Arutz Sheva

· 'UC Berkeley sued by Jewish groups over campus antisemitism'
· 'Miriam Adelson to buy NBA's Dallas Mavericks'
· 'Italian rabbi verbally assaulted by man wielding a screwdriver'
· 'PA responds to Netanyahu: The state of Palestine already exists'
· 'US Senators watch video of Hamas atrocities'
· 'With overwhelming majority: House approves resolution affirming Israel's right to exist'
· 'Watch: Freed 12-year-old arrives at hospital via helicopter'
· 'G7 foreign ministers: We support further extension of pause in Gaza fighting'
· 'Tanya video/lecture: The Holy Epistle'
· 'IDF Spokesperson: Any attempt to harm our forces will be met with determination'
· 'Moving: President Herzog meets Shoshan Haran, who was freed from Hamas captivity'
· 'The Red Cross has Jewish blood on its hands- and it couldn't care less'
· 'Minister Gallant: 'Some Gaza periphery residents will return to their homes in January''
· 'Ukraine: Photos of Israeli hostages to be included in Hanukkah kits'
· 'Otzma Yehudit: 'We will not be part of a government that allows Hamas to exist''
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