ABC News (U.S. News)

· 'Ex-Texas chief deputy pleads guilty to using excessive force'
· 'Russia proposes 6-month cross-border aid renewal for Syria'
· 'UN: 2.3 billion people severely or moderately hungry in 2021'
· 'New report details missed chances to stop Uvalde shooting'
· 'Knock-knock. Are any ivory-billed woodpeckers out there?'
· 'Police: July 4 mass shooting thwarted in Virginia's capital'
· 'School system enters settlement in desegregation case'
· 'Man charged with killing mother at sea seeks freedom'
· 'School shooter's use of swastikas is focus of court fight'
· 'Indianapolis man pleads guilty to killing mail carrier'
· 'Video: Police smash man's head to ground in parking arrest'
· 'Chauvin faces future in federal prison for Floyd's death'
· 'In the midst of chaotic shooting, strangers save a young boy'
· 'Report: Justice Department probing Texas' border mission'
· 'Bill Allen, key figure in Alaska corruption scandal, dies'
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