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• The Miracle that Turned a Jihadist Into a Jesus-Follower
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• Spying on the President and What's Next with Repealing and Replacing Obamacare
• California Bill Bans Churches from Enforcing Religious Beliefs
• 105-Year-Old Woman Reveals Secret for Long Life: Jesus
• ‘Don’t Be Afraid’: Video Reportedly Shows Iraqi Forces Helping Terrified Little Boy Who ISIS Tried to Use as a Suicide Bomber
• 'Houston Five' to Voice Support for Texas 'Bathroom Bill' Through Video
• Easter Prayer Alert: Christians in This Nation Seek God's Protection from Terror
• Tomi Lahren Banned from The Blaze After Stating She is Pro-Choice?
• See Why These Christian Moms Want Their Kids On Pot
• Even the Government Admits it: Cuban Churches are Experiencing a Revival
• Why a Hospital Run by Nuns May Not Be Religious Enough
• National Geographic Highlights Execution of Bible Translator
• Netanyahu to AIPAC: Israel Has No Greater Friend than America
• New Trump Plan: Time for Some Good Old-Fashioned American Innovation
• Beyond All the 'Gay Moments': A Positive Power Rangers Tale
• Snoop Dogg vs. Trump: Does Free Speech Cover Murder Fantasies?
• What Approval of Long-delayed Keystone XL Pipeline Means for America
• London Islamic Terrorist Binged on Drugs and Sex

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