Fox News (U.S. News)

· 'Missing Jennifer Kesse's family holds out hope for possible DNA evidence'
· 'NASA craft set to touch down after mission to most 'potentially hazardous' asteroid in the solar system'
· 'California solo hiker slips, breaks leg after trying to cross High Sierra snowfield without proper gear'
· 'Florida sheriff describes aftermath of deadly SUV, train collision as 'carnage''
· 'Security breach at Florida school district exposed personal identifying info of more than 250 students'
· ''Swatting' gets a terrifying new update as criminals now wreaking ‘emotional havoc’ as a paid service'
· 'Troops plagued by filthy conditions, squatters in military barracks: report'
· ''Sugar Bear' pimp known for torturing prostitutes pleads guilty after shocking find in freezer: feds'
· 'Wisconsin killer, body snatcher Ed Gein’s voice heard in unearthed recordings: ‘Barney Fife with a chainsaw’'
· ''Snaggletooth Killer' who never killed had heartbreaking moment with victim's mother'
· 'Anti-religion group threatens to ‘warn’ Auburn University after 200 kids baptized on campus: ‘Absolute joke’'
· 'Mugshots of the week: Sept. 17-23, 2023'
· 'A Black student was suspended for his hairstyle. Now his family is suing Texas officials'
· 'Florida alligator spotted with 'body in his mouth''
· 'New Jersey sparks terror fears with 'see something, say something' roadway campaign'
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