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· A Troubling Message to Those Who Want to Serve: 'Christians Need Not Apply'
· Trump Bump: Market Sets New Record High as Economy Hits 'Sweet Spot'
· Senator Rubio On Tweeting Bible Verses: "I'll Continue To Do It"
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· Christian Journalists Wrap Up Conference, Call for a Follow-up on Israel's 70th Birthday
· Supreme Court Backs Push to Remove Ten Commandments Monument
· Do You Care About the #MeToo Trend? Beth Moore & Kay Warren Explain Why You Should
· 'Jesus Is Still the Answer for Every Problem': Who Won the Dove Awards & How They're Glorifying God
· Trump Sells Tax Reform: Here's What's Included in His 'Best Christmas Present of All'
· Nearly Half of Voters Believe Media Makes up Stories About President
· Sessions Has 'War Of Words' with Lawmakers Over Russia Probe
· Study: In Times of Crisis People Turn to Prayer, Not Social Media
· New Bible Museum Previews Exhibits and Addresses Black Market Accusations
· Ben Affleck Seen Going to Church After Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior Surface
· Is Trump Turning His Back on America's Kurdish Friends?
· US Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Alleges Sexual Abuse by Team Doctor
· Al-Shabaab Behind Massive Explosion, Keeps Targeting Christians
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