NewsMax (U.S. News)

· 'Avian Flu Kills Record 50.54M Birds in US'
· 'University of Idaho Offers Remote Classes, Murder Suspect Still at Large'
· 'DC Think Tank Scrubs Chinese Policy Experts' Profiles After CCP Ties Revealed'
· 'US, England Stage Scoreless Draw in World Cup; Must-Win Clash With Iran Next'
· 'Report: US Households Still Pinched by High Inflation'
· 'Biden: Over 55K Workers Got Pay Raise Through Minimum Wage Exec Order'
· 'Virginia Walmart Gunman Bought Firearm Hours Before Shooting'
· 'Rep. Jordan: Jack Smith Sought to Prosecute Innocent Americans'
· 'Poor Grapple With Inflation as Rich Spend This Holiday Season'
· 'Discounted Toys Stuff Shelves'
· 'Texas Sends 2 More Buses of Migrants to Philadelphia'
· 'Liberal Writer Grateful on Thanksgiving for Abortions'
· 'Colorado Shooting Suspect's Dad Thought Son Killed Himself in 2016'
· 'Virginia School Board to Vote on Removing Sex-Separate Education'
· 'Police Probing Possible Link Between Idaho Murders, Oregon Slayings'
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