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• ATO launches global hunt for student loan repayments
Australians soon to have nowhere to hide from their student debts, top tax man warns.

• '268th caller in the queue': Immigration bureaucrats struggle with citizenship chaos
The Immigration Department is struggling to cope with a massive influx of inquiries about the government's changes to the citizenship test, with callers turned away or placed in lengthy queues.

• Australian Bureau of Statistics public servants vote 'yes' in sign industrial stand-off may be ending
Is the long industrial stand-off in the Commonwealth bureaucracy coming to an end?

• Taxpayers shell out more than $3 million for unreliable research
Twenty one research projects funded by the federal government breached integrity standards in the past two years, while science experts warn research fraud and plagiarism in Australia is not being properly policed.

• Anzac Day 2017: numbers fall away for Gallipoli service
Terror threats have severely dampened enthusiasm for this year's ANZAC day proceedings at Gallipoli.

• Doctors warn swaddling trend may harm babies
Doctors are warning parents not to swaddle their babies as an increasing number of infants in Australia are suffering hip dysplasia, which, left untreated, may lead to early osteoarthritis.

• Public servants face big superannuation slug from new government rules
Public servants could be hit for hundreds of thousands as government curbs tax breaks.

• Lifetime health cover loading: Most Australians don't know what it is or where it goes
The health insurance industry's plan to lure more young people into the system.

• Budget cuts would put universities in 'precarious' spot
Public universities could be pushed into a "precarious" financial position if their funding is cut in the federal budget, the peak body representing Australian universities has warned.

• 'Terrified they will take their babies': Aboriginal midwives break cycle of distrust in health services
Vanessa Smith could not overstate the role she and other Aboriginal health workers play in breaking the cycle of distrust Indigenous families feel for health services.

• Teachers burning out as they take on classes outside expertise: ACER report
Five months after graduating from university as a language teacher, Anna Du Plessis was asked to teach geography.

• Artificial sweeteners linked to risk of Alzheimer's and stroke, says study
Two studies by the same group of researchers have given soft drink consumers a whole new reason to drop the habit.

• Darwin couple rescued after 24 hours bogged in WA desert
A Darwin couple spent 24 hours awaiting rescue in outback Western Australia after getting bogged in the Gibson Desert.

• Green light for Cyber Security Centre move from ASIO headquarters
ASIO is about to lose some of its spooks.

• Address vaccination concerns to keep immunisation rates up
Doctors and the medical community need to take vaccination hesitancy seriously, or risk seeing immunisation rates fall, researchers have found.

• Coding: Drones could close 'huge skill gap' for high school students, teacher says
With the younger generation learning to code before they learn to read, today's high school students need to quickly catch up.

• Unions vow to take on Amazon as its harsh reputation precedes it
Amazon, well-known for its controversial labour practices and distrust of unions, faces a challenge in Australia

• Twin loses fight to reduce brother's share of mother's estate
A court has rejected Lennie Meres' attempt to reduce his twin brother's share of their mother's estate.

• Migraine World Summit gathers experts online to discuss treatment, research
"You feel like you're going to vomit, the world is spinning around you, light hurts, sound hurts. And then Babe Ruth takes a baseball bat to your head".

• ACT fears metadata evidence ban could have 'catastrophic' consequences
Ban on metadata being used in family violence civil proceedings could have potentially "catastrophic" consequences.

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