Google (U.S. News)

· 'Watch Live | Impeachment trial: Senate proceedings set to begin as rules come into focus - CBS News'
· 'Supreme Court won't hear Obamacare case before election - POLITICO'
· 'Homeless moms evicted from Oakland home allowed to return following backlash -'
· 'Michael Avenatti might be in El Chapo's former jail cell -- and it's freezing, his attorneys say - CNN'
· 'Brandon Lewis, sniper rifle guy: Holding a gun is like holding a 'hammer' - New York Post'
· 'Peter Schweizer on how Biden family got rich: Hunter 'just the tip of the iceberg' - Fox News'
· 'Hillary Clinton unleashes on Bernie Sanders in new documentary: 'Nobody likes him' - Fox News'
· 'This coat design isn't just saving lives. It's launching new careers for homeless people - CNN'
· 'How Donald Trump wins - CNN'
· 'Sanders apologizes to Biden for supporter's attack - NBC News'
· 'Progressive group launches ad campaign criticizing Susan Collins for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh - CNBC'
· 'Giuliani says he was 'misled' by Parnas | TheHill - The Hill'
· 'Late-night comics tackle Trump impeachment trial - CNN'
· 'McConnell's new Trump impeachment trial rule under fire from Democrats - CBS This Morning'
· 'Kellyanne Conway suggests Martin Luther King Jr. would have opposed Trump’s impeachment - The Washington Post'
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