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• Phil Jackson Teaches Us An Important Lesson: Never Confuse Luck With Talent
No, I'm not saying I could win 11 championships with Jordan and Pippen or Shaq and Kobe. I’m saying any of you could have done it, as well.

• Before Allegedly Killing Muslim, Illegal Immigrant Was Accused Of Sexual Assault In Front Of A Child
The suspect charged with the kidnapping and murder of a Muslim girl in Reston, Virginia earlier this month was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in front of a child one week before. 

• Americans Need To Know More About Fusion GPS, Stat
Why aren’t Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Judiciary Committee and Rep. Trey Gowdy’s House Government Oversight Committee more aggressively pursuing and subpoenaing Fusion GPS?

• 20 Years Later: The Pop Stars, The Boy Bands, And The Best Of MTV’s TRL Era
Mary Katharine Ham and Kristen Soltis Anderson debate whose at the top of the late '90s music video throne on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.

• In Netflix’s ‘The Ranch,’ Ashton Kutcher’s Character Pursues Life For His Unborn Baby
In 'The Ranch,' Ashton Kutcher's character steps up to the plate when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and helps her to chose life. 

• Aspen Ideas: Mark Zuckerberg For President
Zuckerberg would enter such a contest with the greatest knowledge of the electorate and analytics of any candidate.

• New Minnesota Law Seeks To Help Aspiring Farmers Get Started
The law provides a 5 percent tax credit to older farmers who sell their land to beginning farmers, thus incentivizing the continued legacy of U.S. farms.

• Supreme Court Sets Up Collision Course For School Choice And Sex Politics
Despite this week's positive religious liberty rulings, the 2015 Obergefell ruling created conflicting precedent harassing schools into controversial manifestations of unproven gender ideology.

• ‘Harry Potter’ Offered Millennials Enchantment In A Disenchanted World
Although few millennials would admit it, their love for 'Harry Potter' is more like veneration than fandom: It’s a secular stand-in for religious belief.

• How Vacation Bible School Drove Millennials Away From Church
As an outreach strategy, Vacation Bible School is usually a flop, but still the chorus echoes across the country: ‘At least we planted the seed.’

• After Witnessing ISIS’s Genocide And Slavery, ‘Jewish Schindler’ Sprang Into Action
‘When you see a girl being rescued, you cry,’ says the ‘Jewish Schindler,’ Steve Maman. ‘I don’t care how tough you are, you cry.’

• What Dangers Lie Ahead For Trump’s Red Line For Syria
The Trump administration appears to be throwing down the gauntlet not just to Syria, but also to its allies Russia and Iran.

• Why It’s Hilariously Hypocritical For Food And Wine To Lecture About The BLT’s Carbon Footprint
Maybe the summer's best sandwich produces a substantial carbon footprint—but I'm pretty sure we need food to live. Print magazines? Not so much.

• Katy Tur’s Trans Father Attacked Her On Social Media, And It Was Revealing
Transgender activist Zoey Tur publicly raked his daughter over the coals after the Sunday New York Times ran a profile of NBC journalist Katy Tur in anticipation of her new book.

• Relationship Contracts Are Just A Cheaper Version Of Marriage Vows
Advocates of modern love sadly and even comically try to recreate what they have deliberately destroyed—but it will never work.

• Islamic Terrorists Aren’t Nihilists, They’re Firm Believers In Evil
A reasonable interpretation would be not that the terrorists believe in nothing, but rather that they believe, deeply and radically, in the affirmative commands of the Quran.

• Why It’s Incoherent To Support Euthanasia And Oppose Suicide
Society teaches it is unacceptable for someone to choose to terminate his or her life when he or she is a teenager enduring bullying. It’s impossible to believe this and support euthanasia.

• Reaction To Steve Scalise’s Shooting Teaches Us To Fear Indifference More Than Hate
It’s likely that most Americans have little recollection of where they were or what they were doing when they learned about Steve Scalise and the others who had been wounded. Why?

• Hey, Planned Parenthood, Learn To Make Better Handmaiden Costumes
Learn to sew.

• Assessing Geopolitical Risk, Global Flash Points, And International Relationships
Milena Rodban, geopolitical risk consultant, is helping tech companies strategize their way across the globe. She is the guest of the hour on this episode of Federalist Radio.

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