News.Com (Australia)

· 'Beams Shine Through Overcast During Cloudy Aurora. Credit – YouTube/Jase Batey via Storyful'
· 'Rescuers Use Hammer to Free Puppy Trapped Between Two Brick Walls. Credit – Facebook/Nigel’s Animal Rescue and Pest Control via Storyful'
· 'WA signs deal with feds to run NDIS'
· 'Democratic lawmakers reiterate call for probe into allegations against Trump'
· 'AFL employee reportedly quits after sexual harassment complaints'
· 'Man’s excuses for grooming teen'
· 'Thomas Fire Blazes in Montecito. Credit – Instagram/zup_pup via Storyful'
· 'Man fined for parking in his driveway'
· 'Scientists cross breed coral to save Great Barrier Reef'
· 'Gas prices on the east coast plunge'
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