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· 'Senegal opposition leader Sonko convicted of corrupting youth, acquitted of rape'
· 'Argentine meteorologist becomes first female head of UN weather agency'
· 'In Canada, each cigarette will get a warning label: 'poison in every puff''
· 'Who are the bride and groom in Jordan's royal wedding?'
· 'Russian court prepares way for new trial against jailed Kremlin foe Navalny'
· 'Unprecedented wildfire on Canada's Atlantic coast still burning after four days'
· 'Trapped by Sudan fighting, dozens of infants, toddlers and children died in Khartoum orphanage'
· 'Latvia's Parliament elects new head of state from 3 candidates in unpredictable vote'
· 'Swiss fashion house Bally names Simone Bellotti design director; 1st collection debuts in September'
· 'North Korea spy satellite launch fails as rocket falls into the sea'
· 'German inflation slows to 6.1% in May, though food prices are still surging'
· 'Malaysia finds 100 old artillery shells on Chinese barge, says it likely plundered WWII shipwrecks'
· 'Gaza Strip's Palestinians polarized by unorthodox watermelon delicacy'
· 'China warns of artificial intelligence risks, calls for beefed-up national security measures'
· 'China warns of risks from artificial intelligence, calls for beefed-up national security measures'
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