ABC News

· 'Egyptian pound sees largest single-day fall since IMF deal'
· 'Christian graves desecrated in historic Jerusalem cemetery'
· 'Christian graves desecrated in historic Jerusalem cemetery'
· 'Philippine leader cites stable ties on visit to Beijing'
· 'Pakistan orders malls to close early amid economic crisis'
· 'EXPLAINER: Benedict's funeral to be simple, but with pomp'
· 'Pope praises 'gentle' Benedict ahead of funeral'
· 'Russia says phone use allowed Ukraine to target its troops'
· 'Russia's hypersonic missile-armed ship to patrol global seas'
· 'Israel's new government unveils plan to weaken Supreme Court'
· 'Iran lashes out at France over new Charlie Hebdo cartoons'
· 'Israel’s new justice minister under Benjamin Netanyahu unveils overhaul of judiciary that would weaken Supreme Court'
· 'UAE top diplomat back in Syria as relations continue to thaw'
· 'Cyberattack halts Martinique's search for new flag, hymn'
· 'Rockets hit US base in east Syria without causing losses'
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