Deutsche Welle (International News)

· 'Afghanistan: Passenger plane crashes in Taliban territory'
· 'Synagogue in Alexandria, Egypt reopens'
· 'Nationalized Jewish property: Warsaw's restitution problem'
· 'Slovenian Prime Minister Sarec resigns'
· 'China is now world's 2nd-biggest weapons producer — SIPRI report'
· 'Coronavirus: Everything you need to know'
· 'Pakistan police arrest Pashtun activist leader'
· 'Flight shaming is working, but will Europe's railways buckle under the strain?'
· 'Auschwitz commemoration: Holocaust survivors and world leaders to gather for 75th anniversary'
· 'US embassy in Iraq hit by rockets'
· 'Auschwitz's harrowing history'
· 'Foreigners seek evacuations as China races to contain deadly outbreak'
· 'Italy: Matteo Salvini suffers setback in regional election'
· 'Kobe Bryant: The loss of a sporting legend'
· 'Germany defuses WWII bombs at Tesla Gigafactory site'
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