NewsMax (U.S. News)

· 'Trump Lawyers Attack Georgia Grand Jury'
· 'DeSantis Denounces 'Manufactured Circus' by Manhattan DA'
· 'US to Send $350M in Ammunition, Tanker Trucks to Ukraine'
· 'Miami Beach Sets Spring Break Curfew After 2 Fatal Shootings'
· 'Top US Diplomat for Europe Karen Donfried Stepping Down'
· 'Lawyer Robert Costello to Testify Before Trump Grand Jury'
· 'Sen. Rounds: Time Will Show Banks Are Stable'
· 'Sen. Rounds Condemns Threats to Seeking Justice'
· 'Michael Cohen: Going Back to DA's Office Monday as 'Rebuttal Witness''
· ''24 Hours of Hell' at NYC's Mount Sinai'
· 'Children of Soldiers Lost in Iraq War Are Now Adults'
· 'Musk: Twitter Press Requests Will Generate Poop-Emoji Response'
· 'Rural America Angry With Degraded US Mail Service'
· 'Sandler to Receive Mark Twain Prize for Lifetime in Comedy'
· 'ChatGPT Tech Raises Concerns of Academic Integrity'
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