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• Camo, AK47's and Ranches Overrun: Why a Barbed Wire Border Fence Isn't Cutting It
• Trump: US 'Could' Have War with North Korea
• 'Victory Belongs to Jesus': Christian Student Gets a Win in LGBT Case - What He Did to Get Expelled
• 'I was Homosexually Raped': Josh McDowell on How He Overcame Childhood Abuse
• Benny Hinn Ministries Responds to Government Raid on HQ
• 'I Just Wanted to Be a Mom': Karen Pence Opens Up About Her Struggle to Conceive
• Transgender Patient Sues Catholic Hospital for Discrimination
• Trump: 'Ask me in a month': Rumors Swirl on Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
• Shutdown Averted: Congress Approves Stopgap Spending Bill in Nick of Time
• Trump: 100 Days of Working to 'Make America Great Again'
• 'Happy Days' Actress Came to Christ Through 'Facts of Life' Friend
• American Convicted of Missionary Work Returning Home: 'I'm Always Going to Leave a Piece of My Heart in Russia'
• Josh McDowell: This Is What's Zapping Your Bible Reading
• Pope in Egypt Seeking Christian-Muslim Unity after Terrorist Church Bombings
• God is Doing Something Big in Taiwan
• 'Out of the Dark': Mandisa Tells CBN and GMA of Fight with Suicidal Depression
• Heroin in the Heartland: The Christian Solution to America's Epidemic
• Israel Downs Syrian Drone with Patriot Missile
• Military Chaplains Turn 100 Years Old as 'Attacks' on Service Rise
• Danger At Our Door: ISIS Fighters Flee as Caliphate Collapses

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