Koenig's Israel News

· 'Iranian leader Khamenei warns Saudis against ‘betting on losing horse’ Israel'
· 'Israeli government delegation holds Jewish prayer service in Saudi Arabia'
· 'Ancient aqueduct from time of Roman occupation discovered in Jerusalem'
· 'Mossad denies 'fake news' it secretly met with Israeli protest leader'
· 'Orthodox Jews filmed spitting at Christians in Jerusalem's Old City'
· 'Air Force Chief to Refusenik Pilots: Report by October 17 or Don’t Come Back'
· 'Kibbutzniks Shot at by Arabs Pay Visit to Neighboring Village'
· 'Netanyahu & Gallant: Iran Won’t Stop Us from Expanding Circle of Peace, Security for Israelis'
· 'OECD Urges Israeli Government to Stop Subsidizing Yeshiva Students, ‘Encourage’ Them to Work'
· 'Amid tensions, anti-Christian protesters target Christian Embassy event in Jerusalem'
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