The Federalist

· 'How A Feminist Juror’s Lies Could Get Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction Tossed Out'
· 'Don’t Blame Repressed Homosexuality For Aaron Hernandez’s Crime'
· 'How Government Paid Leave Restricts Parents’ Choices'
· 'Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Legal Concerns'
· 'How More Conservative Cities Are Benefitting From California’s Demise'
· 'Two-Parent Homes Aren’t A Privilege. They’re A Right'
· 'Left Claims Women Are Essential To Business But Optional To Families'
· 'There’s No Hard And Fast Rule About When To Let Your Child Have A Cell Phone'
· 'Groups That Profit From Abortion Are Too Biased To Represent Women’s Interests'
· 'The San Francisco Mess Proves Decriminalizing Drugs Doesn’t Work'
· 'Why The News Media Cannot And Should Not Be Unbiased'
· 'In Royal Showdown, Queen Elizabeth Bests Meghan Markle'
· 'Thousands March For Gun Rights Peacefully In Richmond Despite Fearmongering Of Violent Riots'
· 'Ocasio-Cortez Calls The Democratic Party ‘Center-Conservative’'
· 'Senate Republicans Must Save American Democracy'
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