Fox News (International News)

· 'At least 20 people killed in 'apocalyptic' crash after bus plunges from bridge'
· 'Azerbaijan arrests separatist leaders after reclaiming Nagorno-Karabakh'
· 'Volcanic tremors stoke mass evacuation fears in Italy'
· 'Loss of 12 newborns sparks outrage and inquiry in Indian hospital'
· 'EU commits 650 million euros in aid to Ethiopia, first since the war in Tigray region ended'
· 'Malnutrition and hunger grip south Sudanese children fleeing Sudan's violence'
· 'Assailants kill 2 Morena party poll workers in southern Mexico, another abducted'
· 'England takes drastic action on student cellphones amid slew of concerns: 'Positive and progressive step''
· 'Russia claims more than 335K have signed up for military service so far this year'
· 'Teen opens fire with handgun at Bangkok mall, leaving 3 dead'
· 'Kosovo accuses Serbia of plotting recent terror attack, stoking fears of new Balkan conflict'
· 'Security force sent to Caribbean island ravaged by crime crisis as US pledges $100M in aid'
· 'More than 100 dolphins, thousands of fish found dead as Brazilian governor declares state of emergency'
· 'Indian police raid news website over alleged China ties, sparking concerns for press freedom'
· 'Jailed terrorist's illicit acts with prison guard leads to ban on female workers: reports'
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