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• Terrorism Charges for White Man Accused of Hunting Down Black Men
• 'Fearless Girl' Statue Stays for Another Year
• Arkansas Inmates Say Speedy Execution Pace Violates Rights
• Flint Water Pipes Would Be Ripped Out in Settlement
• Dakota Pipeline Now Has Oil Under River Near Standing Rock Reservation
• Mexican Families Reunite at U.S.-Mexico Border Park
• Giuliani to Help Defend Accused Iran Money Launderer
• AG Sessions Threatens 'Sanctuary Cities,' Mayors Fight Back
• This Is How Noisy Your Neighborhood Is
• What Happened to Missing Indiana Teen Karena McClerkin?
• UA Leggings Fiasco Shows Changing Nature of Air Travel
• Watch Sheriff's Deputy Rescue Man From Burning Car
• Nunes Had Secret Meeting at White House Before Trump Monitoring Claim
• Think You're Allergic to Nuts? You May Not Be
• Sessions to Sanctuary Cities: Comply with Laws or Lose Federal Grants
• U.S. to Send 275 More Soldiers to Iraq to Shore Up Mosul Efforts
• Kin of U.S. Dad Killed in London Attack: We Bear No Ill Feelings Toward Terrorist
• Internet Erupts After United Airlines Boots Girls for Wearing Leggings
• Ex-Prosecutor Charged With Wiretapping Love Interest
• ICE Arrests 26 Parolees Doing Community Service
• Miami's Little Havana: A Working Class Neighborhood Turns Tourist Hot Spot
• 'More Than One' Attacker Shoots 15, Kills One, in Ohio Nightclub Shooting: Cops
• Health Care Defeat Rattles Markets in Sign of Loss of Confidence in Trump
• Two-Inch Hail Pummels Oklahoma and Texas, Dents Cars
• Reverse Sting: Drug Dealer Turns Hidden Camera on Cops

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