ABC News

· 'Court examines how Dutch father kept family isolated, abused'
· 'Central banks join to study possible digital currencies'
· 'Changing tack, French militants turn off power to press govt'
· 'Zimbabwe opposition leader vows street protests on the way'
· 'Survivor stories spotlight Auschwitz liberation anniversary'
· 'A look back at Auschwitz, 75 years after its liberation'
· 'Airstrike in northwest Syria kills 9, including whole family'
· 'Death toll up to 10 in Ethiopia platform collapse; 250 hurt'
· 'Thunberg tells Davos climate awareness is only first step'
· 'Spain declares climate emergency, gets climate plan ready'
· 'US House speaker Pelosi visits Auschwitz before anniversary'
· 'Top judge set to become first female president in Greece'
· 'Iran acknowledges Russian-made missiles targeted Ukraine jet'
· 'Evacuations in Cologne before World War II bomb defusing'
· 'Netanyahu tries to rally global opposition to ICC case'
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