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• Staff resignations double at APVMA before Armidale move
Meanwhile its rate of on-time product approvals dropped to an historic low of 42 per cent.

• Modern cigarette filters increase the risk of lung cancer, study finds
Smokers also took deeper puffs, inhaled larger particles and smoked more cigarettes a day, researchers say.

• Sydney weather: No end in sight for sunny days though frosty mornings to bite
Some chilly mornings ahead but otherwise the scene is set for a pleasant start to winter.

• Public service decentralisation: government concedes little policy development complete
Where is the detail of plans to decentralise public service departments? There isn't much.

• Government abandons $210 million 'shared services' white elephant
Corporate services gambit abandoned, taxpayers left with the bill.

• Quadrant editor issues 'unreserved' apology to the ABC over 'sick and unhinged' Manchester blast article
Quadrant's editor buckles to public and political pressure and apologises to ABC for comment piece.

• CFMEU boss co-erced Barangaroo workers to strike and intimidated company employees
NSW construction union boss nine other officials face heavy penalties after being found liable for unlawful industrial action.

• Australian soccer coach freed after hostage ordeal in Yemen
Soccer coach Craig McAllister, held in Yemen since October, released after 'patient work'.

• Australian 15-year-olds declining in financial literacy: PISA report
Sydney mum Connie Scully says her 16-year-old daughter "has no idea" about money, and schools should be teaching students basic financial skills instead of higher-level algebra.

• How the Herald reported the 1967 referendum
First published in The Sun-Herald and Sydney Morning Herald on May 28 and 29, 1967

• National Gallery of Australia slashed 10 per cent of staff after budget cuts
A late boost in funding will not restore the national gallery's staff numbers.

• The Quadrant comment was not just ugly and violent, but banal and dull
The online editor of Quadrant ponders in his comment piece the just nature of a mass killing in a room full of ABC viewers.

• Quadrant online editor Roger Franklin laments that Manchester blast was not against ABC
The AFP have been notified that Franklin wrote a piece saying the Manchester blast should have "detonated in an Ultimo TV studio".

• NDIS may be exacerbating inequality for some with a disability, research finds
The NDIS may be exacerbating the inequities it aims to solve for some participants.

• Public service departments ineffective on performance management: audit report
Audit says federal APS departments are ineffective in managing underperforming staff.

• Watchdog to investigate alleged nepotism, misuse of funds at ANU school of music
Ombudsman responds to complaint made under public interest disclosure laws.

• Global Drug Survey 2017 finds Australians are the biggest bong users, pay most for cocaine
The fictional Will Tripp is white, employed and almost 40. His drug of choice is alcohol, but he is next most likely to smoke marijuana.

• Families living off just $14 a day, Salvos ESIS report finds
Australia has never been wealthier but the Salvation Army's annual Economic and Social Impact Survey shows many families are being left behind.

• Former education minister Adrian Piccoli calls for commission of inquiry
Former NSW education minister Adrian Piccoli has called for a commission of inquiry into the way Catholic schools spend their public funding.

• Digital Transformation Agency not consulted over troubled online NAPLAN test
The government's digital services agency was not called to clean up after the test trial went wrong.

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