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• Ferocious Cyclone Debbie batters north-eastern Australian coast
A potentially devastating cyclone is bringing heavy rainfall and hurricane-force winds to coastal areas of north-eastern Australia. Authorities are urging people to get out of the way of Cyclone Debbie.

• Amnesty admonishes US-led coalition over civilian deaths in Mosul
Hundreds of civilians have died in recent months in Mosul from US-led coalition airstrikes, an Amnesty report says. Failure to prevent such casualties would be in violation of international humanitarian law, it noted.

• US Senate vote clears way for Montenegro NATO entry
Montenegro is on the verge of becoming NATO's latest member after the US Senate voted to clear the way for a final vote on its accession. Backers of the move said it would send a stern message to Russia.

• Syrian officials to be investigated by Spain for alleged torture
A Spanish court has opened the first criminal case abroad over alleged torture instigated by Syrian officials during the country's civil war. It will focus on key political and security figures of the Assad regime.

• Turks in Germany warned over surveillance from Ankara: report
German states are warning some expatriate residents that Turkey is spying or secretly filming them, a media report says. A leading German politician has accused Ankara of staging "a coup on democracy."

• New York's 'Fearless Girl' statue to stay for another year
The statue staring down a bull on Wall Street in New York City will be kept in place for at least another 11 months. Supporters now aim to convince New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to let the work stay for good.

• Six families of Germanwings 2015 crash victims to sue over compensation
Six families of victims of the 2015 Germanwings crash are suing the airline, its parent company Lufthansa and insurers. Flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board in 2015.

• Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to face questions on Russia in Congress
The president's son-in-law has agreed to appear before the Senate intelligence committee to answer questions regarding Trump's ties to Russia. Kushner met with executives of a sanctioned Russian bank during the campaign.

• Venezuela pushes back against OAS suspension warnings
The Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS) has called for Venezuela to be suspended from the group unless it holds fresh elections. Ahead of a special OAS meeting, Caracas called the proposed move illegal

• At AIPAC, hardly a mention of a future Palestinian state
By some estimates, the two-state solution has been dead for years. With Israeli leadership turning ever more to the right and a White House that seems fine with that, the two-state solution may have taken its last gasps.

• Young Kremlin critics push for change
Russia's largest protests in five years have taken many by surprise, with the protests being led mostly by young people demonstrating against state corruption. What might it mean for President Vladimir Putin?

• EU nations vote against GM crops
A majority of EU nations voted against genetically modified corn during a meeting of the EU appeals committee. However, that was not enough to stop GM cultivation. The decision now rests with the Commission.

• Police: 'No evidence' of UK attacker link to IS, al Qaeda
Authorities have said they don't believe the man who killed four people outside Parliament had any links to jihadist groups. Khalid Masood's mother has released a statement denouncing her son's "horrendous" act.

• Study: Asylum seekers' chances of staying in Germany vary dramatically by state
Refugees' chances of gaining asylum in Germany depend not only on threats they may face back home, but also on which German state they live in, a study shows. Its co-author has criticized this as an "asylum lottery."

• Second-class option for EU youth travel
The proposal to gift an Interrail Pass to all EU citizens when they turn 18 was rerouted due to its anticipated cost. A pared-down version is planned.

• Rand drops as Zuma recalls South Africa's finance minister
South African President Jacob Zuma has ordered Finance Minister Gordhan to return from an overseas trip. The recall spooked foreign exchange markets and fueled speculation about a cabinet reshuffle.

• World's nuclear powers boycott UN talks on weapons ban
The United States is one of almost 40 nations skipping UN talks to create a treaty banning nuclear weapons. Washington and a number of allies say provocations from countries like North Korea make a treaty unrealistic.

• Serbs, Jews to snub event at Croatian death camp of Jasenovac
Croatian Serbs will not attend the annual commemoration for victims of Jasenovac death camp, Serb officials said. The move comes after local Jews made the same decision, blaming Zagreb for tolerating Nazi ideology.

• Brexit as an opportunity for Africa?
As British Prime Minister Theresa May is slated to trigger formal Brexit talks, African nations are gearing up for negotiations of their own. But it's not all doom and gloom since Brexit could work in Africa's favor.

• Germany's AfD in crisis after Saarland slump
Germany's populist, nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) had to make do with a relatively low election result in the state of Saarland. But leader Frauke Petry cried for a very different reason on Sunday.

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