Morningstar News

· 'Hindu Extremists Beat Pastors, Stop Gospel Event in Chhattisgarh State, India'
· 'Occult Groups in Nigeria Kill, Kidnap Christians'
· 'Christian in Uganda Who Lost Family to Muslims Beaten Unconscious'
· 'Government of Pakistan Bows to Islamists on ‘Blasphemy’ Suspects, Critics Say'
· 'Christian Family in India Receives Notice to Stop Worship in Their Home'
· 'Kidnappings, Threats of Massacre Terrorize Christians in Kano State, Nigeria'
· 'Somali Muslims Break In, Beat Children of Christian Widow in Kenya'
· 'Christians in Egypt Lose More Worship Sites'
· 'Christians in India Praise God in Spite of Police Brutality, Month in Jail'
· 'Accuser of Five Church Leaders in Sudan Fails to Appear for Court Hearing – Again'
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