CBS News (U.S. News)

· 'Brad Pitt's interaction with Jennifer Aniston goes viral'
· 'Trump impeachment trial: Day 1 set to begin as rules come into focus'
· 'Greta Thunberg calls for end to all fossil fuel investment "now" at Davos forum'
· 'Oprah explains why she stepped away from Russell Simmons exposé'
· 'Average allowance? Nearly $10 a week, or $500 a year'
· 'Alleged victim: Epstein had "gun strapped to his bedpost" on his island'
· 'Jonas Brothers head to the spa to “center up” before shows'
· 'Advice for homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage'
· 'Katie Sowers to be first female, openly gay coach at Super Bowl 54'
· 'Schiff: Calling Hunter Biden as trial witness would be an "abuse"'
· 'What to expect from the Senate impeachment trial'
· 'Lawsuit reveals details about Jeffrey Epstein's private island'
· 'Ohio doctor threatened after pro-vaccine Tik Tok video'
· 'Stocks decline on concerns about deadly China coronavirus'
· 'Trump touts "thriving" U.S., rejects "prophets of doom" in Davos'
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