The Federalist

· 'Success Of ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ Puts Excuses For Disney’s Failed, Woke ‘Lightyear’ To Bed'
· 'Illinois Has All The Gun Laws Republican Senators Caved To Push States Into, And That Didn’t Stop The Highland Park Killer'
· 'Joe Biden Is Sending U.S. Reserve Oil Overseas As Americans Cope With Record Gas Prices'
· 'Dutch Government Launches Canadian-Style Crackdown On Farmer Protests'
· 'It’s Not ‘Minority Rule,’ It’s The Point'
· 'SPLC Uses Its Expertise In Political Targeting To Help The J6 Committee'
· 'EXCLUSIVE: Investigation Reveals White House Press Corps Is 12 To 1 Democrat'
· 'Texas Counties Say The Border Crisis Is An ‘Invasion.’ They’re Not Wrong'
· 'Like The J6 Committee, Fulton County DA Works Overtime To Criminalize Challenges To Election Law Violations'
· 'Harvard Poll Demolishes Major Media Narrative On Roe'
· 'Jayland Walker Was Not An ‘Unarmed Black Man’'
· 'It’s Past Time For America To Have Stronger Pro-Life Laws Than Europe'
· 'DeSantis Vetoed Divorce Bill That Would Have Presumed 50-50 Time-Sharing Of Children'
· 'Washington State School Board Director Plans Sexual ‘Pleasure’ Workshops For 9-Year-Olds'
· 'Biden Doubles Down On Forcing Americans To Fund Europe’s Security'
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