Fox News (International News)

· 'United Nations experts call for investigation into Taliban's treatment of women in Afghanistan'
· ''Draconian approach': strict Chinese COVID measures remain as case numbers continue rising'
· 'Turkey inches closer to invasion of northern Syria as Islamic State terror threat grows'
· 'Ukraine capital in survival mode following latest Russian missile barrage: Residents without water, power'
· 'Colombian judge suspended after appearing on Zoom call half-naked, smoking in bed'
· 'Climate activists in Berlin glue themselves to airport runway, disrupting air travel'
· 'Hamas’ cyber terror is a test case for other non-state players, report says'
· 'Mexican prosecutor issues arrest warrant in death of American woman Shanquella Robinson attacked on video'
· 'Celtic gold coins stolen from German museum in stunning heist'
· 'Turkey planning to launch ground invasion of Syria, targeting Kurds and putting US troops at risk'
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