Fox News (U.S. News)

· 'Fiery Florida plane crash leaves couple, dog severely injured: 'Quite terrifying''
· 'Florida spring break partiers see Miami mayhem while Fort Lauderdale avoids chaos'
· 'Texas police arrest 18-year-old suspect after meth, heroin, and fentanyl found in home with newborn baby'
· 'Louisiana women wanted for prostitution now sought in connection to death of Georgia man found wrapped in rug'
· 'New York children rescued after calling 911 to report they were 'stuck in the sewer''
· 'Suspect fleeing Michigan police kills teen, wounds 5 others in 4-car pileup'
· 'Ohio man charged in fiancĂ©e's 2011 disappearance, murder'
· 'Florida police officer thrown into air after being struck by driver of stolen Mercedes'
· 'Pennsylvania school bus driver accused of sexually abusing nonverbal autistic student'
· 'Denver school board votes to allow officers in schools after shooting'
· '5 NYC boys rescued from storm drain tunnel, tell 911 'we're stuck in the sewer''
· 'New York fisherman tips police to cache of rifles, handguns submerged in Jamaica Bay'
· 'Illinois father arrested and facing charges for allegedly sexually abusing, battering his own child'
· 'Rifle stolen from marked Massachusetts State Police vehicle'
· 'Georgia baby murder in college dorm solved decades later'
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