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· 'Appeals Court Denies Male Inmate’s Request to Be Referred to as Female in Prison and Court Documents'
· 'Released Hostage Reports That Abducted Christian Teen Leah Sharibu Is Alive and Well'
· 'Apostate United Methodist Church Asks Old People to Worship Elsewhere to Attract Younger Flock'
· 'Panama Evangelicals Condemn Massacre Carried Out by Religious Cult'
· 'Video of 3-Year-Old Leading Preschool Classmates in Prayer Warms Hearts'
· 'City of David Archaeologists Say 2,000-Year-Old Central Jerusalem Market Found'
· 'Indiana Lawmaker Re-Files Bill to Outlaw Abortion in State'
· 'Retired Minister Free to Hold Bible Study in Apartment Complex After Settlement Reached in Civil Rights Lawsuit'
· 'Order Issued to Close Church Building in Algeria'
· 'Christian Pharmacist in Germany Wins Case Against Selling Morning-After Pill'
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