Arutz Sheva

· 'Public Security Minister on the attack: Netanyahu is behaving exactly like Nasrallah'
· 'Brazil: Top two presidential candidates headed for runoff'
· 'Ukraine makes gains in areas annexed by Russia'
· 'MK Gafni: Lapid is very dangerous for the country'
· 'Hamas: Jewish visits to Temple Mount are a crime and a provocation'
· 'MK Yoav Galant: You cannot make political agreements underground'
· 'Activists protest in front of home of Jewish Home candidate'
· 'Poll: Right-wing bloc projected to win 60 seats'
· 'Religious Zionism demands: Haaretz must register as a body that is involved in elections'
· 'Elderly couple knocked to the ground by anti-riot water cannon'
· ''Gas deal with Lebanon is a total capitulation to Hezbollah''
· 'Laws for Yom Kippur 5783'
· 'Ted Cruz calls to probe Biden administration for pressuring Israel'
· 'Terrorists open fire on demonstrators in Samaria'
· 'Sweden halts COVID vaccination for healthy children'
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