Jerusalem Post

• Why three Jewish women are marching on Washington
• Trump supporters revel in the inauguration, but wonder where everyone was
• Jewish groups toe ideological lines in reactions to Trump inaugural address
• Germany’s split personality: Courts favor antisemites, BDS takes hits
• US Jewish groups congratulate Trump on inauguration
• Jewish world weighs in on Ivanka and Jared's piety on inauguration day
• On Trump's 2nd day, thousands of women to march in DC in protest
• President Trump vows to 'unite the civilized world' against terrorism
• Washington protests turn violent as Trump assumes presidency
• Egypt and Saudi Arabia: The end of an alliance?
• An unholy alliance: Churches apply economic pressure on Israel
• The globalist: Barack Obama’s legacy in the Middle East
• An insider’s view: Eight years watching the first Jewish US president
• Will Trump be a game-changer for the Muslim world?
• JPost Editorial: Pollard’s time
• My Word: The White House and the Big Top
• Know Comment: At least he won the Nobel Peace Prize
• Media Comment: Mozes exposes Israel’s media
• Column One: Netanyahu's shameless opponents
• Israel's Gaza expert: The IDF officer who had coffee with Arafat, Yassin and Hamas
• As I See It: The Brexit/Trump effect
• Report: Ivanka Trump gets pass to travel on Shabbat for inauguration
• Yolocaust: What happens when you do yoga on top of a Holocaust memorial?
• American-Israelis to rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with DC Women’s March
• LGBTQ activists stage dance protest outside Mike Pence's DC home

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