BBC (International News)

· 'French protests intensify against pension age rise'
· 'Alfredo Cospito: Hunger-striking Italian anarchist moved amid protests'
· 'Fresh protests take place across France against pension age rise'
· 'Antony Blinken: Settlements hinder Israeli-Palestinian peace'
· 'George Santos to step down from House committees'
· 'Iran dancing couple given 10-year jail sentence'
· 'Chicago prosecutor will drop sexual abuse charges against Kelly'
· 'Ukraine war: Western allies send Kyiv mixed messages on war planes'
· 'Pakistan mosque blast: 100 confirmed dead in marathon search of rubble'
· 'Vistara: Italian woman 'punched and spat' on India flight'
· 'Secretive Saudi executions leave families in the dark'
· 'Monkeys missing from Dallas Zoo in fourth suspicious incident'
· 'Priscilla Presley contests validity of Lisa Marie's will'
· 'Pakistan mosque blast: Mass funeral held for police victims'
· 'Can PM Modi's budget deliver for India's poor?'
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