Morningstar News

· 'Food Deprivation, Beatings and Jail as Christians Suffer in Jharkhand, India'
· 'Imam in Eastern Uganda Faces Wrath of Muslims after Putting Faith in Christ'
· 'Police Responsible for Disappearance of Pastor in Malaysia, Rights Commission Concludes'
· 'After Terrifying Attack in Uttar Pradesh, India, Host of House Church in Hiding'
· 'Christian Woman Raped, Killed as Herdsmen Attack Two Villages in Nigeria¬†'
· 'Christian Clergy among Those Caught in Wave of Kidnappings in Nigeria¬†'
· 'Christian Mother in Pakistan Forcibly Converted, Married and Tortured, She Says'
· 'Police in India File Charges against Pastors for Refuting False Account of Attack, Sources Say'
· 'Boko Haram Militants Terrify Residents in Attacks in Northeast Nigeria'
· 'Another 10 Christians Killed in Kaduna State as Carnage Continues in Nigeria, Sources Say'
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