Fox News (International News)

· 'Winter storm lashes Spain for third day, killing at least 4, cutting power to thousands'
· 'Iranian lawmaker announces a $3 million cash reward for 'whoever kills Trump''
· 'Sri Lanka flooded with twins for attempted record-breaking gathering'
· 'Baghdad protests leave 3 dead as more rockets land in Green Zone, Iraqi officials say'
· 'Caravan migrants cross Mexico river, throw rocks at country's national guard in response to tear gas'
· 'Iran hostage crisis’ end: How America helped secure the diplomats’ freedom'
· 'Malaysia returns trash to 13 countries, refuses to act as global landfill'
· 'Russian police spied on opposition activist in her bedroom, family says'
· 'Leopard captured in India after running into house, triggering local frenzy'
· 'Paraguay investigates prison escape of at least 75 ‘highly dangerous’ inmates through tunnel'
· 'Iran backs away from plan to send downed Ukrainian jet's black boxes abroad for analysis'
· 'Australia sees golfball-sized hail, dust storms from severe weather as wildfire season 'far from over''
· 'Former German military translator charged with spying for Iran'
· 'Australian wildfires prompt $11G fine for tossing lit cigarette from vehicle'
· 'Major blizzard buries cars, homes in more than 12 inches of snow in Newfoundland: report'
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