Fox News (U.S. News)

· 'Kaitlin Armstrong could remain jailed on federal hold even if she scrounges $3.5M bond, former prosecutor says'
· 'Los Angeles DA George Gascon recall effort: Organizers say they submitted thousands more names than needed'
· 'Alaska plane crash survivors rescued by Coast Guard'
· 'Las Vegas considering a curfew for those under 21 after July 4 shooting on Fremont Street'
· 'Washington teen girl shot and killed while riding in car, police say'
· 'Miami pro-life clinic vandalized: ‘If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you’'
· 'California police hunt for armed robbery suspect caught on camera'
· 'Police reforms limiting traffic stops contributed to rise in DUI fatalities, experts say'
· 'Body pulled from Los Angeles-area lake near SoFi Stadium, home of NFL’s Rams and Chargers'
· 'After Highland Park shooting, Chicago pastor calls for justice in violence-ridden South Side'
· 'Rhode Island officials look into Providence police officers who smashed handcuffed mans head into pavement'
· 'California sex offender dies at 74 while awaiting execution'
· 'New York driver who shot at police is charged'
· 'Virginia police thwart mass shooting in Richmond'
· 'WV judge blocks school voucher law'
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