Google Int'l News Headlines

· 'Slower ski lifts and less artificial snow: French resorts tackle energy crisis - The Guardian'
· 'Ukraine war: 6 million without power as winter bites - BBC'
· 'Mexican woman allegedly killed for her organs after online courtship gone bad - Fox News'
· 'Speeding tanks, booming howitzers, shaking bones: This is how South Korea sells weapons - CNN'
· 'The short life of baby Serhii, killed in a Ukraine maternity ward - The Washington Post'
· 'Russia shells city of Kherson in Ukraine, hospitals evacuated - New York Daily News'
· '‘Squid Game’ star O Yeong-su indicted for sexual misconduct in Korea - Yahoo News'
· 'At least 3 people killed and 11 others injured in Brazil school shootings - CNN'
· 'Gantz blasts Netanyahu for making Ben Gvir ‘the real PM’ with expanded security role - The Times of Israel'
· 'With record covid cases, China scrambles to plug an immunity gap - The Washington Post'
· 'Ukraine war: Putin tells Russian soldiers' mothers he shares their pain - BBC'
· 'Now-censored videos appear to show China's zero-Covid measures delaying response to deadly fire - CNN'
· 'Indonesia needs earthquake-proof houses. Building them is a huge challenge - CNN'
· 'Russia's war on Ukraine latest news: Millions without heat or power - Reuters'
· ''What if the worst had happened?' Trudeau defends convoy response - POLITICO'
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