NewsMax (International News)

· 'Planned Parenthood Endorses Challenger to Sen. Susan Collins'
· 'US: Iran's $3 Million Bounty for Killing Trump Is 'Ridiculous''
· 'Sanders Apologizes to Biden for Surrogate's Comments'
· 'PBS/NPR Poll: Many See Fake News as Top US Election Threat'
· 'Pompeo Shows Strong Support for Venezuela's Guaido'
· 'Microsoft CEO: Nations Lose Ground in Tech by Barring Immigrants'
· 'Iran Asks US, France for Help With Black Boxes of Downed Plane'
· 'Apple Lawsuit Challenges Employees Who Plan Rival Companies'
· 'Thunberg Calls Climate Change 'Real Crisis' in Davos Talk'
· 'Sen. Duckworth Slams Amtrak Over $25,000 Ticket Quote'
· 'CNN: No Sign Global Car Recession Ending'
· 'Report: Pentagon Under Fire for Pollution of Burning PFAS'
· 'Survey: World Majority Rejects Capitalism as Harmful'
· 'Trump Heading to Switzerland as His Senate Trial Ramps Up'
· 'LGBT Activists Object to Bills Setting Transgender Rules'
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