Fox News (International News)

· 'Pope Francis: Mixing 'Marxist concepts' with Catholic Church is 'ideological exploitation''
· 'Putin wages 'economic terrorism' in Ukraine through mining operation: official warns'
· 'Elon Musk breaks Twitter silence with photo of the pope, ex-wife in Italy'
· 'Russia scraps remaining COVID restrictions'
· 'United Nations 'has no power,' Pope Francis says'
· 'North Korea blames 'alien things' near border with South for COVID outbreak'
· 'N. Korea suggests balloons flown from South brought COVID-19'
· 'Putin pushes toward Russia, Belarus unifying after NATO expansion'
· 'Russian missile strike near Odesa kills 18 Ukrainians, including 2 children, government says'
· 'Pope Francis calls Russia's invasion of Ukraine a 'cruel and senseless war of aggression''
· 'Russian strike on Mariupol theater in Ukraine was a war crime, Amnesty International says'
· 'UK climate activists glue hands to Vincent van Gogh painting at London museum'
· 'Canada to slap warning labels on sugary, salty and fatty foods'
· 'Kaitlin Armstrong: What to know about Santa Teresa, the Costa Rica beach where police captured Texas fugitive'
· 'Missing Canadian woman located by Toronto police'
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