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· '5 Million Barrels of Oil Biden Released from Strategic Reserves in June Went to Foreign Countries, Not Americans'
· 'Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir Comes Out for Legalized Killing of Unborn Babies'
· 'Communist China Revises ‘Sports Law’ to Crack Down on Critics'
· 'ADF President: Congress Should Ban Mail-Order Abortions'
· 'Tucker Carlson: The ‘Invasion’ at the Southwest Border ‘Will Completely Change America,’ ‘It Will Never Be the Same’'
· 'Rep. Lee Zeldin Blames Spike in Crime in NYC on Promotion of ‘Pro-Criminal Policies’'
· 'Black GOP Candidate: You’ll Need This AR-15 When It’s the Only Thing ‘Between Your Family and a Dozen Angry Dems in Klan Hoods’'
· 'Bernie Sanders: ‘End the Filibuster, Codify Roe v. Wade, and Make Abortion Safe and Legal’'
· 'State Dept: Shot That Killed U.S.-Palestinian Journalist 'Likely' Fired by Israeli Forces'
· 'Biden Touts Plans to Protect Union Pension Plans Through the American Rescue Plan'
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