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· 'A godly faithful bishop for Wales'
· 'Christian theology lecturer sacked by Bible college over tweet on human sexuality'
· 'Nigeria: Militants wielding axes, machetes kill 27 Christians ahead of gubernatorial election'
· 'Christian mother in Sudan chained, tortured for her faith'
· 'How far must employers go to accommodate workers' time off for worship? The Supreme Court will weigh in'
· 'Americans prefers Jews, Catholics and mainline Protestants over evangelicals'
· 'Following in the footsteps of my trailblazing medical missionary grandmother'
· 'MP's motion to force same-sex weddings on CofE 'must be decisively rejected''
· 'A Mother's Day prayer for families living with dementia'
· 'Why has conversion therapy become a major election issue in Scotland?'
· 'Only half of US pastors are 'very satisfied' with their vocations: study'
· 'Reconciliation - the place between the chairs'
· 'God calls us to welcome the stranger, says Krish Kandiah'
· 'American missionary pilot, 2 others released from Mozambique prison'
· 'Vienna police warn of 'Islamist-motivated attack' on churches, houses of worship'
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