Jerusalem Post

· 'The unresearched phenomenon which affects 153,000,000 children worldwide'
· 'How to survive terrorism on the roads of Judea and Samaria'
· 'IDF arrests 17 terrorists in West Bank raids'
· 'Indictment to be filed against gunman who shot at Tamra mayor's home'
· '5 Jews arrested in Jerusalem on charges of attacking Christians'
· 'Suspect arrested for murder of Sudanese national'
· 'Palestinian, Israeli women to march for peace in Jerusalem today'
· 'Rabbi suggests unexpected rain in Israel on Sukkot due to political divide, judicial reform'
· 'Disgraced Hollywood director Brett Ratner immigrates to Israel'
· 'The Akko Fringe Theater Festival dares to reconstruct cherished beliefs - review'
· '‘Play On!’  with the Center Stage Community Theatre'
· 'Mitch Woods brings good rockin’ to Tel Aviv'
· ''Left-wing Israelis will burn synagogues,' Beersheba mayoral candidate warns'
· 'Kiryat Yam man stabbed to death, suspects arrested'
· 'Bomb suspected in deadly Israel motorcycle explosion'
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