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• Three-month-old baby dead
HEARTBROKEN family members last night said their final goodbyes to a three-month old baby boy after he was tragically killed in Friday’s city rampage.

• ‘Go to hell and die in hell’
THE mother of Dimitrous “Jimmy” Gargasoulas has expressed the disgust she feels for his shocking rampage through Melbourne’s CBD on Friday.

• Question police can’t answer
VICTORIA’S most senior police officer has conceded officers failed to stop the rampaging car driver before he reached Bourke St Mall and drove into dozens of people.

• Man allegedly chokes, kills ibis
POLICE are looking for a man they say carried out a “sickening attack” on an ibis in Brisbane’s CBD.

• Man swept off rocks and killed
ONE man has died and another four were swept off rocks while fishing in Tathra, south of Bega today.

• Who is Australia’s secret Trump fan?
FIRST he took the White House and now it appears Donald Trump has conquered Sydney’s perfect summer skies, with the help of a local admirer.

• ‘Obvious he was going to kill’
A HEAVILY pregnant mother caught up in the Melbourne CBD car ramming attack that left four people dead and many more injured has told how it was “obvious (the driver) was going to kill”.

• Brace for more deaths: police
THE driver of the car that ploughed into a Melbourne crowd was supposed to appear in court the same day he allegedly killed four people in the rampage.

• How a Melbourne horror story unfolded
FOR most of Melbourne, the atrocity that was unleashed on the city began just before 1.30pm when the maroon Commodore began to cause havoc in front of the famous Flinders Station.

• ‘I’ll take you all out just me’
THE man who allegedly drove a car through a crowded Melbourne shopping district on Friday, killing four and injuring at least 20, claimed to be “god himself in a human bodily form” in a series of unhinged Facebook postings leading up to the attack.

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