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• Report: Device Could Help With People Facing Blindness
Researchers in Italy and California have created a device to help treat people with debilitating retinal diseases, NBC News reports.

• Record 3.2 Percent Rise in Property Taxes in 2016
Property taxes rose a record-3.2 percent in fiscal 2016, CNS News reports.The 2016 amount was $540,701,000,000 compared to $523,952,380,000 in 2015. New Jersey property owners paid the most taxes in 2016, reports WalletHub, with annual taxes set at 2.35 percent. The rate in...

• Newton-John and Travolta Consider 40-Year 'Grease' Reunion
A reunion for "Grease" stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is reportedly under discussion to mark the movie's 40th anniversary next year."We are thinking up ways," Newton-John said last week, when she picked up the Icon Award at the Las Vegas Fame Awards, the Mirror...

• CNN: $1 Billion Funds Just 48 New Miles of Border Wall
The $1 billion requested by the White House in a recent budget supplement will fund 48 miles of a new wall along the United States' border with Mexico, according to a new report.

• Accidental US Firearm Deaths in '15 Lowest in Recorded History
Accidental firearm deaths in 2015 were the lowest they have been in any year since 1903, according to the National Safety Council.

• Tax Foundation: 'Avoiding Tax Reform is No Longer an Option'
Taxpayers spend 6.1 billion hours a year - at a cost of $234 billion in direct costs and lost productivity - to comply with the federal tax code, according to the president of the conservative National Taxpayers Union.

• Hannity Angry at Treatment by CBS in Interview
Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity is calling on CBS News to release the full tape of his interview with Ted Koppel for "Sunday Morning," in which the veteran "Nightline" anchor answered "yes" when Hannity asked if Koppel thought he was bad for America.The exchange between two...

• Blind, Deaf Army Veteran Sets Sights on Boston Marathon
Army veteran Aaron Hale is deaf, blind, and determined to finish the Boston Marathon, the Boston Herald reported.

• NYC, San Francisco Conferences Discuss Protections for Illegals
Two conferences this week, one in New York City and another in San Francisco, are gathering officials from around the country to talk about protecting illegal immigrants in their communities from deportation, Politico reported.

• Historian, Journalist and Activist Roger Wilkins Dies at 85
Roger Wilkins, a historian, journalist and activist who held a key civil rights post in President Lyndon Johnson's administration and helped The Washington Post win a Pulitzer for its Watergate coverage, died Sunday, relatives said. He was 85.Wilkins, most recently a...

• Trump's Inauguration Singer Requests Meeting on Transgender Issues
The teenager who sang at President Donald Trump's inauguration wants to meet with him to discuss transgender issues.

• Coal CEO: Trump 'Can't Bring Mining Jobs Back'
Despite his campaign promises, President Donald Trump "can't bring mining jobs back," according to the head of the largest private coal company in the United States.

• Theology Prof: To Win Again, Dems Must Stop Being the Abortion Party
Democrats must shed the label of being pro-abortion if they want to sway Catholic voters back to the party, according to a theology professor. "When I came to this country from Ireland some 45 years ago, a cousin, here 15 years before, advised me that Catholics vote...

• Josh Earnest Joins NBC News
Former White House press secretary Josh Earnest has joined NBC News as a political analyst, Axios first reported Monday.

• Carrier Deal Touted by Trump Unusual for Indiana
The deal brokered by President Donald Trump to stem job losses at a Carrier Corp. factory in Indianapolis is unusual for the state of Indiana as it offers $7 million of incentives to a company still planning to cut about a third of its some 1,600 jobs....

• AFL-CIO Ready to Sue If Trump Waters Down OT Regulations
The AFL-CIO will sue if the Department of Labor tries to water down a boost in overtime eligibility put in place by the Obama administration, the chief of the labor federation said in an interview. "Anything that dilutes it is bad," AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka said in...

• Police Search for Suspects in Deadly Nightclub Shooting
Cincinnati police searched for suspects in a nightclub shooting that left one man dead and 15 other people injured and sent club patrons diving to the ground to dodge bullets in what they described as a chaotic and terrifying scene. A gunfight broke out inside the crowded...

• United Airlines Bars Teenage Girls in Leggings from Flight
At least two girls wearing leggings were barred from boarding a United Airlines flight on Sunday because they did not meet a dress code for special pass travelers, the company said in a statement on Twitter amid a social media furor.

• Suspect Says he Would Rather Have Killed Younger Black Man
A white Army veteran accused of killing a 66-year-old black stranger in a racial attack in New York City says he regrets killing the man because he would rather have killed a younger or more successful black victim.

• '60 Minutes': Garland Terrorist Attack Shows Difficulty of ISIS Growth
A "60 Minutes" investigation into the 2015 terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, where two men attempted to kill Americans at a Prophet Muhammed cartoon drawing contest shows how difficult it was to stop such attempts after ISIS started to spread its militant propaganda.Elton...

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