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• 2 years ago, a pair of killers made a prison break straight out of 'Shawshank Redemption'
• Ex-NFLer was ready to commit murder until friend talked him out of it
• DHS announces updated security protocols for international flights to US
• US plans to construct up to 8 border wall prototypes this summer
• Father of 'Baby Doe' speaks at sentencing: 'I was robbed of my chance' to be a dad to Bella
• Good Samaritan beaten after helping lost toddler
• Arizona wildfire forces thousands of people from their homes
• Man destroys new Ten Commandments statue at Arkansas Capitol
• 2 hit, killed by Amtrak train in Washington, DC
• OPINION: Why Trumpcare, Obamacare aren't the cure for our health system
• FBI interviews employees of Russian software firm raising security concerns in US: Source
• Inside the fight to take down online prostitution review boards
• The Latest: Arizona fire grows, more evacuations ordered
• WATCH: Maryland firefighters revive dog saved from burning home
• WATCH: Good Samaritan targeted, beaten after helping lost toddler
• WATCH: Strangers buy car for man who walks 3 miles to work
• WATCH: Helicopter rescues swimmer trapped in raging river
• WATCH: Goodwin fire rages in Arizona
• WATCH: NYPD seeks public's help in 2016 Central Park explosion
• WATCH: Father of 'Baby Doe' speaks in court
• WATCH: Experts warn of shark boom off Cape Cod
• WATCH: How to help friends take better photos of you
• WATCH: New app dubbed 'Tinder for Moms' aims to help mothers connect
• WATCH: Baseball fans put aside rivalry to save a life
• WATCH: 2 killed on train tracks in Washington, DC

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