refuses to hate IDF soldiers

• Church Fails to Give Moral Lead
The Church's failure to grasp the important of Israel's rebirth is but one sign of its current failures

• Israel Provides Life-Changing Surgery to Deaf Palestinian Children
You won't hear about this from the Israel-hating mainstream media, but the Jewish state continues to 'love its enemies'

• Top Israeli Minister Says Real Chance for Peace With Trump
Israel sees President Trump rewriting the rules of Middle East peacemaking, making true peace possible

• Rockets From Sinai Hit Israel; Another ISIS Attack?
Rocket strike on southern Israel comes just hours after ISIS says Israel killed its fighters in drone attack

• IDF Expects Major Increase in Number of Female Combat Soldiers
Army set to inaugurate fourth mixed-gender combat battalion to accommodate fresh female recruits

• Israeli Media Speculates That Netanyahu's Downfall May Come Sooner Than Expected
Most feel Netanyahu is the only leader who can hold together a coalition in fractious Israel

• Pornography in the Messianic Community
Israel Today speaks to the organizers of a new conference - "Facing the Problem of Pornography in Messianic Congregations"

• Trump Effectively Puts Israel Back in the Driver's Seat
Israelis were not disappointed by President Trump, and are pleased to see the Obama years finally behind them

• Trump's Effect on the Israeli Right
Trump has Israeli leaders voicing bold positions. Time will tell if they follow through with action

• Israeli Women Urge Ivanka Trump to Help Negotiate Mideast Peace
Large women's movement calls on Ivanka to take leading role in Israeli-Arab peace negotiations

• Mike Huckabee: Trump Will Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Former Arkansas governor is in Israel again to attend event supporting Jewish settlements

• Israeli Ambassador Meets Rex Tillerson, Netanyahu Invites US Secretary of State to Israel
Trump's new top diplomat off to a warm start with Israel's leadership, will soon visit Jewish state

• Israeli President Helps Reopen Church Burned by Jewish Extremists
Church built on site where Jesus is said to have multiplied the loaves and fishes was badly damaged in fire

• Did Israel Block Trump From Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem?
Trump has a lot of opposition to his promise to move the US embassy. No one expected Israel to be part of it

• Chief Rabbi Blesses Netanyahu Ahead of Meeting With Trump
Many see the meeting with Trump as fateful. If Netanyahu commits to a Palestinian state, he could be in trouble

• Israelis Launch Covert Mission Into Deliver Coats
Israeli youth groups and aid organizations have quietly sent a mountain of winter supplies to suffering Syrians

• Netanyahu Tells Israelis to Calm Down Over Trump Meeting
'There are limitations, even in the Trump era,' Netanyahu tells cabinet ahead of trip to US

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