Deutsche Welle (International News)

· 'Pope Francis rejects migrant 'emergency' in Europe'
· 'Taiwan factory blaze kills 5, including several firefighters'
· 'Ukraine updates: Russia-occupied Crimea reports more strikes'
· 'Israel PM optimistic about historic pact with Saudi Arabia'
· 'Last Generation warned against disrupting Berlin Marathon'
· 'Horror: Deathless muse of the arts'
· 'New India-EU trade route: Bringing the Gulf states closer?'
· 'Conspiratorial extremists suspected of founding fake Jewish organizations'
· 'Guinea-Bissau marks 50 rocky years of independence'
· 'AI: Help or hindrance in fight against disinformation?'
· 'US urges India to cooperate with Canada on Sikh murder probe'
· 'Karabakh residents' rights must be guaranteed, Scholz says'
· 'US: Biden announces 'Gun Violence Prevention' office'
· 'UN General Assembly Day 4: Talk of peace, climate and aid'
· 'Pope Francis calls on Europe to rescue migrants at sea'
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