ABC News (U.S. News)

· 'After school shooting, Tenn. gun laws likely to remain lax'
· 'Another powerful Pacific storm hits soggy, snowy California'
· 'Arkansas bathroom bill condemned as too extreme is revamped'
· 'Boy Scouts' $2.4 billion bankruptcy plan upheld by judge'
· 'New California gas price law another defeat for oil industry'
· 'Head of Nashville school in shooting would 'run to' danger'
· 'At trial, Minnesota says e-cigarette maker Juul targets kids'
· 'Ex-Californian sentenced for child mutilation-sex scheme'
· 'Wyoming abortion clinic fire suspect to go free pending case'
· 'N.C. board removes election officials who refused to certify'
· 'Man charged with firebombing Wisconsin anti-abortion office'
· 'What is the filibuster, and why does it matter in Nebraska?'
· 'Court backs victim's family in Adnan Syed's 'Serial' case'
· 'Arkansas sues TikTok, Meta over privacy, child safety claims'
· 'Report: Student was landing when 2 small planes collided'
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