ABC News

· 'Cat. 3 Hurricane Orlene heads for Mexico's Pacific coast'
· 'Brazil election authority: Bolsonaro, Lula headed to runoff'
· 'Brazil election authority: Former President Lula da Silva tops 1st round; heads to runoff vs. incumbent Bolsonaro'
· 'With 90% of votes tallied, ex-President Lula da Silva leads slightly, but Brazil appears headed to run-off vote'
· 'King Charles III to host South African leader in state visit'
· 'Haiti reports cholera deaths for first time in 3 years'
· 'With 52% of Brazil votes tallied, far-right incumbent Bolsonaro has a slight lead over ex-President Lula da Silva'
· 'Voting ends in Bosnia election set to bring little change'
· 'Yemen's warring sides fail to extend UN-backed truce'
· 'Exit poll: Center-right GERB party will win Bulgarian vote'
· 'In Brazilian Amazon, a 1,000-mile voyage so people can vote'
· 'Ousted Burkina Faso leader leaves country for Togo'
· 'Ukraine presses on with counteroffensive; Russia uses drones'
· 'Intl overseer changes voting rules in Bosnia'
· 'French march in Paris to rally support for women in Iran'
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