Reuters (US News)

· 'U.S. Census Bureau launches once-a-decade head count in rural Alaska'
· 'Trump's Senate trial begins as a polarized America looks on'
· 'Factbox: Abuse of power, obstruction - the charges against Trump explained'
· 'Trump lawyers call for immediate acquittal in legal, political defense'
· 'White House lawyer defending Trump in trial seen as no 'showboat''
· 'Weinstein must tread carefully in rape trial defense, experts say'
· 'Trump impeachment: What happens next?'
· 'McConnell proposal envisions speedy impeachment trial for Trump'
· 'Explainer: Why is President Donald Trump on trial in the Senate?'
· 'Supreme Court religious rights case has big implications for U.S. schools'
· 'Children go missing as Central American migrants clash with Mexican forces'
· 'Democratic presidential candidates enjoy moment of harmony to mark King birthday'
· 'Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally'
· 'Factbox: Seven House Democrats to argue impeachment case against Trump in Senate'
· 'Factbox: As Trump goes on trial, a fight over witnesses remains unresolved'
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