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· ‘That Is My Race’: ‘Transracial’ German Model Undergoes Treatments to ‘Transition’ From Caucasian to Black
· Appeals Court Rules Maryland Veterans Memorial ‘Excessively Entangles’ Government With Religion
· Church of England School Bars Christian Group’s Assemblies Following Parental Complaints
· Colorado Christian Baker Asked to Make Cake to ‘Celebrate the Birthday of Lucifer’
· ‘Traveling Abortionist’ James Pendergraft Pleads Guilty to Illegal Drug Charges
· Air Force Colonel Punished for Declining to Sign Document Affirming Airman’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’
· Conjoined Twins Saved Through Ministry’s Medical Flight
· Mentally Ill Mother Accused of Killing Toddlers in Oven
· ISIS Caliphate ‘Capital’ in Raqqa Falls After Last Jihadists Surrender
· Notorious Late-Term Abortionist Opens ‘Advanced Gestation’ Abortion Facility in Maryland
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