CNN (International News)

· 'Blinken to visit Israel and West Bank with tensions high after outbreak of violence'
· 'Why a billionaire has stashed 300 vintage cars in the desert'
· 'Bad omen for drivers: It's only January, but gas prices are already surging'
· 'German parliament officially commemorates LGBTQ victims of Nazi regime for first time'
· 'Gun attack on Azerbaijan embassy in Tehran kills security chief'
· 'We finally know whom FTX owes money to: Wall Street elite, Big Tech, airlines, and many more'
· 'Chevron earnings soar to a record'
· 'Why world leaders will watch Turkey's elections closely'
· 'Swimming in cash, Chevron plans a $75 billion slap in the face to drivers'
· 'McDonald's is testing a new strawless lid'
· 'Pakistani rupee plummets as markets adjust to removal of unofficial controls'
· 'LVMH cheers the 'spectacular' return of Chinese tourists'
· ''White Lotus' stars go viral in lingerie campaign'
· 'Paris Fashion Week: Top moments from the menswear shows'
· 'Brand loved by Harry Styles and Mick Jagger launches womenswear'
· 'Kylie Jenner's life-size lion's head brooch divided the internet'
· 'New aircraft design from NASA and Boeing could benefit passengers in the 2030s'
· 'World's oldest dated runestone discovered in Norway'
· 'How to recycle the world's largest passenger plane'
· 'Spending the night in an igloo, in the Alps. Sounds cool, but is it?'
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