Koenig's Israel News

· 'Hamas: Jewish visits to Temple Mount are a crime and a provocation'
· 'Israeli parties prepare for crucial battles ahead of November 1 elections'
· 'Kuwait Urges International Community to Press Israel to Join Nuclear Weapon Treaty'
· 'Israel thwarts Islamic State plot against 'infidel' students'
· 'Israel approves NIS 90 million for absorbing immigrants from Russia amid Ukraine war'
· 'Soldier lightly wounded in West Bank shooting; IDF: Civilians also targeted'
· 'Lebanon deal will see unprecedented approval for Israel’s maritime border'
· 'Netanyahu: Lapid hiding Israel's gas surrender to Hezbollah from the public'
· 'IDF can't keep up West Bank operation due to logistics shortage - comptroller'
· 'Israel approves aliyah of 270 doctors from the Diaspora'
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