NewsMax (International News)

· 'Man Gets Prison for Attacking Capitol Officer Who Later Died'
· 'West Virginia AG Morrisey Flags Concerns of DirecTV CEO Dropping Newsmax'
· 'Report: 'GMA3' Anchors Leaving Show Because of Affair'
· 'Jill Biden Shields President From Answering Classified Docs Question'
· 'Schiff Hit With Ethics Probe Amid Senate Campaign Kickoff'
· 'DOJ, FBI Call for Protests to Be Peaceful When Memphis Police Video Released'
· 'Obama-era DHS Chief: Border Crisis Under Biden 'Much Bigger''
· 'Consumers Preparing for Recession Despite Rising Optimism'
· 'Wall Street Ends Higher, Notches Weekly Gains'
· 'WH Approves More Than 16M for Student Loan Forgiveness, But Can't Move Forward Yet'
· 'SEC Probes Musk's Role in Tesla Self-Driving Claims'
· 'Pence: 'Mistakes Were Made' in Classified Records Handling'
· 'Mercedes Schlapp to Newsmax: Woke Companies Like DirecTV Have 'Gone Too Far''
· 'US Condemns 'Apparent Terrorist Attack' in Jerusalem: State Dept'
· 'GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Defeats Rival in Leadership Vote'
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