The Federalist

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· 'Stop Lying: The Trump Administration Has Not Banned Transgender Americans From Military Service'
· 'How America’s Obsession With Safety Is Stunting Our Kids’ Spirituality'
· 'Here’s The Neil Armstrong Backstory Behind ‘First Man’'
· 'Steve Carell: ‘The Office’ Would Be Too Offensive Today. If So, What’s Left?'
· 'The Kavanaugh Smear War Broke My Decades-Long Support For Feminism'
· 'Why Darth Vader Is The Archetypal Liberal Fascist'
· 'Watch Democratic Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen’s Staff Say He Would Oppose Kavanaugh'
· 'What Should You Watch? The Latest From Netflix, Indie Studios, And Comedy'
· 'Yes, It’s A Mob.'
· 'Liberals Blaming The Senate For Their Loss Of Political Power Have Lost Touch With Reality'
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