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• Autopsy raises questions about death of 'terrorist' in Bedouin clashes: report
An aerial video provided by the police appeared to show him being shot before careering into the...

• Israeli settlers rescued after entering Palestinian village
Four armed settlers entered village of Qusra, sparking confrontation with residents

• Poland is a safer place for Jews than western Europe, Polish president says
Anyone who supports anti-Semitism in Poland today, “removes himself from our community,” says Polish...

• Prosecutors to seek 3-5 year sentence for soldier Elor Azaria: report
Prosecutors will give their recommendation to the panel of judges on January 24th

• Trump will make good on promise to move embassy to J-lem: Palestinian officials
White House Director of Communications says 'stay tuned' for announcement on the embassy

• Israel: Ring suspected of smuggling phones to jailed terrorists busted
The report comes amid the highly publicized smuggling case of Knesset member Basel Ghattas

• Mossad chief could be probed over ties with mogul embroiled in Netanyahu case
Alleged kickbacks to Yossi Cohen said to include tickets to a Mariah Carey gig

• Israel to debate bill annexing settlement bloc after Trump inauguration
Trump administration's Ambassador-designate came out in full support of Israel at senate confirmation...

• Arab MKs slam 'cruel Israeli policies' in meet with EU envoys after clashes
Israeli lawmakers say Arab leaders incited the deadly violence that erupted over demolition of Bedouin...

• Israel's American women prepare to hit the streets after inauguration day
One of the official sister marches is set to take place in Tel Aviv Saturday evening

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