CNN News (U.S. News)

· 'Utah police say a juvenile relative killed a mother and three children'
· 'Dentist filmed extracting a tooth while on a hoverboard was found guilty on 46 counts'
· 'Abandoned husky with 'weird' eyes has been adopted after photos went viral'
· 'Marijuana sales on the Oregon-Idaho border are 420% higher than average'
· 'Cory Booker was asked who broke his heart. He gave an emotional response'
· 'Rep. Ayanna Pressley speaks at event after revealing she has alopecia'
· 'Bloomberg unveils economic justice plan at site of 'Black Wall Street' massacre'
· '51% say Senate should remove Trump from office'
· 'Trump's 'strong, silent type' lawyer to take center stage during impeachment'
· 'We're about to find out if Netflix can keep Disney+ at bay'
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