Morningstar News

· 'Christians Face Trial in Algeria over Wife’s Accusations of Evangelizing'
· 'Violence against Christians Ratchets Up in Southern India'
· 'Six Months after Medical Personnel Kill Christian in Pakistan, No Arrests, Brother Says'
· 'Sudan Releases Bible Shipments Detained in Port Years Ago'
· 'Authorities Seal Shut Three Church Buildings in Indonesia'
· 'Kurdish Authorities in Syria Close Schools Run by Assyrian Christians'
· 'Rebels in Burma Detain More than 90 Christian Leaders, Shut Down More Churches'
· 'Four Children, Grandmother among 17 Christians Slain in Attack by Muslim Herdsmen in Nigeria'
· 'Coptic Christians Deprived of Home Worship Hall in Egypt'
· 'Leah Sharibu’s Father, Church Raise Plea after Boko Haram Threat'
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