Sydney Morning Herald

· ''Gag order': Doctors 'coerced' and muzzled by code of conduct changes, says AMA'
· 'Perth charity helps create 'pop up' schools for Lombok quake kids'
· 'Adelaide man admits decapitating housemate's Staffordshire terrier'
· 'Turnbull government security bill threatens online privacy'
· 'Fakir Musafar: passion for piercing, tattooing and corseting'
· 'Abuse survivor hits out as Archbishop Philip Wilson is handed home detention'
· 'Chef introduced his duck pie and fine French cuisine to Sydney'
· 'The anonymous note that shook our sense of belonging'
· 'Sydney's high-rise schools to get exclusive access to popular parks'
· 'Much at stake as nice and nasty face off'
· 'Editorial cartoon'
· 'Musician using his post-rock past to help maths students'
· 'Target and superquiz, Tuesday, August 14'
· 'Doctor, doctor, (don't) tell me the news'
· 'Footballers get second chances, why not filmmakers like Matthew Newton?'
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