Jerusalem Post

• London's ramming attack marks the new, go-to method of choice of today's terrorists
• ‘Soldiers who resort to prostitution out of financial need is against IDF values’
• Arab League chief says Palestinians to present peace plan
• London ramming attack killed 4, police reportedly arrest several suspects
• Analysis: How worried are Israel’s leaders about Putin’s Syrian warning?
• Israel stands with UK against terrorism
• Israel prepared to evacuate hundreds of thousands from northern border in a war
• PM: China holds Israel’s innovation in high esteem
• IN PICTURES: Terror attack at UK parliament
• No fanfare for Venezuelan arrivals in Israel
• The happiness we (wish we could) have
• ‘We’ve got to change the norms’
• Latest Iranian threat: Drones in Yemen
• Hundreds of liquor bottles belonging to British Soldiers from WWI unearthed
• Happiness and the wandering Jew
• Women soldiers and Jewish law
• It’s the sovereignty, stupid!
• Letters to the Editor: This ‘mishugas’
• The newest bigotry: Supporter of Israel must have travel ban ‘bias’
• President Pinocchio
• On religious extremism
• 'Captain America' Chris Evans to star in Ethiopian Israel airlift film
• Thousands gather to see restored site of Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem
• Israelis to be awarded 2017 Rhodes Scholarships for the first time
• Pregnant Jenna Jameson to give baby Hebrew name

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