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• Trump's 'criminal alien' hotline trolled with calls

A new hotline to report "criminal aliens" is launched by the US Department of Homeland Security and is being flooded with calls — although not the ones originally hoped for.

• 'Major, major conflict' with North Korea possible, Trump says

US President Donald Trump says North Korea is his top foreign policy priority and there is a chance of "major conflict", though he would prefer a diplomatic outcome.

• French authorities probe Russia 2018, Qatar 2022 World Cup bids

French financial prosecutors investigate the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and interview former FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

• Pentagon joins intensifying probe into Michael Flynn

Investigations into President Donald Trump's ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn intensify as a Pentagon watchdog joins congressmen in probing payments he accepted from foreign sources.

• Trump steps back from brink of killing North American trade pact

Donald Trump says he pulled back from the brink of killing the 23-year-old trade pact with Canada and Mexico following requests from their leaders, but remains optimistic about renegotiating a new deal for the United States.

• Marouane Fellaini floors rival with headbutt in Manchester EPL derby

A dour Manchester derby has a late injection of fire after United midfielder Marouane Fellaini is sent off for headbutting Sergio Aguero.

• Deep in coal country, Trump supporters still pinning hopes on the president's promises

Last November, things were grim in America's coal country, but locals say that just one day after Donald Trump was elected "a light came on" and things started to change for the better.

• United Airlines reaches settlement with doctor dragged off plane

The airline will pay an undisclosed sum after video of Dr David Dao being dragged down the aisle of an overbooked flight went viral, prompting public outcry and calls for new airline regulations.

• Jakarta's defeated governor Ahok honoured with floral tributes

Thousands of colourful and elaborate flower boards fill the streets surrounding Jakarta's City Hall, carrying dedications of praise, grief and anger for the city's defeated governor Ahok.

• Is Donald Trump the most unpopular US president in history?

Donald Trump will reach a milestone this weekend, passing 100 days in office. See how his approval ratings compare to those of his predecessors.

• Detainee who brought small boy into Manus centre upset by Dutton's comments

The refugee who brought a small boy into the Manus Island detention centre a few weeks ago says he and friends only gave the child some food, and that he is upset by allegations from Peter Dutton that local people suspected him of sexual assault.

• Cassini survives dive behind Saturn's rings to send back closest look yet at planet's atmosphere

Experts predicted NASA's probe would not return from its plunge between Saturn and its innermost rings, but Cassini survived and has amazing pictures to show for it.

• UK police arrest man with knives near PM's office

Armed police arrest a man carrying knives near British Prime Minister Theresa May's office in London on suspicion of preparing an act of terrorism.

• Russian intelligence ship sinks off Turkey after colliding with livestock vessel

A Russian naval intelligence ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast after colliding with a vessel carrying livestock, Turkey's coastal safety authority says, but all 78 sailors are rescued.

• United Airlines to offer overbooked passengers up to $US10k compensation

United Airlines raises the incentive for passengers who voluntarily give up their seats on overbooked flights to $US10,000 as it works to repair its public image after a passenger was dragged off a flight earlier this month.

• Israel hints it was responsible for Damascus airport explosion

Israel's Intelligence Minister all but confirms the Israeli Air Force was behind suspected airstrikes near Damascus airport that are believed to have hit a weapons depot used by Iranian-backed militia.

• Venezuela death toll hits 29 as protesters battle security forces

Venezuelan security forces fire tear gas and water cannons at rock-throwing protesters as the death toll from the country's anti-government unrest rises to 29, officials say.

• The best images from the 27yo Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its 27th birthday this week, after it was launched on the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990. Take a look at some of its best images.

• Sharapova doesn't care about mending fences on tour after doping return

A host of Maria Sharapova's peers are ticked off about her return to tennis, but the Russian insists she has no interest in making friends on the tour.

• Barcelona and Real Madrid run riot as Dortmund topple Bayern in big European night

On a big night of European football, Barcelona and Real Madrid both win big, Tottenham stays in the title race and Dortmund stuns Bayern Munich.

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