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• Bill Nye In 1996: Chromosomes Determine If You’re A Boy Or Girl
Bill Nye the 'science guy' used to tell everyone chromosomes determine one's gender, which is the opposite of what he says today.

• This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 98
Use this one simple strategy to achieve world domination. Guaranteed or your money back.

• FDRLST Radio On Bill Nye, Pro-Life Democrats, And The Future Of NASCAR
Mary Katharine Ham and Gracy Olmstead break down this week's news and outrages on the Federalist Radio Hour.

• What I Learned About Civil Unrest During The Los Angeles Riots 25 Years Ago
The last 25 years of urban unrest in America, and around the world, show how rapidly domestic tranquility can collapse when law enforcement steps aside or is overwhelmed.

• ‘Rick And Morty’ Is Incredibly Depressing And Doesn’t Deserve Its Popularity
The television show proclaims the insignificance of all our lives, reveling in existential pessimism. Why do viewers and critics love it so much?

• The American Founders Knew A Virtuous Republic Requires Virtuous People
In his new book 'The Political Theory of the American Founding,' Thomas G. West argues the founding fathers emphasized natural rights and the need to actively create the moral conditions where freedom could flourish.

• Bad Federal Laws Share The Blame For ESPN’s Demise
ESPN is caught in the throes of a perfect storm of market forces, government regulations, and increasing competition.

• 100 Days In, Trump Has Already Learned The Seductions Of Foreign War
Our political culture has degraded to the point where it encourages the worst presidential temptations—and we’ve made waging war nearly as easy as firing off a tweet.

• Berkeley Refuses To Prevent Rioting At Ann Coulter Speech, Conservative Students Stand Down
This setback at UC-Berkeley will only ensure that the next confrontation is more brutal, because when rioters win it justifies their aggression.

• Why It’s Impossible For Any Group To Be ‘Inclusive’
While ‘total inclusion in the community’ may sound good as a fundamental moral principle, running it through the logic machine yields some problematic results.

• My Dear David Brooks: Federal Incompetence Began Long Before Trump
Imagine if we had less competent leadership than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when ISIS rose from JV team to NBA Champions. Where would we be today?

• The Rule Of Law Is Partly Responsible For ‘Mario Kart’s’ Success
Underneath the seeming randomness of the races and battles is an ironclad rule of law enforced on Mario and Wario alike.

• ’13 Reasons Why’ Your Kids Shouldn’t Watch This Show
The message to those watching the show is this: If you don’t catch the signs, you’re to blame when someone winds up dead.

• For A Refreshing Whitbier, Take A Voyage To France
Today’s Val d’Ainan brewery in France brews a La Dauphine beer, a perfect way to honor vintage sailing vessels and the beverage probably sloshing around in barrels below deck.

• Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s Tax Reform Proposal
Experts from the Cato Institute and the Mercatus Center give their reactions to the good and bad in the Trump Administration's plan for tax reform.

• ESPN Yanks Poem Praising A Convicted Cop Killer
In response to media coverage, ESPN has yanked a poetry tribute to a convicted cop killer published earlier this week.

• Cornell Grad Students Charge Professor With Sexism To Retaliate For His Union Opposition
This is just the latest example of a professor’s reputation being dragged through the mud because he doesn’t toe the line of social justice extremism.

• The Only Thing Worse Than ESPN Is ESPNW
Today’s female athletes are real-life wonder women! Why does ESPNW waste our time on second-rate poetry and high-fiving among non-athletes at women’s marches?

• The MacArthur Amendment Carves Congress Into Obamacare, Not Out, And It Should Stay That Way
The MacArthur Amendment gets it right by guaranteeing Congress has to stay in the Obamacare exchange as long as such a thing exists.

• If We Don’t Get A Syria Strategy, Get Ready For Another Big Middle East Mess
The Trump administration, like the Obama administration before it, is militarily invested in Iraq and Syria. Yet it has no strategic vision for Syria after the fight against ISIS is over.

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