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· 'Boko Haram terrorists execute brave Christian leader who said his life was 'in the hands of God''
· 'From the Depths of Our Hearts: a not so controversial intervention on priestly celibacy?'
· 'The mysterious case of the Anglican Primates, Gafcon and Justin Welby'
· 'Christians attacking parents of disabled children should know better'
· 'On 'blue Monday', Christians want more couples to talk about their finances'
· 'Biden accuses Trump of fuelling hatred in address to black church leaders'
· 'Where do all five Labour leadership candidates stand on abortion?'
· 'Gospel artist Kirk Franklin shares struggles with grief, depression and anxiety'
· 'Liverpool star Roberto Firmino gets baptised'
· 'Seventeen Magazine's must-see romantic movie for 2020 is Jeremy Camp biopic'
· 'Three doctors on trial in Belgium over depressed woman's euthanasia'
· 'Former prison governor says Scots trans law puts female inmates at risk'
· 'Iran bulldozes grave of Christian convert who was executed for apostasy'
· ''Vicar of Baghdad' says actions were 'highly appropriate' after Charity Commission investigation'
· 'LGBTQ+ campaigners want Franklin Graham's UK tour cancelled'
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