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· 'Oklahoma Softball Players Praise Jesus for Their Joy, Freedom ahead of College World Series Win'
· 'J.D. Greear Questions the Disfellowshipping of Saddleback Church over Female Pastors'
· 'Church Leaders Pay Tribute to Pat Robertson: 'He'll Indeed Be Missed''
· 'After Online Debates, Southern Baptists Get Down to Business'
· 'French 'backpack hero' says his faith gave him strength to fight knifeman'
· 'US and UK back new 'Atlantic Declaration' for economic cooperation'
· 'Macron visits victims as France reels from knife attack on children in Annecy'
· ''Dollarization' of North Korean economy, once vital, now potential threat to Kim's rule'
· 'US: Iran helping Russia build a drone factory east of Moscow for Ukraine war'
· 'Indictment says Trump took nuclear docs and revealed Pentagon attack plan'
· 'White House anxiously watches Ukraine’s counteroffensive, seeing the war and Biden’s reputation at stake'
· 'Conservatives warn Biden after he jokes about alleged bribery scandal: 'Accountability is coming''
· 'Can President Joe Biden's White House wish away RFK Jr.'s 2024 primary challenge?'
· 'Biden to sign executive order boosting economic opportunities for military spouses'
· 'Biden picks Transportation official for acting FAA chief'
· 'Biden to rally with union members in Philadelphia'
· 'Biden touts manufacturing agenda at community college while Trump indictment details drop'
· 'Chamber of Commerce sues Biden administration over federal control of drug prices'
· 'Biden admin near deal to preserve preventive care coverage, for now'
· 'Biden says won't speak to AG Garland as Trump indictment unsealed'
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