NewsMax (International News)

· 'Austin Warns 'No Checks on Mr. Putin' Amid Nuclear Threats'
· 'Brazil Faces Likely Run-off Election After Bolsonaro's Strong Start'
· 'Ousted Burkina Faso Leader Leaves Country for Togo'
· 'Iran Riot Police Clash With Students Protesting Young Woman's Death'
· 'Indonesia Soccer Stampede Kills 125 After Police Use Tear Gas in Stadium'
· 'Sen. Rubio Fears Venezuelan Prisoner Swap 'Puts Americans … in Danger''
· 'Fla. Rep. Donalds: Fiscal Discipline Crucial to Confront Natural Disasters'
· 'Sen. Scott: There Are 'Arguments' to Restrict Abortions at Federal Level'
· 'McMaster: 'Never Uncomfortable' With Trump Handling Classified Info'
· 'Trump Staffers Not Returning White House Records, National Archives Says'
· 'Rep. Mike Turner: Expect 'Wild West' Spending Spree if Dems Lose House'
· 'UK Official: Putin 'Highly Unlikely' to Use Nukes Against Ukraine'
· 'Americans Fighting in Ukraine Detail Horror Stories as Russian POWs'
· 'Killings of 5 Men in California Are Related, Police Say'
· 'Rubio Fears Russian Attack on NATO Over Nuke Threat'
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