Jerusalem Post

· ''Enough attacks, evict the Arabs!' - Jerusalem arson attacks burn 5 cars'
· 'IDF's Combat Intelligence: Keeping watch on enemy along Syrian border'
· 'Where are Palestinians getting M-16 rifles from? - analysis'
· 'Israel's Netanyahu 'doesn't believe' in peace with Palestinians, Abbas says'
· 'Syrian airbase hit by alleged Israeli airstrike used by Russian military'
· 'Lapid calls to exact price from Palestinians for UN ‘occupation’ vote'
· 'WATCH: IDF, Shin Bet arrest Islamic Jihad operative in West Bank raid'
· ''Freedom Flotilla' to sail from Europe to Gaza in bid to break blockade'
· 'West Bank violence may spill over into mixed cities - Gantz'
· 'Palestinians push for ICJ to rule ‘Israel occupation’ is annexation'
· 'They Called Me a Lioness: Critiquing ‘freedom fighter’ Tamimi - review'
· 'Islamic Jihad terrorist killed in Jenin battle with IDF'
· 'Four Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces'
· 'Palestinians fear Israeli strikes against terrorist leaders in Gaza - report'
· 'Human rights org. calls on ICC to probe 'engineer of Israeli apartheid''
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