· 'NATO builds up forces in Kosovo as tensions with Serbia rise'
· 'France, Germany pave the way to making weapons in Ukraine'
· 'Who’s in for the next GOP debate — and who might be watching from home'
· 'White House welcomes shutdown resolution — sees another crack at Ukraine aid soon'
· 'Four votes, three possible senators: A wild California campaign year lies ahead'
· ''It is a surrender': Why McCarthy reversed with his survival uncertain'
· 'Judge blocks 2 provisions in North Carolina's new abortion law'
· 'Pelosi to accompany Feinstein's body home to California'
· 'Federal court temporarily blocks race-based grant program'
· 'New York begins drying out after record-breaking rainfall'
· ''One of my residents': DeSantis mocks Trump at California GOP convention'
· 'Bob Menendez’s prosecutors are already grappling with some tough Supreme Court precedents'
· 'Shutdown politics hit Virginia: Youngkin is concerned, Dems are pouncing'
· 'Faith in the Supreme Court is down. Voters now say they want changes.'
· 'Science vs. ‘wokeism’: The growing tensions between the doctors’ lobby and the GOP'
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