Jerusalem Post

· 'Syrian militant killed in alleged Israeli drone strike in Quneitra - report'
· 'IDF shot down additional Hezbollah drone last week'
· 'IDF hearing on E1 settler homes delayed in advance of Biden’s trip'
· 'Shireen Abu Akleh probe could harm Biden-Abbas meeting - analysis'
· 'Revive Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Macron tells Lapid'
· 'Abu Akleh bullet test inconclusive but IDF likely responsible, US claims'
· 'Marshall Plan could solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - WJC president'
· 'Hezbollah drones weren't explosive, but the message was clear - analysis'
· 'Israel to examine bullet that killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh'
· ''Pro-Palestinian' rallies violence against Jews were always connected - analysis'
· 'Hamas releases footage of Israeli captive Hisham al-Sayed'
· 'Undercover Israeli forces arrest terror suspect in Jenin clothing store'
· 'US deplores settler violence, slams Israel at UNSC ahead of Biden's visit'
· 'Hamas says health of one Israeli captive deteriorated'
· 'IDF to use elite intelligence troops to map clash that killed Shireen'
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