• Israeli lawmaker Yair Lapid to visit Spain on trip funded by right-wing NGO
• Israeli discovers how to block ransomware damaging computers worldwide
• Israel hires anti-refugee group to research situation in Eritrea
• Wake up, Israel! Indian PM's visit will make history
• Netanyahu’s surrender to Israel's ultra-Orthodox parties
• Israeli innovation could feed world with bigger, farmed fish
• Israeli cops to question billionaire James Packer over gifts to Netanyahu
• Israeli land sale by Orthodox Church puts tenants’ homes in danger
• What you do upon learning that 180 Jews were shot at your aunt's dinner party
• Report: Turk with alleged links to Michael Flynn was also retained by Israeli firm
• Irked by delays, Reform and Conservative movements seek quick ruling on Kotel petition
• Congressman Nadler to Haaretz: Israel's Kotel decision 'total insult to U.S. Jewry'
• Mossad goes Hollywood in video launching startup investment fund to access newest tech
• Kotel crisis: Jewish Agency instructs emissaries to tell Israel about Diaspora anger
• Haaretz readers react: Was banning the 'Jewish Pride' flag from the Chicago 'Dyke March' anti-Semitic?
• Israel preps diplomats for backlash from U.S. Jewish community over Kotel crisis
• Trump's Syria threat may save lives, but reveals a gap between tactics and policy
• Defend Israel's anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence
• How the occupation helped the Palestinians
• Israeli woman who refused to serve in army discharged after 110 days in prison

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