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• Global ransomware attack causes turmoil
Banks, retailers, energy firms and Kiev airport say they have been targeted by malware attacks.

• Republicans delay Senate healthcare vote
President Donald Trump's party are divided on their plan to replace Obamacare.

• Pregnant Serena Williams poses naked on the cover of Vanity Fair
The tennis star, who is six months pregnant, poses naked for photographer Annie Leibovitz.

• Colombia's Farc officially ceases to be an armed group
The president has hailed it as "the day weapons became words", after half a century of conflict.

• Man walks away after being hit by bus
Simon Smith was knocked to the ground but amazingly suffered only minor injuries.

• Grenfell Tower fire: German flats cleared amid cladding fears
An 11-storey block is evacuated in Wuppertal because it has panels similar to Grenfell Tower's.

• Google hit with record EU fine over Shopping service
The European Commission penalises the US tech giant for illegally favouring its own shopping service.

• Facebook hits two billion users
More than a quarter of the world's population now use the social network every month.

• Scotland independence vote plan on hold
First minister puts her referendum plans temporarily on hold, but says one is still likely by 2021.

• French woman guilty of smuggling migrant partner but spared jail
An ex-far-right supporter is convicted in France of helping her Iranian partner illegally enter the UK.

• Three CNN journalists resign after Trump aide article removed
Donald Trump Jr called the network "fake news" after it published the now retracted article.

• US deportations of Iraqis halted by Michigan judge
The court rules the Chaldean Catholics, Sunni Muslims and Iraqi Kurds faced danger back in Iraq.

• Muslim girls complain of Polish racism on Holocaust study trip
German Muslim girls say they were racially abused in Poland while learning about the Holocaust.

• Tight squeeze for UK's new aircraft carrier
The Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier has left its home port for the first time.

• Do Trump voters care if world dislikes him?
A new survey shows seismic shift in world perception of the US and President Trump. But do Americans even care?

• Look at this amazing basketball court - and other awesome sports venues
This stunning basketball court is nestled between buildings in an otherwise standard suburb of Paris.

• In pictures: The empty railways of America
Photographer John Sanderson captures the quiet moments between passing trains.

• Passenger throws coins into plane engine for luck
A superstitious elderly woman delayed a flight in Shanghai for hours after "praying for safety".

• Viewsnight: 'Scientific research not immune to sexism'
Journalist Angela Saini argues that it's easy for prejudice to affect scientific research.

• Crowd catches girl after ride fall
A father describes the moment it happened at a Six Flags theme park in New York.

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