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· 'Two Young Christian Women Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria'
· 'Order Issued to Close Church Building in Oran, Algeria, Christian Leaders Say'
· 'Large-Scale Killings, Kidnappings Hit Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria, Sources Say'
· 'Three Christian Teachers Killed in Northeast Kenya, Sources Say'
· 'Christian Woman en Route to Her Wedding, 10 Others Killed in Nigeria'
· 'Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill 13 Christians, Wound Three in Central Nigeria'
· 'Boko Haram Kidnaps Christian Leader in Attacks in Northeast Nigeria'
· 'Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, Most Harsh on Christians, Sources Say'
· 'Harsh Sentence for Pastor Wang Signals Severe Crackdown in China, Sources Say'
· 'Christians in India Spend Christmas in Jail, Accused of Illegally Practicing Medicine'
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