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• Cyclone Debbie: 'Monster' storm makes landfall in Australia
The "very destructive" storm has damaged buildings, forced evacuations and left homes without power.

• Jared Kushner to be questioned over alleged Trump-Russia ties
The president's aide, Jared Kushner, offered to speak to the Senate committee, says the White House.

• How the mouse came to live alongside humans
The origins of house mice go back about 15,000 years to the Middle East, fossil evidence suggests.

• New York's Fearless Girl statue to stay on till March 2018
The popular work, which aims to draw attention to gender inequality, will now stay in New York till 2018.

• Spain to investigate Syrian officials for alleged torture
A judge has decided Spain has the authority to investigate alleged crimes by Syria.

• Exhausted runner helped to finish line in US race
Other participants in the Philadelphia Love Run gave her a helping hand - or two.

• White US army veteran charged over black man's murder
Police say the US army veteran, accused of stabbing a black man to death, had a hatred for black people.

• US parents sue to call baby girl Allah
State officials have refused to issue the 22-month old with a birth certificate.

• Street art events promote Yemen peace
Murad Subay from Yemen and British artist Lisa-Marie Gibbs held simultaneous street art events in Yemen and the UK.

• New Jersey couple sues to raze house over creepy letters
The couple say they are being threatened by anonymous letters from a stalker called "The Watcher".

• World nuclear ban 'not realistic', says US ambassador to UN
US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, says nearly 40 countries would skip talks on the subject.

• Westminster attacker's mother 'shocked'
Janet Ajao says she has "shed many tears" since her son's attack in Westminster killed four victims.

• Scale of Mosul civilian deaths alarms Amnesty International
The US-led coalition is criticised in a report on civilian deaths in the battle for the Iraqi city.

• Mexico governor says Chihuahua too weak to fight cartels
A Mexico governor says his police need federal help, days after a journalist was shot dead in her car.

• Brazil tribe gets compensation for plane crash over Amazon forest
The Caiapó say the area where the debris fell is polluted and cursed with the presence of the dead.

• The US beauty queen making her invisible illness visible
US beauty queen Victoria Graham has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) but isn't afraid to show her scars.

• Fighting sexual harassment on India's streets
Meet the "anti-Romeo squads" patrolling the streets of India's Uttar Pradesh.

• Why are people paying $6 for a bag of human waste?
How a project in Haiti is turning human waste into fertiliser

• Russia protests: Why Navalny rattles Kremlin
Russia's government is wrong-footed by protesters, many of them young, and an anti-corruption blogger.

• How A Chorus Line creator Michael Bennett breathed life back into Broadway
Dancer Donna McKechnie recalls how choreographer and husband Michael Bennett created A Chorus Line.

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