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• Good Food weekly menu planner
Ditch the meat but not the flavour with a week's worth of delicious veg-packed dishes.

• 'Just crazy': Twin blasts for Turnbull government over energy and climate policy
Two resignations from the board of the Climate Change Authority come with criticism of the Turnbull government.

• Sydney Rabbi Pinchus Feldman tells royal commission he is 'not familiar' with child protection policies
A Jewish leader has admitted to a royal commission he was not across the detail of his organisation's child protection principals.

• Cheryl Grimmer died from horrific injuries an hour after being taken: police
Her disappearance sparked a manhunt across the Illawarra and has remained a mystery for 47 years, but police now believe three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer died within an hour of being taken from Fairy Meadow Beach.

• Predator posed as Justin Bieber on music app to target eight-year-old girl
A Melbourne woman says she felt horrified and sick after a predator posed as pop star Justin Bieber on a popular music app and asked her eight-year-old daughter to send him nude photos.

• Govt to launch mass data-harvest on Australia's pensioners
Age pensioners will no longer have to report income direct to Centrelink.

• Victorian teachers win pay rise after 'long and difficult' negotiations
The lengthy industrial dispute between teachers and the Andrews government is over.

• Fake doctor Shyam Acharya worked at Royal North Shore, Mona Vale hospitals
A man who allegedly impersonated a doctor worked shifts at the Royal North Shore and Mona Vale Hospitals, health authorities reported on Thursday.

• Terminally ill cancer patient Rhys Pagalday's Centrelink support cut off when he failed to go job hunting
A 21-year-old cancer patient with just months to live had his Centrelink payments cut off because he failed to go job-hunting.

• Coral crisis: the Great Barrier Reef needs us to speak up
The Great Barrier Reef is dying on our watch, and that's almost all we're doing.

• China under the Herald spotlight
The Herald has a long and proud history of foreign affairs coverage and has always encouraged fearless and independent reporting from the corners of the world that our readers are the most engaged with.

• Woman dies on flight from Los Angeles to Sydney
A passenger has died on an inbound international flight that arrived at Sydney Airport.

• Faces from the past: William Eggleston’s portraits of the American south
If there is a must-see photography exhibition this year, William Eggleston Portraits – mainly taken near the photographer's home in the American south – should be at the top of your list.

• Ian Strange's Unnerving Look at Suburban Australia
Normally you would associate an urban home with safety, security and comfort. But for Australian multimedia artist Ian Strange, it's the perfect subject to up-end.

• Scientists outwit predatory publishers by tricking them into appointing a fake editor
She's the scientist who was appointed as editor to almost 50 academic journals. Trouble is she doesn't exist

• Scot Newman on finding beauty in the mundane
Clique speaks with photographer Scot Newman about his series Half Tone - now showing at The Photography Room, Canberra.

• Barnaby Joyce: Decentralisation is core business, and there will be more of it
"History is made by people not wanting to go somewhere," says Joyce.

• Woman speaks out over devastating impact of mesh surgery
Jan Wise is "rotting from the inside" after being implanted with a high-risk pig-intestine pelvic mesh device in 2012 by a doctor with a history of botched surgery involving women in America.

• Don Dale: Youth detention centre was 'spiralling out of control' before gassing incident
A former Don Dale Youth Detention Centre guard says the security climate was "spiralling out of control" in the lead up to an incident where boys were tear- gassed.

• Building watchdog cut deal with blackmailer to testify against CFMEU, but case thrown out
High profile Federal Court case against CFMEU thrown out.

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