· 'Nikki Haley flips the script on Trump'
· 'Dina Powell tops White House list for U.N.'
· 'Nikki Haley to resign as Trump's U.N. ambassador'
· 'Did Nikki Haley Do a Good Job?'
· 'GOP colleagues defend Murkowski after Trump broadside'
· 'Dems line up to take on Collins after Kavanaugh vote'
· 'POLITICO race ratings: The GOP House is crumbling'
· '‘I know nothing’: Trump’s stance toward missing Saudi journalist sparks concern'
· 'Kavanaugh joins court, with few signs of bruising confirmation fight'
· 'Roger Stone associate fighting Mueller in court slams ‘problematic’ Russia probe'
· 'Anthony Weiner to be released early from federal prison'
· 'University offers new course: ‘Trumpaganda’'
· 'House Republicans distort and dissemble in slashing TV ads'
· 'Enter the Playbook election challenge'
· 'Supreme Court puts Census-suit depositions on hold'
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