Globe and Mail News (International News)

• Trump vows to fix or scrap South Korea trade deal, wants payment for THAAD
• London police shoot one, arrest four in counter-terrorism operation
• Hundreds rally in Berkeley after cancellation of Ann Coulter talk
• The next 100 days may do more to define Trump’s presidency than the first
• Macedonian police fire stun grenades after protesters storm parliament
• Venezuelan official’s son urges end to ‘injustice’ amid major protests
• Thwarted by China’s courts, ‘diehard’ lawyers ‘fight to the death’ for justice
• China warned North Korea of sanctions after any nuclear test: Tillerson
• GOP says it can pass short-term spending bill without Democrats
• Trekker missing for 47 days rescued in Nepal
• Trump ready to renegotiate NAFTA after calls from Pena Nieto, Trudeau
• Pentagon joins intensifying probe of former Trump aide Flynn
• In brewing fight over guns, visions of ‘shootouts in Times Square’
• The Munk Debates' big question: Is the international order as we know it over?
• Trump slams federal court ruling on sanctuary city funding
• Britain’s May tries to warm atmosphere with EU before Brexit talks begin
• Ann Coulter cancels speech at Berkeley amid safety dispute
• 1,000 ‘secret Imams’ arrested in nationwide sweep in Turkey
• Venezuela's government announces it will go through with threat to leave the OAS
• Dispute over health payments diffused, U.S. government spending bill on track
• Fox News anchor Kelly Wright joins lawsuit claiming racial bias at network
• Assad forces carried out sarin attack: French intelligence
• Hungary PM Orban dismisses fears about Soros-founded school as EU takes action
• South Korea, U.S. agree on punitive measures against additional provocation
• Fourteen arrested in two separate French anti-terror probes

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