BBC (International News)

· 'Ethiopian Prince Alemayehu's lock of hair returned after 140 years in UK'
· 'Timbuktu siege: Two killed in Mali mortar attack'
· 'Microsoft's new Call of Duty deal set for UK approval'
· 'Two jailed for killing French bus driver over Covid mask rule'
· 'Angus Cloud cause of death: Euphoria star died of accidental drug overdose'
· '9/11 defendant unfit to stand trial, US judge rules'
· 'Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky visits Canada for first time since Russia invasion'
· 'India-Canada row: Justin Trudeau repeats allegation against India amid row'
· 'Sudan army chief warns war could spill over into neighbours'
· 'A shadow of 'Ukraine fatigue' hangs over Polish politics'
· 'California sues anti-abortion groups for saying pregnancy-ending pill can be reversed'
· 'India reserves third of Parliament seats for women - but nothing will change soon'
· 'Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas for children's return to England'
· 'Brazil's Supreme Court to vote on decriminalising abortion'
· 'Shutdown looms as warring House Republicans leave town'
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