The Federalist

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· 'FBI Fires Agent Who Led Investigation Into Trump, Sent Anti-Trump Texts To Paramour'
· 'The Omarosa News Cycle Is Everything That’s Wrong With Media Coverage Of Trump'
· 'Conservative Combat Vet Seeks GOP Senate Nomination In Wisconsin'
· 'New Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Are Officially The Party Of Socialism'
· 'Socialism’s Resurgence Is A Doomed Attempt To Address A Spiritual Problem With Politics'
· 'The News Media Bet On Trump Emboldening White Supremacy And Lost'
· 'This Year, There Was Finally Only One Side Left In Charlottesville'
· 'If Trump’s Voters Turn Out This Fall, They’ll Give Republicans A Big Senate Majority'
· 'Why Preschool Doesn’t Usually Do Much Good For Small Children'
· 'Never Trumper Ben Shapiro Might Vote Trump, Says Primarying Him Would Be ‘Major Mistake’'
· 'Leon Kass Offers Suggestions On How To Be A Human Being In ‘Leading A Worthy Life’'
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