Jerusalem Post (International News)

· 'Bolsonaro takes lead in initial vote count of Brazil election'
· 'Brazil presidential race goes to Lula-Bolsonaro runoff, says election authority'
· 'Cholera in Haiti has left as many as eight people dead, health official says'
· 'Ted Cruz: Biden officials pressured Israel to bow to Hezbollah'
· 'Police recommend indicting Joint List MK Ofer Cassif for attacking police'
· 'Sister of an administrative detainee attacks prison guard with scissors'
· 'Iran launches rocket, artillery strikes on Iraqi Kurds'
· 'Ukraine's Zelensky says eastern town of Lyman has been 'fully cleared' of Russian forces'
· 'Turkey strikes 23 PKK members in northern Iraq air raid'
· 'Kuwait's government submits resignation to crown prince - state news agency'
· 'IDF to hold a military exercise in north West Bank Sunday night'
· 'Ukraine aide posts video of troops saying they control key town of Lyman'
· 'IAEA says its chief is expected to visit Moscow and Kyiv next week'
· 'Blinken holds call with Saudi foreign minister over Yemen truce'
· 'Ben Gvir to arrive in Sheikh Jarrah after tent office set on fire'
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