Morningstar News

· 'Fiery Ordeal for Pastor, Church, Widower in Jammu and Kashmir State, India'
· 'Court in Sudan Fines Christian Leaders for Defending Church Property '
· 'Muslim Herdsmen, Terrorists Kill Eight Christians in Central Nigeria, Sources Say'
· 'Christian Convert in Uganda Suffers Sudden Loss of Father, Wife, Children'
· 'Muslim Student Accused of Killing Christian in Pakistan Released on Bail'
· 'Christian Students Knifed, Beaten in High School Clash in Kenya'
· 'Harassment of Messianic Jews’ Center in Israel Begins Anew'
· 'Government, Police in India Thwart Threatened Attacks on Christians'
· 'Pastor Found Dead in Tamil Nadu, India'
· 'Coptic Christian Slain in North Sinai, Egypt'
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