Fox News (U.S. News)

· 'Alaska dentist filmed extracting tooth while on hoverboard convicted on 46 counts'
· 'Lightning safety: What you need to know'
· 'Oregon man accused of fatally stabbing 2 on train after yelling racial slurs at women goes to trial'
· 'Amanda Knox prepares for wedding in 'old prison uniform' from 2007 murder trial of former British roommate'
· 'Lake effect snow: Here's how it impacts the Great Lakes'
· 'Michael Avenatti's lawyer describes jail conditions, reportedly held in El Chapo's former New York cell'
· 'Trump defense team gets reinforcements, battle over Senate impeachment trial witnesses, ground rules to begin'
· 'This Day in History: Jan. 21'
· 'Arizona police say 3 children found dead at home'
· '1 critically injured in shooting at Los Angeles’ Century City mall: report'
· 'New Hampshire dad suffocates coyote with bare hands after it attacked toddler'
· ''Target Tori' gets outpouring of donations after toothbrush spat at Massachusetts store'
· 'California man intentionally rammed vehicle with 6 teens inside, killing 3, officers allege'
· 'Amtrak backs away from $25G ticket price for 2 riders in wheelchairs'
· 'California mountain lion attacks boy, 3; dad fights back by hurling backpack'
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