· 'WSJ: Facebook Board Backs Sandberg’s Research of Soros'
· 'Facebook Threatened By European Union Monopoly Laws'
· 'John Stossel’s Anti-Socialism Video Age Restricted by YouTube'
· 'Foreign Facebook Scammers Targeting Military Veterans'
· 'Facebook Shadowbans Pro-Life Content--Again'
· 'Facebook Censors Santa Kneeling in Front of Jesus as ‘Violent’'
· 'Reliable Source? Hacked Wikipedia Swaps Trump's Picture to Vulgar Photo'
· 'Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Division Has No Home Here’ on Platforms'
· 'Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: Humanity ‘Better Off’ Without Twitter'
· 'Proposed Bill: Reject Handgun Permits For Any "Biased Language"'
· 'Rep. Goodlatte: Google CEO Hearing Postponed'
· 'Twitter Stock Down After Conservative Censorship Backlash'
· 'Google Employees Wanted to ‘Suppress’ Conservative News'
· 'Google Considers Removing Controversial Knowledge Panel'
· 'Embattled Google CEO Sundar Pichai to Testify before Congress'
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