Reuters (US News)

· 'Washington white nationalist rally sputters in sea of counterprotesters'
· 'Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Alaska's oil-producing North Slope'
· 'U.S. House candidates vulnerable to hacks: researchers'
· 'Hundreds take to Charlottesville streets a year after far-right rally'
· 'Smoke gets in your eyes: wildfires sting California park tourism'
· 'Suspected Seattle airplane thief was adventurer, bakery owner'
· 'NASA launches probe to go deep into Sun's scorching atmosphere'
· 'FBI seeks motive after U.S. airline worker steals plane, crashes it'
· 'More than 100 large wildfires in U.S. as new blazes erupt'
· 'One year after Charlottesville rally, Trump says he condemns all racism'
· 'Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in world's first Roundup cancer trial'
· 'Mountain lion breaks into Colorado home, kills family cat'
· 'Fifth body found in crashed Alaska plane; no body recovery planned'
· 'California police chief's son charged in beating of Sikh man'
· 'Bank sped up Manafort loan approval as CEO sought Trump cabinet job: witness'
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