Kehila News

· 'Believers in Israel organize Passover outreaches around the country'
· 'The 6th Israel Business Forum – Experiencing Transformation!'
· 'A heritage of devotion – Passover in Jerusalem'
· 'Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 3'
· 'Are there differences between how American Evangelicals and Israeli believers view Netanyahu and his reelection?'
· 'Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 2'
· '[Israel 101] Netanyahu wins again in the complicated world of Israeli elections'
· 'Israel’s missing milestone or, whatever happened to the real “Rosh Hashana”?'
· 'Little Hearts in a big city – Jerusalem preschool nurtures reconciliation'
· 'Sderot – City of Life – In every sense of the word'
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