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• Theresa May turns combative ahead of Brexit negotiations
Days after waxing lyrical about the "special relationship" between the UK and the EU, the British premier has hardened her tone. The change came after Angela Merkel said the UK was suffering illusions over its future.

• 'The pope of peace in the Egypt of peace:' What can Francis achieve in Cairo?
Pope Francis is hoping to revive Muslim-Christian dialogue and show solidarity with the Coptic community during a visit to Cairo. The Egyptian government is using the trip to polish its image. Martin Gehlen reports.

• Bundestag bans face veils for civil servants amid security measures
In a late night sitting, the lower house of parliament has approved a raft of security measures and a draft ban on face veils. The ban would only apply to civil servants in Germany.

• London court orders UK government to publish draft air pollution plans before vote
Environmentalists have won a legal battle to force the UK government to publish an air pollution report ahead of the June election. PM Theresa May had wanted to wait until after the political dust settles.

• 'Unlikely twin' pea plant species named after Schwarzenegger and DeVito
Life mimics art as Schwarzenegger's species takes all the purity and strength while DeVito's gets the dregs. DNA anaylsis reveals two twin plants are more closely related to other species than to each other.

• Protesters raid Macedonia parliament chamber over Albanian speaker
Macedonia police fired stun grenades to hold back 200 protesters objecting to the election of an Albanian as parliamentary speaker. Some of the lawmakers were injured.

• US at UN accuses Russia of covering up Syria attacks
The US and Russian ambassadors at the UN engaged in a heated exchange over chemical weapons, attacks and aid in Syria. Russia claimed Turkey and Iran were working to ensure compliance with a ceasefire.

• United Airlines settles with passenger David Dao who was dragged from plane
United Airlines has reached an "amicable settlement" with Dr David Dao, the passenger dragged off a domestic US flight to make room for crew members. Dao's lawyers say he suffered concussion, a broken nose and teeth.

• German court orders 45-year-old circus chimp to live with other apes
The Lower Saxony court's decision will enforce a district government order to re-socialize Robby the chimp despite his owner's belief the ape will be overwhelmed in his new setting. The owner has promised to appeal.

• German IS fighter jailed for three years
A man who traveled to Syria to fight with the "Islamic State" armed group has been jailed by a court in Munich. Prosecutors said he had received weapons and bomb-making training while in Raqqa.

• Can the EU deliver on its Pillar of Social Rights?
The European Commission this week unveiled its Pillar of Social Rights initiative. An admirable proposal, but after years of austerity and social exclusion, the EU needs to work to regain the trust of its citizens.

• Russian mafia groups reportedly operate in Europe on behalf of the Kremlin
A new report claims that the Kremlin is employing Russian mafia groups in Europe. Officials in Moscow reportedly use organized crime outfits to launch cyberattacks and carry out targeted assassinations.

• Russian police raid opposition office
Police have raided the Moscow office of a Russian group that's called protests for Saturday against President Vladimir Putin. Opposition figure Alexei Navalny was also doused with green fluid at his office.

• Pentagon launches probe into Trump's ex-security adviser Flynn over foreign funds
The Pentagon has started an investigation into whether President Trump's former adviser Michael Flynn received payments from firms connected to the Russian government. It's not the only inquiry into his ties to Russia.

• Clash with Tesla CEO Musk forces Grohmann to quit
According to Reuters news agency, Klaus Grohmann was forced to leave last month after a clash with chief executive Elon Musk over the strategy of Grohmann's firm, which Tesla had acquired in November.

• European Parliament reprimands Schulz
Martin Schulz's past advocacy of working-abroad bonuses for EU staff has resulted in a reprimand from the European Parliament. Its former president is now the German Social Democrats election rival to Chancellor Merkel.

• London police arrest man with knives near Westminster on suspicion of terrorism
London's Metropolitan Police took a man into custody as part of a "stop and search" operation. He was detained in Whitehall - the political heart of the UK - near the site of last month's deadly terror attack.

• Philippines announces ban on new open-pit mines
Environment Secretary Regina Lopez continues her crackdown on mining in Philippines, having previously ordered the closure of more than half the country's open-pit mining projects.

• Senegal court upholds life sentence for Chad ex-leader Habre after unprecedented trial
Chad's former dictator had been charged for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Habre's victims expressed satisfaction at the final outcome, but the defense argued the landmark trial was "unfair.'"

• Holocaust survivor praises German refugee policy
Britain's Lord Dubs, who was rescued from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, told DW he fears the plight of child refugees is getting lost amid electioneering and Brexit concerns. He called Germany the "conscience of Europe."

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