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• Elderly woman beat killer with walking stick during attack
• "Weird and wired" tech battles invasive species
• NFL fulfills young cancer survivor's wish
• L.A. mayor reflects on 1992 riots
• Friendly fire may have killed 2 Army Rangers in Afghanistan
• Facebook acknowledges election manipulation
• "Overly obese" body sparks fire at crematory
• Court: Employers can pay women less based on this
• Ohio town celebrates Trump's rollback of emissions regulations
• President Trump's first 100 days in 100 seconds
• Why alleged victims of Marines nude photo scandal are upset
• Barack Obama sightings post-presidency
• Headlines of the week: Tensions with North Korea, Trump's massive tax cut plan
• LL Cool J opens up on his career and family life
• We the People: Americans share their letters to President Trump
• Survivors of elusive cult speak out on "48 Hours"
• Bernie Sanders calls Obama's $400K Wall Street speech "unfortunate"
• Sen. Bernie Sanders on gov't shutdown, North Korea, Trump tax proposal
• Miami police officer accused of terrorizing 19-year-old woman
• Eye Opener at 8: AG Sessions talks Flynn investigation

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