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• Economy of scales: Depleted stocks force Asian fishermen into Australian waters
A modern war on the high seas is intruding into Australia's neighbourhood – the attempt to protect vulnerable fish stocks from the rampant demand of Asia's growing middle class and fishermen forced south by tensions in the South China Sea.

• Assistant Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke intervenes to stop deportation of Sydney girl with autism
A teenage girl with autism facing deportation after eight years living in Australia has been granted permanent residency, following an eleventh-hour intervention by the Assistant Immigration Minister.

• Royal commission: Outrage over church's financial support for paedophile priests
An admission that the Sydney Catholic Archdiocese financially supports convicted pedophile priests has drawn outrage from sex abuse survivors at the royal commission.

• Australian University helps Mongolia's flourishing photojournalism community
A scholarship program at RMIT University in Melbourne is providing rare opportunities for Mongolian photojournalists to hone their craft in Australia.

• Schools and universities are charged millions for things that are free
Australian schools pay $9 million each year to display web pages that are  available freely available on the internet. They are even charged for displaying thumbnail images of book covers on their library intranet sites.

• University of Canberra study looking to develop gait monitoring app to prevent falls
Tens of thousands of elderly Australians are hospitalised each year for fall-related injury but PhD project being undertaken at University of Canberra hopes to put prevention in the palm of people's hands. 

• You, old? Not until you're 75
A third of Australians – about 7 million people – are now at their peak, but it is not when most people think. 

• Pet owners warned to vaccinate against rabbit-killer virus
What's up, Doc? Pet owners warned to vaccinate against soon-to-be-released rabbit-killer virus.

• Catholic leaders speak of church's 'catastrophic failure' in past approach to child abuse
Five Australian Catholic archbishops have given a scathing assessment of the church's past response to sexual abuse victims.

• As penalty rates are slashed, what is your Sunday worth now?
The time you spend working on a Sunday is still worth more than it is on a Saturday, but not as much as it was in the past, according to the Fair Work umpire.

• Girl with autism to be deported after failing immigration 'health' checks
A 16-year-old girl with autism who has been living in Australia for eight years could be deported within weeks because she failed immigration medical assessments and the Assistant Immigration Minister has refused to intervene.

• Petition against cervical screening changes 'woefully misinformed', says AMA
The head of Australia's peak medical body has branded a petition that claims changes to cervical screening will put women's lives at risk, as well intentioned but  "woefully misinformed and misguided".

• Penalty rate cuts: Who gains, and who will be hit the hardest
Who will gain the most from the changes, and who will be the hardest hit? The penalty rates decision in a nutshell.

• Victoria demands answers from AEMO for blackout risks during NSW heatwave
The Victorian government is demanding the operator of Australia's main electricity grid explain how the state came close to losing electricity during the recent extreme heatwave to ensure NSW avoided power outages, adding to calls for a wider inquiry.

• Nicholas Marchesi and Lucas Patchett launch Orange Sky Digital
Nicholas Marchesi and Lucas Patchett were crowned Young Australians of the Year in 2016 after creating a mobile laundry for the homeless. But experts argue their good intentions are harming, not helping people who are homeless.

• Victims put pressure on ANZ over the loss of their land
Pheun Ra, 42, was visiting her mother in hospital when security guards arrived at her small plot of land in Cambodia's south.

• Plane crash lands near Princes Highway, pilot and passenger 'shaken' but unharmed
Two people have had a lucky escape after a light plane crashed in Traralgon on Thursday afternoon.

• 'Going gangbusters': Solar surge has only just begun and batteries' charge close behind
A new wave of solar energy is about to crest and it won't just be households benefiting.

• A rapist and the woman he raped explore that dark chapter in their lives
One morning in Reykjavik, Thordis Elva kisses her son and partner goodbye before flying thousands of kilometres to Cape Town, South Africa, to meet up with Tom Stranger, the Australian who raped her when she was 16 years old and he was 18. This is an edited extract from the book they wrote together after eight years of exchanging emails, exploring a dark chapter in both of their lives.

• Life on Mars: NASA scientist Carmel Johnston has a 'taste'
People intending to travel somewhere exotic – a region, for instance, without an abundance of working toilets – accept the necessity of sometimes painful vaccinations to protect them against nasty diseases.

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