Fox News (International News)

· 'Family of Americans kidnapped by gang in Haiti urged them not to make the trip amid spike in violence'
· 'Yemen billionaire's son reportedly admits involvement in London rape, murder of Norwegian student 15 years ago'
· 'Russian forces stalled in eastern and southern Ukraine as Kyiv claims to be ‘stabilizing’ Bakhmut sector'
· 'North Korea reveals new nuclear warheads as US carrier strike group docks in South Korea'
· 'Newborn tragically dies from amateur medical procedure popular among some migrants'
· 'Canadian crypto prodigy accused of scamming investors out of millions was kidnapped, 'tortured': reports'
· 'Fire at Mexico migrant facility that killed 39 started in deportation protest, president says'
· '‘Lawless’ Haiti plagued by corruption and deadly gang violence fuels humanitarian crisis'
· 'Russia fires nuclear-capable, anti-ship missiles in Sea of Japan during simulated attack'
· 'CS Lewis, Tolkien, Orwell among works tagged as triggers for 'far-right' extremism by anti-terrorism group'
· 'Russia warns Armenia against siding with ICC after Putin arrest warrant: 'serious consequences''
· 'Brazilian teacher, 71, stabbed to death by student, 5 others wounded'
· 'American couple kidnapped by Haitian gang, family begs for release'
· 'Scotland elects first Muslim leader, Humza Yousaf, descendant of Pakistani immigrants'
· 'Rebels kill at least 17 people in troubled eastern Congo'
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