Fox News (U.S. News)

· 'Florida man arrested for attempted murder after woman rushed to hospital with hatchet protruding from head'
· 'Idaho investigators rule out connection between college murders and other unsolved stabbings'
· 'Focus on the Family in Colorado vandalized with graffiti days after Club Q tragedy: 'Blood is on your hands''
· 'What's the best tailgate food? Georgia football fans share their favorites'
· 'Autistic Florida boy, 5, found dead in pond after wandering from home'
· 'Albuquerque, New Mexico: Police-involved shooting leaves 1 dead'
· 'Illinois police save drowning child in icy pond, mother says she thought her son 'was not going to be here''
· 'Advocates ask NM court to reconsider electricity rate case'
· 'Florida police prevent 'mass casualty' event after stopping woman from driving car through 5K route'
· 'Idaho murders: Detectives, FBI return to campus stabbing scene, collect evidence and meet with prosecutor'
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