Jerusalem Post

· 'Where do the Palestinians go from here?'
· 'Why did Gaza groups resume incendiary balloon attacks on Israel?'
· 'Trump to decide on 'Deal of the Century' release date in coming days'
· 'As world leaders flock to Jerusalem, Palestinians feel let down'
· 'Palestinians launch anti-Israel dawn prayer protests'
· 'Terrorist minor involved in murder of Tuvia Weissman gets life in jail'
· 'Hamas calls for mass attendance at Al-Aqsa, Cave of the Patriarchs prayers'
· 'Terrorist disguised as journalist stabs IDF soldier near Hebron'
· 'Southern Command attempts to contain border clashes without use of live fire'
· 'Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rocket over Ashdod'
· 'Palestinians fire at IDF soldiers in Jenin - report'
· 'IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire'
· 'US national security adviser: Not focused on the Israeli election calendar'
· 'Bennett doubles down on Palestinian demolitions'
· 'Trial of alleged murderers of Rina Shnerb opens'
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